Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anonymous rants and a day of beauty....

I am wondering why on the previous post anonymous at 11:33 felt the need to vent.
It's curious too that all the rude comments are signed anonymous...never a name to stand behind their words.
It's so easy to throw stones when one is invisible.

My blog voice has never been one that aspired to anything too serious...
"elevating the pedestrian to equestrian through Hermes scarves"
 should give the reader the notion that it is not a blog dedicated to frugality or that I am trying to change the world.

I am curious why the commenter thought that he or she might see pictures of our fair city here.
It's true that I randomly showcase a bit of the scenery but that is not a regular occurance.
I think that the reader must have stumbled here quite by accident.

I considered removing the ability for anonymous comments but decided against it.
This brought out some great support by readers who found the comment completely out of line and unfounded...and I must thank those readers who addressed this on the blog and those who emailed me privately.
You are so appreciated and I am very grateful!

Anonymous if you are reading, perhaps you would like to elaborate on your comments.
I would be happy to openly discuss your comments here on the blog.

I could not pass these pretty tulips by without taking a picture.
Do you think Mother Nature had a red brush in her hand when she made these blooms?

The boulevard on this quiet byway in Oak Bay has been planted with bluebells.
I stopped the car to take a picture...
the oak tree overhead cast it's shadow on the road.

I think the deer have been nibbling these tulips...
well we all have to eat.

I chose a Cobb Salad when Mother sister and I went to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel Pub for dinner.

It was delicious!

We went for a walk along McNeil Bay after dinner.
Mother told us that she wants her ashes scattered here when she passes on...
Father's ashes were scattered here 7 years ago, she showed us where she put them.
We were not invited to that farewell to Father.
Mother just up and decided that because she was his wife she would do it by herself.
 She never told my sister and I until after the fact.
We now know what is expected and she is working on her obituary for the newspaper.
She is thinking of her mortality more often these days...

Views to Trial Island and the Olympic Mountain range in Washington State.

Signage in Oak Bay is quite creative.

Talk about the dog whisperer!

Wild sweet peas...at least that's what we think they are...no scent to speak of but they look like they are related.

Grey lambswool beaded cardigan
white Coldwater Creek tank top
dark wash skinny jeans G21
Mee Too black ballet flats

I wore these to meet up with a reader from Salt Spring Island this afternoon.
We met up at Pure Vanilla and chatted for over an hour about books, gardens, blogs, travel and France!
It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with a lovely reader...
I think I will hop on the ferry and pop over and visit her before we take the boat over this summer.
I think that there is much to see and do by car and I would be delighted to visit her mediterranean styled garden.

Thank you A for taking the time to come across the pond and spend some time with me.
It was an honour to meet you!

Hope that your week is off to a great start!


  1. The area where I walked yesterday was so like Victoria! The other day I saw wild primroses growing by a ditch. They were lovely. Nature is very generous at this time of year. Anon should remember the adage: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

  2. I just had to go back and read that anonymous comment. Why do they even bother? I have gotten comments complaining that my readers and I are spoiled and don't know what the real world is like. Perhaps they don't realize that there is ugly, nastiness everywhere ones looks, if they choose to. But blogging is an opportunity to focus on the sunny side of life. I no longer publish them, because I won't give them a platform for their nasty comments. I love reading your blog. I learn and am inspired by you. xoJennifer

    1. Thank you .
      Maybe I need to delete those rants too Jennifer.

  3. Phew they really blew their gasket didn't they? It's a really horrible part of blogging, it wouldn't bother me if they added their name, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that 'anon' makes it so much nastier.

  4. Another lovely post to read while I am eating my breakfast (fresh fruit today). I think reading negative comments can serve a purpose. It can remind the rest of us to redouble our efforts to always seek the positive and to be kind--always.

  5. Dear Leslie, I didn't see the comments yesterday so had to go back and read. Wow! I can't believe what Anonymous wrote! He/she is obviously not a longtime reader, otherwise they'd know that you are in retirement after a long career. I'm so glad that many, many readers came forward to support you - add me to the list. I have always said that I find your blog very soothing and I'm glad that you won't let this little blip deter you from sharing your little corner of the world.

  6. How sad about the negative comment, I agree with your philosophy that you want your blog to be a place to share happiness and not negativity...I feel the same way. I love what you post and wouldn't want you to change a thing!

    The photos of your outing are spectacular, such a beautiful time of year, the bluebells are amazing.

  7. I saw that comment yesterday and was appalled, but sadly not surprised. If you ever look at the comments left on news sites you see similar awful comments. Anonymity seems to make some people think they can say whatever hateful thing is on their mind. I'm sorry you experienced it.

    How fun that you were able to meet up with one of your blog readers! It's always fun to get to know someone in person that you have connected with online. Well, almost always fun. I don't think getting together with the person who left the nasty comment would be too great. Ha!

    1. It's really great when one can meet with a reader, it's quite wonderful making real life connections.

  8. I think it was generous of you to leave that comment up, and to discuss it further. That's one sad person seeking attention, and you have been kind enough to give it to them. Beautiful photos.

  9. I think the person behind that nasty comment must be in a lot of pain. I hope they get help. On a cheerier note I love seeing your pictures of trees with leaves and flowers blooming. I live in the suburbs of Toronto and there is not a leaf or flower to be seen. There are a lot of buds getting ready to burst forth.

  10. In regards to anon 11:33, the comment was a reflection of them, not you. Unhappy people seem to reach out this way. I read somewhere Hydrangea stem ends need to be hammered (crushed), to let the water reach up the stem. I too take the same route along the blue bell bouvelard on route to the library. Hope you and your family are recovering, nasty bug going around here. Take care, Gonzales Beach Cottage.

  11. That's really too bad that someone felt the need to post so negatively. Blogging is an opportunity to create and share snippets of ourselves and not necessarily all of ourselves. Personally, I enjoy what you share! It's fun to see many of the same places I explore from another person's view point. I posted a shot of that same road of bluebells not to very long ago. Those wild sweet peas on the edge of the sidewalk at McNeill Bay? They are stunning! Have a great week :)

    1. Thanks Holli! Aren't those sweet peas amazingly hardy to be growing in a crack of the concrete sidewalk?

  12. I had to go back and read the rude comment. Anonymous 11:33 must be a sad, perhaps bitter person to express such thoughts. I'm sorry you had to experience that, Leslie. Your blog is a place for beauty and joie de vivre. You explained yourself very graciously, although it wasn't necessary.
    Love the photo of McNeill Bay. These are gorgeous days! I'm busy working these days - just when the weather is perfect for gardening!

    1. It was a really hot day yesterday...almost too hot to garden.
      That wisteria that you discovered coming through your fence is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Re:anonymous rant
    Hostess has given more during her live than most. Her thoughtfulness enriched 11years of my work life. If anyone deserves a beautiful retirement, it is you,dear hostess. coxo

    1. Thank you Becky...you are lovely and it was such a treat to work with you my dear!

  14. Oh my goodness. 11:33 looks almost like spam or someone who spends time making nasty comments on blogs for the kick of it. While I enjoy the occasional photos of your city, that's a small piece of why I enjoy your posts. Keep writing and keep posting your lovely photos.

  15. I think you are lovely. These haters are the ones who have never gone through anything I suspect. When you've seen the worst life has to offer, you need to surround yourself with the good and the beautiful. After my experience, I sought out blogs like yours to help restore my faith in people. Please keep doing what you are doing (and yes, I like the Victoria news too!)

  16. I got a chuckle out of the creative signs to "dog guardians." It is cheering to know that someone working for the city/neighbourhood has a cheeky sense of humour. The tulips are glorious and I have a thing for bluebells growing wild in woodsy nooks and crannies.

    There is a reason regular readers keep coming back; yours is always one of the first blogs I click on after a long day. Thank you for not yet disabling "anonymous" comments. I do not have my own blog and I have tried once or twice to create an identity, so far without any success. Which is why I include my name and, at the outset, like to let the the author know a little about who I am. Your previous post addressed inspiration... I am inspired by your style elegance, your weight loss and exercise diligence and your quiet observations. Inspiration is the main reason I follow the blog world. I thought I was decluttered but Janet at The Gardener's Cottage showed me otherwise. Sheila at Ephemera has taught me to be a little more fearless with fashion. And many others... Do not be discouraged. Violet.

  17. I feel the same about the nibbled tulips and have said the same myself - well, we all have to eat.


  19. Whew, I had to go back and read the comment. I just don't understand the need in someone to make such nasty comments :( Obviously, not all blogs are for everyone so she should just unsubscribe and move on. As evidenced by the avalanche of responses from your followers, you are VERY well liked an respected. Keep up the good work!
    I loved your hydrangea photos! I just bought a bright pink one this week-end and now need to figure out how to get my soil alkaline so it will stay that color. Carolyn in Seattle

  20. I also checked out the anonymous post. I shut my "house construction" blog down due to anonymous comments. I even received death threats, that sacred me enough to have a friend in the RCMP look into it. I allowed myself to be intimidated by hateful, anonymous commenters. I think Google needs to take some responsibility and only allow comments from verified ID's.
    I can handle controversy and I sure don't need everyone to like me; but no one should have to be subjected to hateful, and threatening comments on a blog.
    I'm sorry you are being subjected to this too Leslie.

    1. I remember when you were going through that nasty business...I am so glad that the RCMP caught the culprits!

  21. Not sure why someone feels the need to leave that sort of comment. If you don't like it, don't read it. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog, and look forward to each post. I'm glad you take the time to write and create it. Though you might occasionally feel that you have writer's block, I don't think I've ever read a post I didn't enjoy. Also, wanted to mention that it doesn't bother me when a blogger shares a difficult time they may be going through. As crazy as it sounds, when you read a blog for a long time, you begin to feel like you know the person, and care about what's happening in their lives. (I suppose, not unlike pen-pals from long ago.)

    1. It's true blogging and reading blogs is like those pen pals from our youth.
      I have actually said this when discussing blogs with my friends and readers who I have been fortunate enough to meet up with.

  22. Well I think 11:33 has been put in their place by all the positive replies. A sad person I think. I enjoy the freshness of your blog, all the different bits and pieces that give us an insight into you and your life.

    Loving all the flowers of spring over here in the UK, Spring is truly a beautiful season despite the unsettled weather so it is nice to see yours as well.

  23. Love your blog Hostess and I feel a connection with the way you live your life. We have many parallels and similarities. I have also worked since I was 15 and I am looking forward to retiring soon. I love to hear about how you are spending your well deserved retirement, your family, hobbies, cooking, garden, outings, walks (you are inspiring me to get going.) outfits, thrifty purchases, decluttering and wardrobe changes. It’s a shame Anon 11:33 can’t find something there to amuse or interest. Keep up the lovely post and photos. Tonkath

  24. Your blog is wonderful Leslie, I have enjoyed these past years of following along and am here to stay. We all love what you do because you do it so well. You share the things in life that are important to you and you have found kindred spirits along the way. It appears one lost soul found their way into your last post. Clearly, that person needs to find another who blogger/community who is more compatible to his or her needs. I hope that has happened and it is the last you hear of it. Thinking of you...xx

  25. leslie this is my take on snarky comments. not everyone is going to like what we write. it's impossible to please everyone so we have to stay true to ourselves. i don't mind getting the negative comments too much b/c there is often something i can learn rom them. but what is sad is when they are just plain mean. i would never attack someone verbally in person or on a blog. it's just bad manners and speaks to the breakdown in our society. it's so easy to just move along if i don't agree with what someone is saying. the blog world is changing though and there is a meanness that wasn't there when we started. i guess it's part of the game now which is kinda sad. just know that there are lots of us that love you just the way you are. xo

  26. Hello, dear Leslie ! I have looked for an e-mail address on your blog but couldn't find one so I will just say goodbye in the comments section. As you might have seen, I have now closed my blog and I want to thank you for having shown it on your sidebar and becoming a follower. I will of course keep reading your blog and may I add that I totally agree with Janet above; we love you just the way you are !xxx

    1. sb i'd like to say good bye to you here. i think the way you ended your blog was so classy and when the day comes for me i will emulate you. i'm just sorry i found you so late. best wishes to you!

  27. Au revoir Silver Bunny...I will miss you and your posts.
    My email is bungalowhostess@gmail.com if you ever want to chat privately you can reach me there...

  28. I'm sorry for your nasty comment, but there is a silver lining -- look at all those in blogland who love and support you! I'm a new blogger, and I've said when I start getting nasty comments that will mean I've "made it"! As in, people are reading me! Of course, I may feel differently when I actually get one! Your photos are lovely, and I hope you get to have lots more luncheons with your mother.

  29. Hi Leslie,
    I am worried about your mother "thinking more about her own mortality." How does she feel about seeing more of relatives such as me/us? Unfortunately we cannot compete with the unique splendor of either of your residences, but if she doesn't mind our humble surroundings, it would be great to have her over more often. I could even pick her up and drive her home after.


    1. I think she would love and embrace more family time...I know that I would be happy to facilitate that if we were to plan social engagements and it is all about family in the end...I am happy to drive her and we would welcome the opportunity to spend time together. She has no idea that I blog and would probably be appalled if she knew!
      Please let me know when you come back into town...Laura Mom and I would love to meet up with you!