Sunday, August 4, 2013

Point Ellice House, Joesph Joesph and a Weight Watchers report.

Last month I visited the historic home and garden of Point Ellice House with my BFF.
The grounds are lovely and the home is situated on the Victoria waterfront...
back when it was built ~ visitors could arrrive by boat at the dock, however my BFF and I arrived by car!

It is set in what is now an industrial area of Victoria but do not let that disuade you from visiting.
The cream tea alone is worth the trip!

We ventured out early on a Sunday morning to attend The Island Mavins Market.

Some of you may remember that I attended last year
the weather this year was much more favourable
and although I did not buy as much 
it was such fun to share it with a good friend.

 a fragrant rose 
citrus overtones
creamy perfection

wicker chairs lined up along a table 
under the tent
great for a rest and a pot of tea
and one can sit and gaze out toward the sea
glimpses of ocean peeking through the trees

lots of people came out to this event
warmth and sunshine make it easy to meander about in the garden
perusing the wares

bunting and bouquets
a colourful combo

artists and crafts people were showcasing their creations
everything from hand made soaps to quilts
to cards and clothing

vintage collectibles

all nestled snugly inside the gorgeous grounds

a vast potager was smack dab in the middle of it all

heritage hollyhocks
some seedlings were available for sale

The house and garden are linked for indoor outdoor living
by verandas and patios 

I bought this antique box to hide various cords and chargers
the techy tools that we use daily
the camera, IPhone and IPad.

On the frontier of new gadgets...
Joesph Joesph is all the rage...
this garlic rocker works like a charm.

On the Weight Watchers Front I am a few ounces short of 20 pounds lost with 5 to go....
who would have predicted that I would be able to accomplish this a year ago?
Not me.

With support anything is possible!


  1. That is a marvellous achievement. You must be thrilled feeling and looking wonderful. A perfect time for new beginnings.

  2. Congratulations on your loss of weight! I need to follow your example--and lose 25 lbs also. I would consider myself svelte then.

    I love the antique box. What a good use for it you have planned.

  3. Beautiful box and what a great idea to stash all of the "tech." Congratulations on the achievement with WW! I've found it really has given me wonderful tools to help maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  4. What a lovely outing! Your little corner of the world is certainly lovely and full of interesting things to do.

    And congratulations on your WW success. I have been up and down. While on vacation, I ignored the rules and paid the price. Your posting has given me the push to get back on track. It is easy to ignore the rules when you are doing it on-line and weighing yourself in. Accountability is key.

  5. Hostess the market looks beautiful What a perfect day ,the weather is glorious and love the antique box you picked up.on the ww front congrats ,what a great achievement.You must be very proud! Please let us know a typical day and what you eat. I keep on falling off the wagon.Any helpful hints you might want to share would be appreciated! thankyou

  6. Wow! on the WW front -- I'm beginning to think I should follow your example. You're certainly inspiring!

  7. Point Ellice House is eerily beautiful, isn't it? It's supposed to be one of the haunted places in Victoria. I will have to look up that sale and put it on my calendar for next year, as I love going to wander through the rooms and in the garden. Congratulations on the WW success! I am struggling for the first 10 lb mark and this weekend has been a huge challenge! Still one dinner party to get through!

  8. You deserved that good -looking antique box for your success at the WW! Congratulations!
    The market place looks very inviting, which is important for those selling their products!

  9. Gold star for your weight loss.

  10. You have made great progress with WW and you will achieve your 25 lb. goal. I respect you for your perseverance. I really need to make the commitment and go to WW. It's about 2 blocks from my apartment. I need a group experience and positive feedback to keep going. The market looks great. I am volunteering at a Garlic Festival so I might be interested in the Joseph Joseph.

  11. Congratulations on your WW progress. I seem to remember you going to the Island Mavens fair last year, too, and thinking it would be a good thing to attend. But, alas, it passed by again. As Pondside mentioned, it would best to put it on my calendar NOW for next year.

  12. Dear hostess
    I'm an avid reader of your blog. I'm 58 years old, married for 40 years this year and have a 26 year old son. I love your blog and look forward to each new post . Like you I have embarked on a journey to lose weight. I didn't join weight watchers buy made a commitment to cut down may portion size and walk 30mins a day 4 to 5 times a week on April the 8th this year. I have no idea how much I've lost as I haven't weighed myself since my 40th birthday. ( I've only really gained this weight in the last 18 months ). I know I've lost a lot of weight as my old clothes fit me again and my newer pants are falling off me. I decided I didn't want the health issue's that being overweight and middle aged brings. Your journey has been inspiring and I really look forward to hear and see how your coping with age. Love seeing the places you visit in your neighbourhood. I'm sorry for your recent loss.
    Kind Regards
    PS: I live in Australia To be precise in a suburb of Adelaide South Australia