Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogging and thoughts of gratitude...

"Blogging has become a bigger part of life than I could have ever imagined. When I embarked on the process over 5 years ago it seemed so scary and I was afraid that I was taking a huge risk by putting myself out there.
My life is ordinary, pedestrian if you will, and truly humble.
I wondered then, as I do now, if anyone would be interested in reading my thoughts and experiences.
Could the simple everyday things that we all have in common be interesting material?
Would I have followers?
I took a leap of faith and I have not regretted my decision as it has enriched my life.
Writing is rewarding and gives me a sense of accomplishment and I derive a great deal of satisfaction when I am  actively being creative and putting it all together with pictures and words.
I look at everything around me with an eye to the possibility of it being blog worthy...
inspiration is at every turn.

I feel very supported in this blogging arena and I have met up with some wonderful people as a result of the blog.
One of the most surprising spin offs is that I have a network of women friends that I exchange emails with on a regular basis...they are a diverse circle and have been particularly supportive in view of the recent health issues with the family.
I feel so much gratitude for your kind thoughts and concerns and the comments and emails are really very special to me.
Thank you sincerely...

I have been helping out the best way I know how and that is by cooking up a storm.
This pot holds a Vegetarian Chili.

Homemade focaccia bread.

I delivered some clam chowder this morning and plan to bake a vegetarian lasagna next.

Having had pneumonia 4 times myself I think I am susceptible so I am not spending much time at the house.
Last year I was down for a month and it was weeks before I got back on my feet.
Not wanting to willingly go down that road again if I can help it.

It is difficult for me not being able to offer more help.

My days have been very quiet.
I have been very introspective and cocooning at home with the cats.

Fortunately I have been getting out for walks and just being able to air my worries has been very theraputic.
I have faith that the medicine is working and it will just take some time before they all bounce back.

I'm not sure that if I had been told that Mothers would still worry about their adult children after they left home
that I would have believed it....but it's true!

The weather has been quite wonderful.
Which has helped, even though I am gazing out the salt spotted windows.
(I must phone the window washer)

The Easter Lilies are blooming...
another one of Nature's gifts.

Woodland Native Flowers bloom in areas undisturbed by development.
The Garry Oak Meadows are a beautiful place to glimpse these wee flowers.

The city has a bounty of baskets and planters.
Victoria used to be known as "The City of Gardens."
Spring Cheer is never far away...
I am so grateful for these oases of colour.

Chester our "resident trouble maker" looking very innocent here has been climbing up the wooden slats of the blinds by my laptop trying to get closer to the birds that are nesting in our eaves...
he's pulled off the big valance and it crashed down on my head...
it must be time to close for now and give him some attention.

He is very clever when it comes to getting what he wants!

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. 
It turns what we have into enough, and more. 
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. 
It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend."

Melody Beattie


  1. Your flowers are magnificent. I am in awe. We are nowhere near having our flowers bloom. I love to write and wish I had the courage to begin a blog. However, I have not had any inspiration into what my blog would contain. My life is pretty mundane. I do, however, love following your exploits with Chester, Pepper, Mr. HB and Isla. Until I figure this out, I can be happy with my blogging friends.

    1. If you love writing blogging is a perfect venue for you to get started!
      When you see something that inspires you take notes and perhaps you can sit down for a few minutes and see what creativity might flow.
      Nothing ventured nothing gained :-))

  2. Leslie, your community of readers enjoy reading about your everyday life. I stopped back here this evening to see if there was an update on your grandchildren. And yes, we even worry about our grown children. I'm hoping the little ones in your family bounce back into good health soon!

  3. The food your are cooking looks so wonderful. I am sure your homemade goodness is helping your family heal too. I was praying for your grand babies last night as I listen to the crickets in the field through the open window. It has been exceptionally warm here this week...feels like summer. I have peace that they will be just takes time. You are doing more than you know. It is good that you are being wise not to expose yourself since you have had it so many times. ((hugs))

  4. I enjoyed looking at all your lovely photos. I just had my five year blogging anniversary and, like you, I had no idea when I started how gratifying it would be and how many wonderful people I would meet. Best wishes for the health of your family.

    1. I thought I was following your blog already, but I clearly was not, so I am now!

  5. What a blessing it must be to your family to have you provide such wonderful meals during the time when the mother is so busy. I am sure it is much appreciated.

    Chester looks so regal sitting there in all of his magnificent, just like a miniature tiger.

    I have found that you never, ever stop worrying about your children and their children, it is a fact of life, much a part of love and something you take on, perhaps unawares, when your first child is born...but what wonders it bring to us. I am sure that if still here, I will be worrying about my great-grandchildren, and also enjoying them!

  6. There is something soothing about getting out the cauldron and making soup or chilli. Our children are always our children and it seems that it is part of our maternal instinct to nourish and to care for them. Victoria is such a lovely walking city with the flowers and the water. After only one year of blogging, I find that there is a connection between many women of a certain age and that is is fun to share stories.

  7. Mine is even more pedestrian than yours,my daily life would bore folk to death. I always think that you see so many people in the course of the week and do so many things, plus all of the bits and bobs in your house are so beautiful, such as those amazing white pots above.
    I hope that as the weekend passes, everyone will be feeling a bit better at your end, it must be such a worry for you.

    1. Tabitha I feel the glamour of your life when I read your posts.
      I would never use the word mundane and you in the same sentence!

  8. You've been such an inspiration to me, L. We started blogging at a similar time and it's been wonderful to get to know you and watch your blog evolve over these years. I can relate also to what you've written about the friendships made through blogging.

    Much love

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you for those kind words SSG!
      I remember when we both got our blogs launched...and so much has with your little one and a busy life. Me now with grandbabies, slowing down and retired.
      It is all about the connections.

  9. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog-you seem a very gracious lady. And a wonderful photographer. Keep up the inspiring patter, you are helping "regular" women like myself to accept that we are fabulous, too! Wishing speedy recoveries for your family members (yes, all the grown children - they never cease to be our babies, do they?) Some day I'll get my blog up and running, reticent to begin - I see that pattern with others, also - for now I will continue to get my "humble" fix. Thank you for your lovely blog!

    Jennifer (hmmmm I don't seem to fit into any category. Horrors! I have NO identify! Must fix that.)

    1. Jennifer I would encourage you to take the plunge and write...if you have the desire that is the first step.

  10. Hoping everyone is feeling better very soon!
    Lisa S.

  11. It's always so hard to watch your family suffer. I hope they all make a quick recovery from the pneumonia. Antibiotics are a wonder drug, but sometimes it's a matter of getting the right one for the infection that's present. You are right about worrying about adult children. I hadn't realized this would be the case either. My friends with grown children all say the same thing as well.

  12. Lovely post. Hope all get well soon.

  13. I stumbled upon Melody Beattie a couple years ago and love her writing so much! She is so inspirational and grounding whenever I read her words. - Hope in Toronto

  14. Chester is my maiden name so I have a particular fondness for your cat! Gorgeous photos as always.

  15. Oh I love the name Chester too it sounds rather dignified...
    so unlike his personality, which is very naughty!

  16. Chester was the name of my childhood cat! a Silver tabby male, nurtured at a young age he grew to be huge! Of course my pops also names his bully Chester 12 years later so what can I say but It's a classic. Enjoy your blog immensely though I just discovered it. Passing on to my BF's

  17. Hope everyone is well soon.

    The foccacia looks yummy!

  18. I do hope that your grandchildren are improving in health, it is always a worry when small children are ill. I think that it's just as well when we first become mothers that we don't realise that we are going to be concerned about our children for the rest of our lives.
    It is always good to read and enjoy your blog, lovely photos, great food, warm thoughts - also a little nosiness on my part to see what things are like at the other side of the world!