Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tis the weekend where Flopsy and her long eared friends cavort outdoors among the daffodils...
and bright eyed children go a'scrambling in search of hidden Easter eggs.

Easter Weekend can be jam packed with activities and social commitments.
As I am still blogging in bed I thought a post on how Flopsy might put HOP back in her life might be timely!

This little bunny is going to take it easy this weekend.

I'm on top of most things but admit that I now I need to let some things go....
give in and put them out of my mind.

Look Chester got into the act!
You can see him in the right of the image taking a nip out of bunny's ear.
OUCH Chester that hurts!

Hang in there Flopsy.

Some days you are on top of the world and other days you just have to go with the flow...

On these rather difficult days one needs to be kind and be gentle.

Taking special care to tend to focus on a restorative practice.

Slow down 
breathe deeply
savour the beautiful
eat healthy food from a pretty plate
anoint the body with rich lotion or oil
put on some comfy cozy clothes
light a scented candle
brew a pot of tea or coffee
enjoy a small square of chocolate let it slowly melt in your mouth
lie down in a comfortable position and rest
have a nap or doze
look at beautiful images from a book that speaks to you
soak your feet in scented salts
massage them with cream and then put on some socks
read inspirational quotes or poetry
listen to your favourite music
look at your photo albums
write in a journal
let your creativity flow without judgement
arrange or rearrange a vignette of things you love
clear out clutter ~ if that junk drawer is driving you crazy be ruthless
iron some linen, stand back and admire the pile after you finish
fold the laundry and put it away
watch a classic film
paint your nails

Listen closely to what it is that you need.
 What is it that works for you personally?
Give yourself permission to indulge in a day completely devoted to calming and soothing.

Tomorrow you will be better prepared to rise up and greet life with a smile and accept the challenges.

Happy Easter
I hope that you have a joyful weekend.

"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses."

~ Hippocrates ~


  1. Ha! I know how Flopsy feels, occasionally:).

  2. Love your inspirational messages today, they spoke to me. :-) Cel

  3. It is so important to take the time for restorative practice throughout our days. Spring and Easter are special times of renewal. Will you be well enough to visit with your family on Easter?

    1. I plan to stay at home as I am too germy to spread bugs around especially to Mother.
      The grandchildren and their parents will be busy with their own plans and we will take a rain check for our get together. It is our daughters' birthday today too and we were planning to have a lovely dinner out with them and we have had to reschedule that as well...

  4. I am in love with Flopsy!
    For me, restorative is a fast, hard spin class or loud rock music, I can't bear massages or anything slow.

  5. haha, your Flopsy cracks me up!! What a riot! Sorry you're not feeling well; your restorative ideas are just the ones I use myself.

  6. YouTube has some excellent meditative videos.


  7. You're retired, with not much happening and you have a simple cold. Get over it, for God's sake!

    1. It always seems like a simple cold until you have one - can make you feel pretty crappy and it’s sensible to coddle yourself.

  8. I apologise for my earlier comment - Flopsy made me do it. Wendy.

    1. Flopsy has a lot to answer for Wendy!
      She has a lot of nerve for a bunny with not much backbone...
      all kidding aside she is a pretty savvy rabbit and is a really good listener :-))

      I am grateful that I can just pull the shades and hunker under the duvet and not feel any pressure that I am letting my employer down...which was always on my mind when I took sick days away from school.

  9. Dear Hostess - Looks like you are doing everything right. I have had a long recover after two joint replacements over the past 12 months. I employed most of your suggestions after the second one and my recovery was faster and ever so more comfortable. I would add too suggestions to your list - Reading Louise Penny mysteries and watching u-tube versions of the British lite mystery "Rosemary & Thyme". The show ran for about five years during the 90's and it features two women detectives who are actually landscapers and there mystery solving capers. The music and lovely scenery make the show very enjoyable.

    Hoping for your quick recovery
    Michelle in California

    1. Oh Michelle I have nothing to complain about! Your recovery would be much more challenging and how clever and innovative you are for finding pleasant distractions to keep you amused while you mended. I have seen that series years ago on PBS.
      Last year when I had penumonia I discovered (through my daughter) that full length movies are on You Tube...I watched A Room with a View, Enchanted April and Howards End. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  10. So cute ~ Poor Flopsy I hope she feels better soon...and you too! I think Chester might not like sharing your attention with a bunny.

  11. Happy Easter Hostess,
    I hope you feel better soon. Being able to stay in bed and read, is the only thing good about being sick.

  12. Happy Easter, Hostess. And thank you for reminding us that it is not selfish to pamper oneself in order to maintain health, mind and spirit. It is something that so many of us feel is self-indulgent for ourselves, but would highly recommend it for someone we love. We need to love ourselves also in order to have the stamina to take care of others. Be well.

  13. When I'm feeling sick, I seem to be best at the lying around in bed part. Feel better soon, and Flopsy is adorable.

    1. I cannot imagine lying around in bed any other time!
      I love to be busy and out and about doing and seeing I do feel that my wings have been clipped...Pinterest has been a fun distraction.
      Have you noticed how many soft cuddly animals are in the toy shops these days?
      They must pass the squish and cuddle test before I buy one. My old Steiff bear has coarse hair and jointed limbs and although he has an adorable face he is just not as toddler friendly as the new breed of stuffies.

  14. Always feel a tad guilty if I feel sick,and take time out,blame it on my British childhood,stiff upper lip,and soldier on! Your way is best,hope you feel better soon.Happy Easter to you & your Easter bunny.