Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unexpected and so welcome...

Mother has been busy helping me from the other side of the The Humble Bungalow Front Door.
She's working the outside while I am marooned in the sea of a downy duvet.
The tables have turned and I am so grateful that she wants to be of assistance.
She never asks for help herself but is the first one to give it.
I do the same for her.

She picked up library books that I had on hold when she was in the Village.
She called ahead and said "I'll ring the bell twice and run!"
Sounds like a secret agent code to me.

When I opened the door to pick up the books she was just getting into her BMW and there on top of the stack of books was a bouquet of pretty roses!

They fit perfectly in this vintage ironstone jug.
Mother was with me when I found it hiding on a dusty shelf in a local shop.

This book was a quick read and I found myself salivating when Amy describes the various sweets that she eats.
Her list of recommended Paris boulangeries and pastry shops are listed in the back of the book.
I do love a good piece of chocolate and have a crush on salted caramel chocolates.

Quarantine has it's ups and downs.
I don't want to share my germs but I do not want to be a burden or take advantage of my family.
 I did text Mr. HB and asked him if he would mind picking up some lemon shortbread when he picked up the BBQ chicken at the market. 
No problem.
I tried a sample last week and was quite impressed and thought how delicious it would taste with a cup of tea.
They are yummy!

The shortbread did not disappoint and there are several cookies left in the box on the counter for later!

I always have lots of fruit on hand...
fresh pineapple, grapes, bananas, oranges and apples.
My go to healthy sweet treats.

Besides reading, resting, roses
there's been a wee bit or retail therapy involved...
I know I am vulnerable when I am under the weather but we all need a pick me up once in awhile.
So try not to judge me harshly.

With that out in the open...

GAP had a 30% off sale and I wanted to buy a denim jacket so all I needed to do was decide which wash to order.
Do you think I could decide?
I opened the page several times and closed it again.
I wanted a jacket that I could wear with my white jeans, dark jeans, regular wash and skirts or dresses.
Having such a fuzzy brain meant I needed to ask for help.
So I did what I usually do when it comes to fashion I ask the daughters.
I did not want to disturb my DIL as she would be busy with her two children...
bedtime, books and baths.

I did text my daughter even though I knew she would be watching the hockey game.
She got right back to me.
Thanks J!

She decided the lighter wash was more versatile. 
I have to agree.
Not too "matchy matchy" even though double denim is not an offence with The Fashion Police this season.
(I've noticed that they rarely leave comments on my blog anymore...
maybe I'm not guilty of as many infractions as I used to be.)

I am thinking of pinning on a sparkly Sherman brooch.
The JCrew rhinestone necklace will work as will one of my Hermes scarves or pearls.
I am going to wear this a LOT!
Cannot wait for the parcel to arrive.

The highlight of my day was a lovely Thank You card and a gift from Jeannine.
You might remember that she was the winner of the most recent giveaway.

She made this rose patterned coaster especially for me.

Jeannine, I hope you don't mind me sharing this with the readers.
It is such a lovely gesture and it made me feel so good.
I will think of you whenever I use it.
Thank you.

It amazes me how many wonderful connections and friendships have come about through this little blog.

Four bloggers that I follow, all from California are meeting together for 4 days in Napa.
Can you imagine how much fun they are going to have?
Adrienne of Rich Life on a Budget organized the trip...
perhaps you'd like to drop in and see what the gals are up to!

Thank you for stopping by...
don't forget to wash your hands as the germs out there are particularly nasty right now.


  1. How kind and thoughtful of your mother to help with your errands and to leave you such an unexpected surprise. You will really enjoy Paris in Colour. The photos are so vivid and typical of what you will see when you walk along any Parisian street. I don't have a sweet tooth so I have been able to pass the Gérard Mulot pâtisserie and the Amorino ice-cream stores on my street.
    I went to a brocant flea market in Village St-Paul and was tempted by vintage linens and a Quimper teapot but I am up to Shetland next and my journey does not allow for extra baggage.
    Don't you feel rich when you pick up a new bunch of library books? Free libraries are one of our greatest treasures! I always loved ordering books! The rose coaster is beautiful and thoughtful.
    Take care of yourself and be thankful to have so many others who are happy to care for you.

    1. Just reading the word Brocante makes me swoon! I love rifling about in vintage wares.
      With my linen addiction I would probably need to purchase another suitcase or send them home in the post. You are a much more disciplined woman than I am.

  2. Keep on healing! And I think a denim jacket will be perfect for your new retirement lifestyle.

    1. I think of a denim jacket as a bit rebellious....not Chanel esque but edgier. Fun.
      Gosh wouldn't it be sad if we had to dress a certain way all our lives? I think keeping things current is way more exciting. Does that sound a bit like artsy cousin?

  3. You are so blessed to still have your Mother who is able to run errands for you :) What a lovely bouquet of roses...great as a quick healer and a reminder of her love. Those Paris books from the library will keep your mind off of being sick too. I love the library and use them often. I will keep my eyes open for the "Paris in Color" book, as I too will one day make it there for a good month or two :) On my bucket list, for sure!!
    You don't have to apologize for having a little treat with your tea. Those lemon shortbread look delicious. Which market did Mr. HB get them from?
    Isn't it nice not having to worry about being away from work when you are sick? Praying for a speedy recovery :)

    1. Brian went to our Fairfield Thriftys and they were sold out plus the BBQ chicken oven was broken so he hopped over to James Bay where he got the chicken and found the shortbread. It really is good Sonya you might like to taste one or two with your afternoon tea. Use those pretty china cups too :-))

  4. That's amazing that your mum is still so mobile, how old is she again?
    My mum has never driven a car, nor worn trousers.

  5. Tabitha mom is going to be 87 this June. She is still driving and LOVES her BMW convertible!
    She has already told me when she can no longer drive that she is giving me her car so I can drive her in style! She doesn't love my Volvo Estate even though it has a sun roof.
    I will happily drive her any day. She has done so much for me over the years. We are very close but recently I have been aware of a slip in her executive function and the banking fiasco continues to plague us. She is getting so confused but does not want to relinquish control. I am hoping to ease her into letting my sister and I take responsibility as we have all the legal documents in place. She and her lawyer have been proactive and prudent. But I don't feel comfortable taking the reins just yet because I honestly feel it might hasten her demise.
    She takes such pride in managing her world and rightly so...she has done a remarkable job since Father passed in 2007. A woman who never paid a bill or had to deal with investments has surprised us all. But I am not hiding my eyes and know the time is coming maybe sooner rather than later. Until then we wait.


    1. Convertible.....that is so awesome!

  6. I'm hoping that you are starting to feel better today, L. Isn't it true that mothers always want to care for their children, even when their children are grandparents themselves? I know that when I'm sick there's a distant longing to have my own mother near by.
    Dreaming of Paris while confined to home is a wonderful past time. Another book you might enjoy, which I recently read (available through the library) is Le Road Trip by Vivian Swift. It's full of charming watercolors of her honeymoon in France (not just Paris). I loved studying all the details.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you're still under the weather, but those roses must surely have brightened your spirits. I have to be careful not to go overboard on the breads and pastries when we visit France. Pain au chocolat is still my favorite... ;-) I picked up the Gap denim jacket in the medium wash during one of their discounts last year, and do find it's a versatile piece.

  8. Leslie, I'm so glad that my little thank you was a highlight in your day, your giveaway was certainly a highlight in my day. It makes my day today that you were pleased and shared it on your blog. Thank you for that. Sure hope you feel better soon. Keep taking good care.