Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blogging from The Humble Bungalow Bed.

Spring is in the air...
I can hear the birds outside chirping and singing and the bees are buzzing just outside our bedroom window.
I have the blinds pulled all the way up so I can see the sunshine and tree blossoms.
I'd much rather be outside than huddled under the duvet...but I must not complain as I have not been sidelined with nary a sniffle since retiring last June.

Looking seaward from our table at the Oak Bay Marina where lovely daughter and I enjoyed a delicious lunch a while back...
I never got around to posting this what with all the family illness as things got put on the back burner and rightfully so.
Thank goodness everyone is on the mend.

We started with prawn and crab spring rolls...

I chose a salad with beets, quinoa, arugula, goat cheese and pecans....
love the presentation and it tasted so fresh and delicious!

Lovely daughter opted for the Caesar Salad.
I had a bite and the dressing was the perfect balance of garlic and anchovies.

We went to Vanity Fair Antique Mall after lunch and purchased a couple of birthday gifts for J.
She loves modernist jewelry and there are a few vendors in the mall that specialize in this style.
We had a great mother daughter outing...
I feel so blessed as it is particularly special for me to share a day with her.
Like old times when we would steal away and drive up island stopping at all the antique and thrift shops on the way and coming home with our loot and laughter...great memories!

The planters around town are blooming with cheery spring flowers.

The view from our Humble Bungalow living room window in the morning.
The garden is coming to life.
Spring is such a welcome tonic after our grey wet winter.

It's been a very quiet weekend of reading and snoozing.
I read an entire book in 24 hours and I highly recommend it.
The Birth House is her first novel and The Virgin Cure is her second one.

In between cups of tea and bowls of soup I have had the opportunity to rest and imagine what my summer wardrobe might look like.
Not sure why my mind wanders to fashion whenever I feel ill.
 I even had to stop myself from buying a handbag online yesterday.
Shopping that is masquerading as medicine when one has a fever is never a good idea!

I am not too sure what I actually "need" until I do the closet shuffle.
That's when I take my winter clothes downstairs to the out of season closet and bring the summer clothes upstairs.
For now I am toying with the idea of a denim jacket and some funky sneakers.

 I saw Jennifer's post and am inspired by her minimalist approach to dressing.
Check out her video fashion show.
I think she has great style. 

She has written a fabulous book which I enjoyed reading and there is another one on the way.

As I close this post I will be picking up a Louise Penny book, another in the Inspector Gamache mystery series.
I hope that you have had some fun this weekend.


"'Tis healthy to be sick sometimes."
Henry David Thoreau ~


  1. Hostess thank you so much for your mention of my video and book. I hope you feel better soon! Your pictures are gorgeous and inspiring as always. Much love. Jennifer xxxx

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. That's exactly how I spent my weekend too ... and it was my first head cold this winter. Strange to get it in April, but a lot of kiddos have been sick at school so I'm immersed in a germ pool. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I have enjoyed your photos, as always. I too really enjoy Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series.

  5. Hope you feel better very soon. It was a gorgeous weekend - hope you enjoyed looking out at all the sunshine and maybe getting a bit of fresh air.

  6. Your photos are really lovely. Beets, goat cheese and quinoa are one of my favourite combinations. Being retired means that you can take the time under the duvet happily because you have so many days to enjoy the sunshine. My mind also wanders to my closet when I have "down time." Enjoy Louise Penny and take good care of yourself.

  7. Hope you get well soon!! Sunday is the day of rest, so a day well spent, reading and enjoying the fruits of Spring your pics, as always :) We spent the weekend, working in the garden, putting up our patio and swing sets, and looking after & walking our Grandpup. Her parents were away at a concert and overnight in Vancouver. You should have seen us with 2 cats and a dog on the bed!! So well behaved though :) Now one of our cats is quietly meowing...I think she misses her doggy pal!!

  8. It seems like you have the most amazing restaurants and food where you live. Feel better soon, and glad the family is on the mend. Your neighborhood looks so charming from your window.

  9. I hope you feel better very soon. I agree, online shopping is not very medicinal, but it can feel that way at the time. I just fill my "cart" then close the page. Of course those images do chase me all over the net for weeks, but it didn't cost me anything. xoxo

    1. Oh that is way too daring! I empty my cart before leaving the sites. I worked in a library for years and putting things in place is rather a habit.

  10. I have filled so many carts and left them.

    I take sick days when I am well. I swear it keeps me healthier.

  11. Feel better.
    At your suggestion I zipped through the first 3 of Louise Penney's Inspector Gamache. Then I started the 4th - and have picked it up and put it down twice. Just can't get into it.

    1. Jump to the next one then....often writers have a dud. It is the same one that I skipped over too.

  12. Feel better. That was a great post considering you did it from bed. Just goes to show you, sometimes blogging is the best medicine. Your neighborhood is beautiful!

  13. Glad to hear the family is on the mend, but sorry you are now sick. Feel better soon! Love your pictures, especially the pansies and the view out the front window of your house.

  14. Feel better! i really enjoyed "The Birth House".

  15. Lovely post Hostess. Gorgeous photos and inspiring food. I’ve been on a bit of a cooking spree whilst on term break. Cooked a 70s retro family lunch on Sunday, It went down well. Funny how we sometimes hang out until spring to get the cold isn’t it? Hope you’re feeling better now. Tonkath

    1. Almost better. Sounds like you enjoy being creative in the kitchen, your family and friends must really appreciate your culinary talent.

  16. What stunning photos from your home! Can you really see the water from your house? The food looks delicious, too!

  17. The first photo was taken at the Oak Bay Marina Where my daughter and I enjoyed a lunch. We live 2 blocks to the ocean but cannot see it from our bungalow.

  18. Glad to read that you are feeling better Leslie...each paragraph and photo was a sure sign of it. You have a beautiful spot to recover from any illness. Reading, tea, an emerging garden, shopping temptations, lingering thoughts of retirement and the upcoming summer. Isn't it amazing how time consuming all these thoughts can be! It is lovely...B-Well my friend. xx

  19. Glad you're on the mend, Leslie!

    The books look fascinating.

    SSG xxx

  20. Hope you are all better now! I have read Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache books (just the first two). Very enjoyable! I need to get back to that series. But I also want to read the Miss Fisher books too.