Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Green and Simple...snippets of a day.

Green is such a soothing shade...
found in nature
from lime to forest ~ and all the others in between.

It is difficult for me to favour one green,
so naturally, I embrace all the greens!

English peas
 tender and sweet 
ripe from the vine.

Isla loves these peas!

Simple green fern fronds in our Bungalow bathroom.

Green and White 
a crisp combo 
 reminds me of
our school colours at Oak Bay High!

limelight hydrangea

The humble bungalow zucchini harvest...
 I have made this recipe since we started growing zucchini years ago 
~ simple and tasty ~

Cut zucchini in half, scoop out the centre and chop finely.
Dice a small onion
crush a few garlic cloves
add about 1/4 cup of Panko crumbs
1/4 cup parmesan
Mix together and season with salt, pepper and a few red pepper flakes.
Stuff zucchini and dot the top with a few blobs of butter
Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes to an hour until the zucchini is fork tender.

 ~Hint ~ 
I try to cut it so the zucchini sits flat in the pan.

Yummy goodness
low in WW Points and is great cold the next day for a quick lunch!

The Humble Bungalow Herb Garden is thriving in the tool box...
sitting atop the chair that I "found" on the boulevard for free.
I painted it black just 'cuz that's the way I like it...

it's a luxury to pop out the door with my shears and snip off some fresh mint or rosemary 
to add to some newly boiled and buttered spuds
 or add to an organic roast chicken.
Herbs elevate cuisine in so many ways, 
they add dimension...
 simple and fresh...
and they have no caloric value.

This hanging basket was a thrifty purchase and it has performed like a superstar all summer.
Happy to bloom with a drink of water and sunny skies.

The morning has brought with it
  warmth and sunshine
I am loving this weather.

It's the simple things that keep me on an even keel.

How is your week shaping up?


  1. The tool box and chair are utterly beautiful.

  2. Hanging plants always remind me of my father-in-law. He has loads of them on his porch.
    I do love green in all shades and plan on wearing it a lot this fall and winter.

    My week is not so hot so far...but I am hopeful it will improve. Crossing fingers!

  3. this is a week that could be stressful, but so far is not. Construction delays and decisions, medical appointments, that sort of stress. Maybe I'm in a "big picture" phase, but I'm feeling calm and content. Oh, and it's really green in my part of the world, not like August at all, but verdant and lush. I love your herb box!

  4. Love the herb garden toolbox - it's a kitchen toolbox of the very best sort! Yes, there is much to enjoy these summer days.

  5. What a darling herb garden and so convenient! The zucchini looks delicious, I make something similar but I add a few chopped tomatoes, like yours it is always a hit, the panko crumbs would be a great addition. Thank you.

  6. Your herb "garden" is a lovely idea. I have been trying to think of a way to grow herbs without having to cultivate a part of our very mosquito-infested back yard. A box on the porch is just the thing! And it could be brought indoors to winter-over. Now I'm excited!

  7. Green English peas are my favourite! I love zucchini and fresh herbs. I just had haddock and salad at my mum's and so enjoyed the fresh herbs from a simple wooden box.

  8. So fresh the green fern in your bathroom,green always makes the white seem whiter if that is possible...

  9. I got home from work last night, read your blog, realized I had zucchini and all the ingredients in my fridge and made your recipe. It was delicious and I will be making it again often! Thanks, Hostess. Violet.

  10. Love your limelight hydrangeas - so beautiful. I do have an herb garden which is doing too well. Will have to be making various pestos to use them all up I think.