Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Almond Joy!
I'd like to think of this as a WW point friendly way to enjoy almonds.

I love the scent of almond as well as the taste.
Having a weakness for the nut I try to keep my almond eating habit in check...

Enjoying the scent is one way to satisfy the craving...

L'Occitane makes a great almond products and the jar of almond milk concentrate is a Humble Bungalow staple.

The shower gel is heavenly and they have just launched a body oil which I recently purchased.
The wee package of travel sized almond products were added to my order for a fraction of the cost,
an indulgence if you will.

"Orange is the New Black"
 was hot a few seasons ago...
then Panetone Green was on center stage and now it's Radiant Orchid!

Have you seen designer and blogger Tamera Beardsley in her radiant orchid kimono?
 She is featured in the fashion section of this month's Skimbaco Lifestyle magazine!

I discovered Skimbaco Lifestyle magazine when Adrienne Shubin started writing for them...
you might know her from her blog The Rich Life on a Budget.

These gals are having so much fun with fashion that I was energized by their enthusiasm...
Dressing in colour has never been so exciting!

A soft infinity scarf with a smattering of radiant orchid...
a birthday gift from my BFF.

I wore this scarf with a black tunic top with black leggings and black ballet flats.
The colour made the entire outfit pop!

I chose Revlon 070 Cherry Tart to wear with the scarf...the richer colour looked better than 001 pink truffle
 which I thought was a wee bit pale.

I wear these rich shea butter glosses often and alternate it with the Chanel Orchidee.

I do love a great stripe as patterns never feel like they suit me.
I have tried and tried but they always hang in my closet sad and lonely...
scarves are my go to accessory for pattern.

Colour won't take center stage in the same way black does in my basic wardrobe
but it will pop up this summer on the boat paired with my white jeans.
I may look for a fun orange coral necklace to wear with this shirt.
I plan to use this as a"jacket" layering it over a plain white tank top.

Ralph Lauren shirt

It has a nautical edge so it will be a fun summer boat basic.

The 3/4 sleeve length won't get tangled up in the ropes...

I found my first pair of what I might call high end or luxury jeans.

When I tried them on I wondered what exactly makes a luxury jean worth the money.

I'd have to say it is in the fit and the details.

The weight of the denim feels good and it has more body that the less expensive jeans that I regularly wear.
The shape seems to stay true after several wearings so I am not tempted to wash them as often.

Jeans play an important part of my wardrobe and since retiring I wear them much more often than dress pants.
I currently own two pairs of black ponte knit dress pants and now I have 4 pairs of jeans!

So where do you stand on luxury goods?
What would you indulge in if money were no object?

Are you on Pinterest?

I'm finding it is a bit like eating almonds...
 once I start I cannot stop!

Until next time,
Be Well and Be Kind.


  1. Love your orange striped shirt! Like you, I have a hard time wearing patterns (aside from stripes) in anything other than scarves. I do think that sometimes higher end denim is worth it. Especially if you wash less often, the garments will last longer! That picture of your tray at the top of the post is lovely enough to be in a magazine. (I'm going to try that shower gel.)

    1. I am curious if you think we shy away from patterns because of our diminished stature?
      Let me know what you think of the shower gel.

  2. Thanks for reading Skimbaco Lifestyle, we love Adrienne's style, and Tamera was just PERFECT for the cover of the new issue! And when it comes to luxury.... I do think good jeans are worth the money, and good shoes and handbags. I personally like Michael Kors' clothes and bags, every single item has been worth every penny and lasted for years.

    1. Hi Katja,
      How nice of you to pop by and take the time out of your busy schedule to leave a comment. Your magazine has something for everyone and I particularly like the fashion section. Adrienne is a great ambassador for Skimbaco!
      I don't own any MK myself but a friend swears by his handbags and totes.

  3. I adore pinterest! We have a lot of fun on it too - you can send pins and it can be a giggle.

    Luxury goods are a tough subject - sometimes it is worth it and sometimes it is a lot of hot air. I want value ultimately even if I have to pay a high price and I know it can be an heirloom as such. My luxury item is a van cleef zip necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet or a butler!

    1. I'd love for you to do a post of your Van Cleef necklace...sounds like it is a versatile piece.

  4. Glad to see that you've added a POP of colour to your wardrobe :)

  5. Are YOU on Pinterest Hostess?

    I absolutely love Pinterest - don't know what I did without it!

    1. I am on pinterest...have not figured out how to add a link on my side bar yet.
      Please email me at if you want to follow me.

  6. I would love some ideas for tunics..what they are excactly and which ones do not look like tents on us middle aged women! I like the idea of them very much just not sure what and how to wear them!

    1. Hi applepie...
      I wear tunics that skim the body and do not add too much bulk because I am short.
      I make sure they cover my thighs and are in proportion...there are so many fun style out there that you should be able to find many that you would love. They should elongate the body when worn with leggings and I prefer to keep the top and bottoms in the same colour or tone so I look taller...then add some bright scarves or a long necklace or several depending on my mood.
      I hope that this helps...there are many great examples on pinterest too.
      Good luck.

  7. Love that orange and white stripe. So fresh looking. I'd wear it as a layer over sleeveless tanks. I've wondered the same thing about gourmet denim. I've been buying NYDJ lately and lamenting their $100 price! Not sure I could pay more for jeans. Fine fabrics are another thing.

    1. My walking partner swears by those NYDJ and bought hers in NY and Seattle when they were on sale at 30% off...they look great on her, she wears a petite and they fit like they were made for her. I can see why you'd choose them.

  8. I agree that that many of the higher priced denim brands are worth it, both in fit and styling; but there is only so much one is willing to pay for denim.
    I'm fairly up close and personal with the top luxury brands, which I'm finding are lacking more, and more, in quality, fabrics and fabrication. Perhaps it's globalisation, or the fact that many high end products, and brands, are manufactured in factories that also produce mid range brands; only altering colour or pattern.
    I'm now completely over Hermes, and will never buy another of their bags. I've seen the quality slip; but this was only one of my turn offs. Their pricing went from beyond ridiculous, into distastefully insulting territory; and I'm done. I've had the "luxury" (or vanity) of having three bespoke items made exclusively for me by Hermes; a purse organizer, and two bags. None of them were exactly what I envisioned ;but I was so thrilled that Hermes deigned to make them for me,I was not about to nit pick.
    I've come in contact with an (albeit small) number of manufacturers, and craftspeople, who are creating products that; although not well known; are certainly not less in quality, than the top luxury brands. It was quite a shock, and a real eye opener.
    To paraphrase Dana Thomas; "luxury has lost it's lister" and I for one, am no longer it's fool.

    1. Duchess you have been buying Hermes for as long as I have known you so this news comes as a bit of a shock. I will never own a Hermes handbag that is why I opted for their scarves and scents...a little bit of luxury whether it is a scented soap, a perfect cup of coffee, a strand of creamy pearls or a silk scarf...I am weak for them!
      I'd love for you to share your newly discovered brands on your blog if you get the time or would make for some interesting comparisons.
      Hope you are enjoying Spring and that the thaw is on in Ontario.

    2. Hostess, I should learn to proof read before I hit "publish" lol. Luxury lost it's lustre, (my auto correct keeps typing,"lister")for me, as far as Hermes is concerned.
      I was completely "Hermesmerized" so much so, that I coined that particular term, and registered copyright on it. I started focusing on Hermes exotic skin bags, and have a few of the most rare himalayan skins in my collection.
      I thought they were exclusive to Hermes. They aren't. That's not important to me; but how people are treated by the brand is, and don't want to give them one more penny of my money.
      The brands that in my opinion are every bit as good as Hermes; if not better; and certainly not less, as far as craftsmanship goes, are Peter Nitz, and Ethan Koh.
      There is also another brand, that I will order from; but I won't name until after my friend who owned the Hermes franchise in Naples Florida, opens her new boutique.
      The alligator, crocodile, and lizard skins,are fantastic, and they come from one of the top exotic skin tanneries in the world. I ordered three bags, at a tenth of the price of Hermes, and I was able to order the colours I wanted, and they allow combining skins, and leather.
      I also love Chanel, Ferragamo, Loro Piana, and Louis Vuitton, and find some of their models outstanding in quality and craftsmanship.

      It's icy cold, and dry today in Schomberg; but I prefer it over rain.

    3. Honestly owning anything with the skins of those precious creatures repulses me.
      My daughter is a herpetologist so I know how important ALL reptiles are in this world.

  9. I am wearing more jeans since I retired too. Usually black or dark wash with a narrow leg as I'm not tall. My weight has not stabilized so I hesitate to buy expensive jeans. If you stay in the Marais next year, there are about 10 scent shops on Rue des Francs Bourgeois, including L'Occitane and Fragonard. I visit and get samples because I can't carry any more in my suitcase. The pink scarf really sets off your lovely complexion. I will visit Claudalie when I am here and buy a pink lipstick at Monoprix. Perhaps visiting Paris each year is my greatest luxury.

    1. I would not invest in expensive jeans until I got to my goal weight either...I have been wearing g21 skinny jeans in a dark wash that I bought at Walmart of all places and they are perfectly fact they fit me really well and were $10! I have two pair, one in dark wash and one in black. I am not a regular Walmart shopper but when my weight was in transition I decided that my interim clothes would either be thrifted or cheap!
      I am avidly following you jaunts about Paris...Paris is a luxury and one that I am keen to explore. Thank you for so kindly sharing your information and experiences.

  10. Eating 20 almonds a day is recommended for you and should bring lots of naturally obtained benefits to you. If you crave them you may need what they can contibute. I don't know what WW have to say though!
    No I am not in Pinterest. Jeans for me.? No thank you. Luxury items always cashmere and silk. Would love a camel cashmere coat from Maxmara.
    So enjoy your blog Hostess.

    1. I eat about 7 or 8 almonds and day as a snack and love them. I crave other things too...french fries, and potato chips which I consider a luxury in my diet!
      I wear cashmere sweaters with my jeans and I too would love a Max Mara coat...a counsellor that I know collects them...I think she has 5 or 6 all in shades of sumptuous camel!
      I hope you find your coat.

  11. Oh, L'Occitane is my go-to brand for bath & body products. And I do love their almond shower oil, especially in winter, because it doesn't dry out my skin. That reminds me, it's time to place an order and replenish my supply!

    Regarding prints and patterns-- I have to use them as accents only. I've even stopped buying the brightly-colored tops that I tended to wear in years past. I'd much rather showcase a bright scarf or jewelry against a black or navy outfit. I do try to go for interesting cuts and textures in my tops, however. I've bought a lot of Max Studio, and lately I've had my eye on Eileen Fisher clothing.

    Due to my work environment, which is casual, I do wear jeans more than any other type of bottom. My favorite brand is NYDJ because of the higher waistline and availability of petite sizes.

    I don't own any real luxury items, but if I did splurge, it would be on scarves, jewelry, shoes, and bags.

    1. As I mentioned in an earlier comment my petite walking partner swears by her NYDJ and I agree they look smart and fit well.
      EF clothing can be expensive but they do have sales as I have noticed when online at Nordstroms. I have a few pieces and they really last, several of the silky tank tops that I consigned when they got too big were as fresh as the day I bought them...
      I'm with you on scarves, bags and shoes...especially handbags.
      I love leather and am seeing PVC bags everywhere now and feel like I must be a bag snob! Personally bags must be leather...or canvas or straw...linen or natural fabrics.
      I popped into our new Marshalls store and saw some well priced beautiful Italian viscose scarves at affordable prices, they had cute shoes too.
      Trying to keep my lusts in check I just browsed...I am saving for Paris.

  12. L'Occitane's almond shower oil is such a lovely product, as is the rest of the almond line!

  13. I am willing to pay for whatever makes me looks and feel luxurious. I am old enough now that I realize I'll use the one, more expensive item if it is what I really want more than four of the lesser expensive items. I am always torn on the paying for quality concept. Someone posted how the more expensive items have really slipped in quality. Isn't that our worst fear (you paid a lot for cheap quality). I do my best to just keep my eyes open for great materials and cuts whether they are in Nordstrom or in Target.

    I'll confess that I just purchased a Longchamp Le Pliage bag in London. I have wanted one for years and was talking to someone who said they really do last. But in the end, I just thought it was luxurious!

    The lesser luxuries I think can some of the best money spent. You can feel so luxurious with great bath gel, or coffee, or a pen you love to write with. It is just living well on your own terms.

    1. The Longchamp bag is something that you will use a lot and every time you carry it you will be reminded of your investment in a wee bit of luxury and smile.

  14. Yes indeed, if money were no object, I would not hesitate to indulge. Do you recall the old Jergen's hand lotion with it's delicious almond scent? I have to wonder why they ever changed it. Sometimes new and improved is not better. Love your orange stripe shirt and great new jeans. You will look very chic on the boat this summer. Violet.

    1. My Mother had Jergens on her vanity and I used to sneak in and use some when she wasn't looking but the scent gave me away every time!

  15. What a sublime colour lipstick on you! I too wear jeans a great deal more than before retired- no more drycleaner's ransom. When you are in Paris, suggest you visit Sens Unique, 13 Rue du Roi de Sicile (4th arr., which is the Marais.) Many perfumes and body goodies available nowhere else.

    And duchessofh, would be willing to identify the manufacturers and craftspeople whom you prefer now? That could be useful to many readers, whether we could buy Hermès bags or not.

    1. I have heard a lot of great things about the Marais area....I'll make a note of this shop in my Paris notebook! Merci beaucoup.

  16. As soon as I get down to my desired weight I am going to splurge on a great pair of jeans. Can't fork out the money when I know I won't be at this weight for long (I hope). Love the scent of almonds too. Most of my luxury goods are small ones -- a Chanel lipstick or a silk scarf.

  17. You look wonderful in your pop of Radiant Orchid! Thank you ever so much for your very kind shout out … so very many of your followers came by to visit! You have such a loyal and lovely following my dear!

    I will be waiting to see more of your boating lifestyle … and will be living one of my dreams, vicariously through you!


  18. So happy to hear that you had some unexpected visitors!
    I am very impressed with your surfing as it takes such strength and balance...I am also keen to see your new Coastal creations on your site. I have been checking for them every day and hope that there is something that I can buy!

    Lisa from A mid life of Privilege graciously linked to my tea time post and I too had many new visitors....connecting on this blogging platform has made it easy to meet up with so many wonderful women.

    Enjoy your weekend and the exciting Blogger Napa trip!

  19. I'm a lot like you. I wear mostly black and stripes are just about the only pattern I wear. I don't think its because I'm short, I thinks it's because I find pattern just too busy for my taste. You look great in that pop of color and I love, love your striped shirt. Almonds are my favorite nut but the smell has always been a favorite. Remember good old fashioned Jergens lotion? It had that scent of almond. Enjoy your Sunday. xoxoJennifer

  20. Another great post! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the giveaway prizes that you sent to me - you are so kind and generous. I received them the other day and am sending you a proper thank you via regular mail. It occurred to me that you may be wondering if I received them, so wanted to let you know that I did. So look for a little something from me coming to you in the mail. Thanks again and keep up the great work. You are one of my very few favorite bloggers.