Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hats...yes or no?

How do you feel about hats?
Are you confident that you have chosen the best style and shape for your head?

Hats are not my favourite accessory.
I need the protection from the harsh rays of the sun and the cold winter weather so I reluctantly wear them.
Straw hats make up the bulk of my hat collection and I regularly wear them on the boat and in the garden.

Chester playing with the strap on my Sloggers hat which I wear when riding in Mr. HB's convertble.
(it is made with recycled paper and polyester)

I'd love to feel more confident wearing hats.

Perhaps my awkward feelings are similar to those that some women have about wearing and tying scarves.
I have had many conversations with women who say that they love the look of scarves on other people but they get all muddled when trying to tie them and end up taking them off in frustration...
that about sums up my hat attitude.

I bought this vintage felt fedora a few years ago thinking that I would wear it.
I put it on, look in the mirror, laugh and take it off again.
This photo is a few years old, the hat still resides in my closet.

I think Adrienne looks fabulous in hats...she writes the fabulous blog Rich Life on a Budget.

This is my winter cold weather hat...
I wear it to keep my head warm.
(it looks much better on Isla than it does on me)

My gardening hat...

Mother and I ventured into the newly renovated Hospice Thrift shop on Cook Street and I spied a new hat.
I put it on and Mother said "that is lovely on you."
"You MUST buy it or I'll buy it for you."

The ladies in the shop agreed it was a great hat on me.
Hmm...was it?
well you can see it here for yourselves.

It is made of linen by the Lillie Cohoe Company which makes hats in Nelson BC.

 The hat is sitting on top of my bureau, 
I have looked at it everyday since purchasing it
I have tried it on several times
it has not been worn outside of the house.

I do love the hat but I wonder if and when I will wear it.
I'm wondering how you feel about hats...
maybe it's just me.

Where do you stand on hats?


  1. I like hats. Straw hats, felt hats, cloches...........wide brims, rolled brims........I like them all. There was a time when my life included many change of command parades, and a hat was always de rigeur. I saved a few, but most of those lovely confections are long gone.
    I love that little linen hat on you. It suits you!

  2. Hello Leslie,

    We adore hats and are rarely to be seen without one on our heads. They are so pretty and practical, keeping the head warm in winter and sheltering the face from the burning summer sun.

    Of all the hats we own, the ones we wear most and which we really feel at home in are those which we have had made for us. There is nothing to compare with the fit of an individually fitted hat and it can often be less expensive than an 'off the peg' shop bought one.

    Your linen cloche hat is delightful. A lovely colour and great style. It suits you well. Wear it often and you will grow to love it. That is generally the key.

  3. How funny for me your post today is so true. Today I am off to Ascot Race Day so the hats will be out in full force. Originally from Calgary I now live in the UK due to my husbands job posting.

    In Calgary once a year I wore a cowboy hat during Stampede not a good look for me.

    I think the hat you found yesterday while shopping looks brilliant as they here!


  4. Hats always seem to look great on everyone else and terrible on me.

    1. Oh Naomi, I could have written this!

  5. Love hats! They are fun to wear. But, they get hot and I take them off and that's the end of wearing hats for me! :-) Emily

  6. I had a wonderful straw hat that I hung on a wall peg in my bedroom. And there it stayed. I love hats on so many people, but not on me. Perhaps it is my hairstyle or my glasses, but I always feel ridiculous in them. I resort to hoods in inclement weather, not exactly a fashion statement, but effective nonetheless. And I agree with your mother, that is a great hat for you!

  7. I think you look great in your new hat! I'd wear it out and about, when you need a little protection on a sunny day. It is diferent but not weird.

  8. I love hats and wore them a lot when I was straightening my hair. I have a few larger straw hats and some cloth ones. I especially like rain hats for walks on gusty days when the umbrella would turn inside out. Your linen hat suits you very well. It frames your face and will surely protect your lovely complexion. Why don't you start by wearing it when you go for lunch or tea with your mother?

  9. Leslie, you look fabulous ! I too, love hats, but not on me ! I envy those who wear them with such
    panache like Miss Isla !
    Happy summer, dear friend.

  10. Good morning Leslie. I wear a sun hat or a woolly hat when I have to, otherwise they are not for me. But your new hat looks lovely on you - you should wear it!

  11. I love hats, and do buy them, but rarely wear one - it never seems like the "right" time. Mine mostly get used for sun protection. I love that linen cloche on you.

  12. I love the new hat, it looks great on you...take it out for a spin!

  13. I don't mind hats, it's the hat hair I have an issue with. I love a good baseball cap and would wear other hats except one must remove hat when dining. So... hats never seem to become part of an "outfit". I think you have a great noggin for hats :)

  14. I adore hats (I take part in Judith's "Hat Attack" at the Style Crone blog) and love seeing others wearing them. I love the new hat, L! What about a faux flower on it to make it even more summery?

  15. I really like hats...but, then there is the situation with your hair. When my hair was long it was simple, I could just pull it back, shorter hair requires more planning. I always wear a baseball cap while walking every morning and always, always, when in the garden. In fact I keep a straw hat in the car to pop on when running errands on a hot day. As a fashion statement they are wonderful...Jane Hattatt looks smashing in them as so do you!

  16. ...oops! Forgot to tell you what a wonderful photo that is of Chester, he looks very royal even without a hat.

  17. Hats look great, but always feel a little like a performance, when worn out and about. For sports and gardening and sunning, I love them.

  18. Dear Leslie,
    I am Luciana, a reader from Edmonton, and I must say that I have faced the same "hat conundrum" being petite with a small head. I love how you pull off the linen hat in your last picture, I think it is the glint in your eyes that makes the difference, once again, mums are always right...

  19. First....the new hat is looks great on you. Yes wear it out and about! I love hats! I wear a big straw hat on the playground in the spring and summer. I wear all sorts of hats in the winter months. Enjoy your new fabulous hat!

  20. When I wear a hat I feel much like I'm playing dress up. But I've been wearing them more often - to outdoor weddings, for gardening and boating, and even when I walk during the day. I'm becoming more comfortable the more I wear them. Perhaps it just takes time to become accustomed to wearing a hat. The linen cloche is cute! Go for it!

  21. I like hats, like seeing them on others. Not as confident about me in a hat though!
    I did like you in the linen hat . . . very much. Wear it, try it . . . I passed by a hat, scarf boutique today and thought . . . I need a hat. There you go, now this post by you. Must be an omen . . . hat shopping I must go . . .

  22. What a wonderful hat...Mama was right on! Wear it first for lunch with her to determine how you feel about it! Isla is so charming and such a pretty model ...I remember playing dress up with Mama's Sunday and covered in flowers with pearl centers! Yes, I do hats for convertible rides and especially the beach!

  23. It took having "dandruff" from a sunburnt scalp for me to embrace hats. At 61, I still only wear hats when it seems judicious. I have amasss a collection that allows for some fun. I have one that channels Audrey Hepburn which is my favorite to wear with a high boat neck black bathing suit.
    Curious how others keep their hats on. I have a fairly large head and need use large bobby pins to secure the hat

  24. Oh I am in love with the vintage fedora on you! And that straw one is so romantic. Truth be told i have never found a hat to suit me. I am so pleased we now have helmets for skiing as I always looked so dreadful in wooly hats. I have a small forehead and very square jaw so tricky for both sunglasses and hat

  25. I think you look great in the linen hat! You just have to walk tall and with confidence when wearing a hat. I have trouble with hats because I have a big head (how embarrassing to admit this), and I'll get a headache if the hat is too tight. I now wear a hat all summer because I also get severe headaches from the sun if I don't wear a hat! Last winter was so cold I even wore knitted hats under the hood of my coat, but I prefer just pulling up the hood instead. I think the only bad thing to wearing a hat is taking it off and having 'hat head' hair. Wendy x

  26. Carolyn in SeattleJune 19, 2014 at 9:04 PM

    Look at your older picture with longer hair and then the picture of Isla...You have the same little smile!!! cute. I to,o don't often wear hats but I just bought one today! I am going to Paris early in September and while I don't think it will be too hot, I am thinking I might want one when walking all day.

  27. I love hats!! In fact I have that linen hat in Aqua!! I don't think it's the same designer, but the shape is identical. The trick with hats is to just put it on quickly and head out the door. Confidence builds with each compliment you receive. That fedora is stellar. Enjoy your weekend! I understand you're having gorgeous weather. xoJennifer

    1. You are rocking that new hat. Put it on. Leave it on. Go outside. Hold your head up high and walk proudly. You look terrific!!!

  28. I do love hats, that is true. But that wasn't always the case. I found a hat shop in Napa Valley that converted me into a hat owner and a hat wearer. I love how they shade my face from sun, solve a bad hair day dilemma and make any outfit look a little more put together. I love the linen hat on you. You are a hat person for sure!
    Thank you for the mention!

  29. From Margie in Toronto - like you, I like the idea of hats and I even look good in them - BUT - I'm never truly comfortable in them, plus I'm always wondering how bad my hair is going to look when I take it off!

  30. No hats for me. I did go through a hat phase years ago, and even had a beautiful bowler I loved to wear. I only wear Hermes 70cm Vintage, and Gavroche scarves, as the 90cm is just too much fabric for me.