Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Watch and Learn...

Do you like to learn new things?
Are you constantly seeking ways to stimulate your brain?
You know what they say use it or lose it!

We all are different when it comes to learning and so there are many ways to teach someting new.
I learn best by doing..."experiential learning" is important for me to do it to remember what I have learned.
Others can see something once and they've got it...I envy those gifted students.
Some learners require a multi pronged approach...a combination of reading, watching and doing...
and repeat these many times until the concept has been adopted.

Here are a couple of videos to encourage you to learn something new today.
The first video is on scarf tying... a subject near and dear to my heart!
Thank you to my friend D who shared it with me.
I've watched the video several times and have a few new ways to tie my scarves...I hope you will enjoy it too.

The second video is bit more fun than educational...but nevertheless I wanted to share it with you.
I linked to it several years ago but it still feels "current" after rewatching it this morning.
The Secrets of Style French Chic....

I hope to be back in action posting some new OOTD shots when I swap out my winter closet for my summer one.
I plan to walk over to the consignment shop today and see what they have in stock for Spring and Summer.
It's a sunny day and I feel motivated to dress a little lighter.

Is the sun shining where you are today?
What are you going to wear as you go about your day?


  1. The sun is indeed shining today in Brooklyn! I am going to replant some pansies. When I feel my memory is getting sluggish or my brain just feels slow I make myself watch Jeopardy for a few nights until I can answer the questions quickly. It works every time! XO, Jill

  2. Oh I will happily watch these clips! The sun is shining and our vegetable garden is going in today. My husband has the green thumb in our house. Happy spring! xoxoJennifer

  3. I love trying different scarf tricks. I walked home from the theatre tonight and the weather was very mild. I need to practise what I have learned quite a few times. We are all so different in our learning styles.

  4. I love learning new things. Thanks for the video links - something to watch later. It's a beautiful day, although the clouds are moving in once again. Time to get out for a walk before the rain comes, I think.
    Scarves are a big part of my wardrobe. Hope you had fun in the consignment store!

  5. Ooh, I hope you found some good scores at the consignment shop! I was lucky enough to get outside for a few minutes today to feel the sun. I'm wearing lots of colour! I am loving all those fat pink blossoms right now.

  6. Thanks for sharing the scarf video; I found a few ideas there.

  7. There was no sun today, but a gentle spring rain that was coaxing buds out on the trees. I went to visit my mother in the nursing home and decided that a bright coral top and my yellow raincoat would brighten both our spirits. It worked. Will check out the videos in the morning when I have some "me" time.