Sunday, June 22, 2014

White themed post ~ OOTD

White has figured prominently in my days of late...
it keeps on popping up front and centre.

The Humble Bungalow Romneya Coulteri is blooming.

Allium in a simple creamy white vintage vase.

The Club Monaco jeans that I found last fall in a thrift store are getting lots of wear and they wash like a dream.
They are my "go to" jeans for summer.

I would have never entertained wearing white jeans when I was over weight...
don't know why really, but I guess I felt they might make me look extra large.
Who was I kidding? I was extra large.
I embraced denial in a BIG way...
Do you remember me mentioning that I avoided looking in mirrors and my reflection in store windows?
(out of sight out of mind)

a casual outfit today for running errands.
White tee top with grey stripes and Club Monaco jeans.

Franco Sarto sandals and ESQ watch.

I perused the new Marshall's in the Hillside Mall...
 it was my second visit so I had the lay of the land so to speak.

 I wasn't expecting to find anything but was immediately smitten by this white lace top. 
I had a similar one with long sleeves in an XL which I consigned and was missing that piece in my wardrobe so I figured that it was a good investment and one that I would get a lot of wear for summer...
I bought the large as the lining underneath on the medium was too snug over the chest.
The top was 70% off the regular retail price so it was a justifiable purchase.

A full lining is preferable as I don't want my under garments on display.

This pattern reminds me of the Scottish lace curtains that we imported when we first purchased our bungalow.
Our first two cats ripped them to shreds one day when I was at work and it was all I could do not to throttle them when I came home and saw that they were swinging gaily in holes large enough for each of them to straddle!
Those curtains hung in the living room window and were a substantial investment at the time.
I quickly learned how to sew drapes after that episode!

We decided to buy the Sophie Conran Portmeirion china.

I brought in some alliums as they look so interesting sitting in our white vases. 
(the cats are amused by these too and have been nibbling at them)

Sophie Conran sandwich platter and heart shaped dish.
I think we will buy her pasta bowl as it will be a versatile serving dish.

The shapes are uneven and have ridges like free thrown pottery.

The bowls are oblong rather than round.

I packed up all the other dishes and dropped them off at the charity shop.
I washed the dishes and wiped the shelves before putting all the new dishes into the cupboards.
It feels good to freshen up the kitchen and the house.

We don't re arrange the furniture or buy new furnishings very often as our bungalow is small and so if something new comes in, something must go out.

~ Living simply with less. ~

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. 
The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials."

 ~ Lin Yutang ~


  1. Please don't let the kitties munch on the allium. Allium is toxic to cats (and dogs).

    1. They are just playing with them...
      no eating as far as I can tell and thank you for the heads up.

  2. I received some Sophie Conran things as a present and they are simple yet hardwearing. I notice that I also have a phase of a certain color too. I find white jeans so stylish and yet I will have to wait to lose a few pounds before I venture in that direction! It seems like losing weight opens up so many more options...

    1. I had a LOT to lose...please wear white jeans and bear in mind it was my personal opinions...everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin.

  3. You look so cute and fresh.

  4. We have those Sophie Conran plates, too. We love them!

  5. Oh those naughty cats, shredding your lace curtains! Many years ago our 6-month old schnauzer puppy nipped the stems of my lushly blooming clematis. They were in planters, spread over the trellised top of a fence, and he severed every strand at soil level. I was so upset I had to go back indoors for a while to cool down. White is lovely, cool and serene in summer, and I love your choices. I also adhere to the rule that when something comes into our home, something has to go out. Funny, I dropped off all our old kitchen dishes at the thrift store yesterday, in favour of a vintage set that my husband bought for me last summer. I had no room for both (but stubbornly resisted admitting so, for an full year!) Violet.

  6. Love white with ivory. It's one of my favorite looks. I have some white jeans that are ripped up and therefore limiting. I wish I had a more versatile pair. I find a good pair of white jeans hard to find. Seems they need to fit near perfect to look good whereas blue jeans are more forgiving.
    Happy Monday, Leslie!

    1. Adrienne I think you could wear a paper bag and look fabulous...seriously!
      Fit is important and one does need to feel good. Aren't we lucky that we have so many options?

  7. LOVE the new dishes! And white with ivory seems so fresh right now. My white NYDJ jeans from last year continue to be a wardrobe workhorse, especially now that the weather's warming up. Our Romneya's are on their last bloom for the year I think. I so enjoy them!

    1. Loving neutrals here too...
      our Romneya's are full on now but last year they had a surprise flush of flowers in the fall!

  8. Your striped top and white jeans look casual chic. Losing weight does present a lot of new possibilities. The emotional benefit of losing the self-consciousness can be life-changing. And yet, I know some wonderful people who are overweight and seem to be completely self-accepting and assured. I, on the other hand, take my glasses off when I pass a bathroom mirror. Do you think that you had a different mind-set that helped you with your weight loss? Your Sophie Conran dishes are lovely and suit your black and white theme.

    1. Madame...I have issues with weight and self image...
      I have been heavy for most of my life.
      I am not skinny but in the top range of WW guidelines and am working diligently at keeping in the healthy range. The mind set was set by my GP who scared me by saying if I wasn't going to lose weight I would be jeopardising my future.

  9. Hostess, Noticed these lovely dishes at Costco Courtenay yesterday ..... very nice.

  10. I love wearing white in the summer. It looks so great on you. I have to lose some weight before I do the white jeans. And oh no . . . I can't believe your cats!! although your description was kinda funny :) I just bought some white plates b/c I felt sorry for my son and husband eating off my vintage, flowery china. Your new china is really great.

  11. I know what you mean...but I still love our cats.
    The new cats will never have lace curtains from Scotand to play with...
    Vintage is wonderful and I hope that you keep serving your meals on that china.

  12. Love the dishes and your outfit! A striped tee and white jeans are my go-to summer uniform. And you look great!