Friday, April 25, 2014

Denim Love ~ or is it Lust?

How excited are you about your clothing purchases?
Do you get a wee bit of a rush when you find the perfect piece?
Or do you feel rather hum drum and so so when buying clothes?

Well I got really excited when my new Gap denim jacket arrived and I immediately put it on to find it fit perfectly and I love the lighter wash. I bought the Petite but in a large as I have some "considerations" up front that necessitate a bit more fabric and I do want to be able to close the jacket without it gaping.

Can you picture this with white jeans? a printed skirt? a black dress with sandals?
I can and am already imagining all the combinations possible with my current wardrobe.

Hermes scarf with a pop of red...
which reminds me I must replace those red ballet flats that wore out.

JCrew necklace gets two thumbs up.

Sherman brooch oh yes!

The jacket is soft and already distressed so my work is done people.
Now I just need to get out and wear it.

~ ~ ~

I've done the seasonal closet swap and tried on all my Spring and Summer clothes.
The good news is that there will be lots of room for clothes!
 The bad news is only two things fit!
Going from a size 14 to a 10 or 8 is exciting but it means that shopping is going to be very much on my agenda!
I have laundered and ironed all those too large items and have booked an appointment with the consignment shop in Oak Bay. I received several hundred dollars last season when I sold my is not a lot of money but it will get me started as I need to replace the basics.

My walking partner and I are hosting a baby shower for a fabulous teacher friend who is expecting her first child in a few weeks.
It will be fun to see all the gals from work and catch up on all their news.
I had so much fun shopping for a baby gift!
Have you noticed how cute the baby clothes are these days?

What have you got planned for your weekend?
Hope you've got some time set aside for a wee bit of fun.

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. I love your jacket! It is wonderful how you already have so many items to pair it with. I have been looking for red flats for a couple of seasons, for some reason they are hard to find ~ good luck.

  2. Very rarely. It looks great, it really suits you and you will wear it to bits.

  3. I've been wearing my Gap denim jacket (5 or 6 years old) lately -- perfect for this kind of transitional weather! Yours looks very cute with that scarf and necklace. As for weekend fun, I'm hoping just to have a quiet couple of days -- the last few weekends have been a bit too busy and the next two are already pretty booked up. Enjoy your shower!

  4. Oh I love that quote on the picture !

  5. That's a lovely denim jacket! I bought one from Ann Taylor Loft in Times Square, NYC several years ago and get so much wear out of it - they go with everything! How exciting to be contemplating all that new shopping for you!

  6. The pairing of the brooch and denim jacket is really nice. I will have to be doing that closet switch here soon too...old houses=small closets! Enjoy your weekend shower :)

  7. I'm impressed, Hostess, not only by your fabulous weight loss, but by the fact that you swapped out AND tried on all your clothes. You put me to shame. The jacket looks great and you should get so much wear out of it. Your ideas for it are spot on.

    I am trying to include some fun in my usual Saturday trip to see my mother. She has been in a nursing home since January after multiple setbacks and the trip is depressing. But Mr. K has offered to ride along (it's 60 miles) and combine it with a shopping trip and dinner.

  8. I love denim jackets and have a few different ones, that I get so much wear out of. Love yours, and think the lighter wash is great.

  9. Yes I get a rush when I find the right piece, and I love that scarf/necklace, denim, maybe even altogether!

  10. A denim jacket is for me a necessity, but pale denim washes wash •me• out. Fortunately we have many choices in denim including luscious colours. And another plus is no dry cleaning bills! I'm going to an artist friend's vernissage.

  11. I LOVE your new Gap jean jacket!!!! I am a big fan of Gap since the late 80's. I actually still have one of their summer dresses in cabbage rose print from 1998! My favorite maxi skirt is a faded jean Gap. But my jean jacket is Levi and I wear it with everything. I especially love a jean jacket with a black dress. I think I may have to order one like yours! Your JCrew necklace goes perfectly with it. So glad that you are feeling better....and thank you for entering my Giveaway. xxo Kerrie

  12. Leslie, I am currently a size 14 and would love to be back to a 10 or an 8. Congratulations to you.

    Our plans this weekend? We are helping to host a couples wedding shower for a close friend's son and his bride. It should be fun.

    I have a denim jacket--darker wash--but I need to get it out and wear it! Thanks for the reminder.

  13. You sure are hip and stylish! Looks great.

  14. Love your jacket and jewels. I love to shop when I have time, but lately the time just isn't there. Oh I have been busy buying baby clothes and agree they are absolutely precious. Oh how I need to do a bit of spring shopping. This weekend, though, I am going close myself up in my studio and finish some school work. Enjoy your weekend! Bonnie

  15. Oh dear, I love the brooch! Looks divine on the jacket.

  16. I hadn't thought about a denim jacket but now.... definitely on the list! I'm losing weight slowly so I have a pile of clothes from my daughter (who lost a lot) which I dip into as I transition sizes. Some are not appropriate, of course, but as I am employed as a freelancer I do not need office wear. Congratulations on hitting your goal size.

  17. I feel the rush too. Loving your denim jacket. I just bought a new white one from TarJay that I'm washing like crazy to soften up. My blue one is buried in I'll pop into Gap for a look see. Love your pairing with the scarf!! Enjoy your weekend! xoxoJennifer

  18. What a great feeling to find something that's exactly 'you' and find that it goes with everything else! I love the combination of mod chick casual denim with oh, so elegant glitz! And, huge congratulations on the weight loss, you certainly deserve to have a bit of a shopping spree to celebrate!

  19. What a wonderful reason to buy new clothes, congratulations!
    I haven't worn a denim jacket in over twenty years! I had one I adored in high school (70's) and adorned it with rhinestones along the seams.
    This weekend is chilly, but I'm just staying inside, working on retail packaging for my products.

  20. That jacket will go with everything. I love pieces like that!

  21. I like your distressed denim jacket. I bought a darker wash gap jacket last year but I think it needs a few washes to soften it a bit.The combination of denim with dressier pieces is very casual chic. I will be drinking much tea and eating much fish with my family on the Shetland Islands this week-end. My Pringle cashmere sweater that I bought in Edinburgh is my go to piece right now. I wonder if W.J. Wilson stock Pringle from Scotland. I may have to buy a navy one for winter to go with my soon to be acquired Hermès scarf. Bon Week-end!

  22. Hi Hostess
    I always read, but don't often comment as I'm usually reading on the hop on my iphone. I always love your posts, and love the light wash jacket. I have admired your JCrew necklace before and just bought in on impulse! It was 30% off so bonus! And yes I get a bit of a rush when I find the perfect piece.