Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OOTD on laundry day....and bloggers.

Our house guests have left and I am spending the morning doing laundry and generally tidying up.
It is a slow mo kind of day here in The Humble Bungalow.

I've had the kettle on several times to make tea.
Played with the cats as they got into the act of "helping" me change the bedding in the guest room.
I have a scratch on my ankle from Chester when he pounced out from under the bed to attack me.
It required antiseptic and a bandaid so as not to bleed all over the carpet.

The downstairs storage area is a catch all for donations and out of season items so I gave it a lick and a promise...
packed up 2 bags for the charity shops in the Volvo ready for the next time I am close to their donation bins.

Adrienne inspired me to pick some hydrangeas today after reading her blog post.



dabs of blue

looks like a flower within a flower

"The Secret Life of Flowers" 
sounds like a book title...

I'm wearing the white Talbots shirt that I saved from the donation bag at the last minute
I think it was a good decision because when Mr. HB came home he said
"you look nice."

these are fun freshwater pearls

 perfect for a home day when one wants to feel great 
while tending to the daily
 Keeping house is hard work and I think it's worth taking pride in...

materfamilias had some thoughts on "women of a certain age" showing what they wear 
and it got me thinking...
why do I do it when I have hardly any clothes that fit me now...
at WW today I weighed in and the scale showed I was down another 1.2 pounds
less than 4 pounds to go to reach my goal.

~ ~ ~

Pinched myself when I saw the recent post wedding image on Privilege
So delighted to see Lisa's wedding dress...
if it were not for her I would not be blogging.
Thank you again...

 Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

~ ~ ~

Back to reality here in The Humble Bungalow.
Floors need to be swept, dishes need to be washed and life ticks on as the Westminster clock chimes.

"I make no secret of the fact that I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it. 
But you have to be efficient if you're going to be lazy."
 ~ Shirley Conran ~


  1. That's why I could never have a cat! I prefer the plodding love of old Fido, I'd end up bullied if I had a cat I just know it.

  2. You go girl!! 1.2 pounds - woot!!

  3. You're almost there! Your Shirley Conran quote sounds like my mother. I like the white with blue hydrangea. I tried your zucchini recipe for lunch. I will make it again.

  4. I just love the white and blue hydrangea, i have never seen this variety here in Belgium, do you know the name of this one ?
    have a lovely day

  5. I love seeing your hydrangeas! And, your pearls are lovely.

  6. Thanks for the link, Hostess. You're actually a good example of integrating OOTD posts with a real sense of a life the clothes fit into, emotions and all. And I think it's been interesting that you manage to keep the OOTD exemplary of your style even when your closet is being evacuated because of weight loss. Your style is remarkably consistent and you inspire many.
    btw, I recently saw a Facebook update by a friend whose long-time cat bit her, requiring a stitch! Yikes! I'm looking at my girl nervously as she's always been a bit feral . . . ;-)

  7. I have a sad cat story to tell. After a lifetime of enjoying cats as pets (one of our cats lived to be 17 years old!), we had a cat debacle. We adopted a lovely calico kitten (about 3 months old) at a humane society shelter. I had lots of choices when I made the adoption--they had a LOT of kittens. The one I chose was darling. She asked me to take her home-and so I did. All was well for about six weeks. We lavished attention on her, fed her well. She seemed happy. Then, gradually, things seemed to change. She became quite feral. (She was an indoor cat.) She began attacking us--and worse yet, visitors to our home. She drew blood. It was serious. I took her to the vet and we stared a number of measures--everything from lots of toys to keep her busy to kitty tranquilizers to calm her mood. We started boarding her at the vet when we had guests coming. It was that bad. Finally, I began to realize that I was spending all of my time in our bedroom with the door closed because I was afraid of our cat!

    I called the Humane Society and related our experience. They told mer to bring her back. They assured me that they were a no kill facility and would work with the cat to help her and find her a suitable home. We delivered her back to them, with all of her many toys, and a generous donation for their facility. I felt very guilty and like a pet owner failure.

  8. Love your look for keeping house. Never would have thought of wearing pearls. But now i will. I'm so impressed with your WW progress. I was thinking of quitting. I can't seem to be obsessive about blogging and food. You take beautiful time for food and I wind up having peanut butter on toast. You win and inspire. I agree with your about Lisa. She was my inspiration also. Wasn't that just the most elegant and beautiful wedding? I loved that they went out for Chinese food afterward.

  9. I agree about keeping one's home looking clean, fresh and beautiful. I actually like the work, but I do think it's a lot harder work than most people imagine. And much more creative! You've once more reminded me to dress up a bit at home. Today I'm wearing mocha cotton sheeting capris, a mocha and white striped top from Boden (love their striped tops) and...bronze-purple pearls!

  10. Your hydrangeas look so lovely...beautiful colors. I wish I could manage your elegant domestic look ~ I am afraid that my everyday look at home is a mish-mash and when I garden...well, I get so dirty that overalls are the only possible answer. You are definitely inspiring me to try and move it up a notch.

  11. I love Hydrangeas! They're just so exuberant!! Your OOTD's are lovely. They feel like a true representation of your elegance and style. As Mater said, you do inspire with your chic creativity. The way you share your life with us all is lovely and always an enjoyable read. PS...I do housework in pearls too!

  12. Well hello beautiful Hostess! And look what you've done with your humble blog:). Quite something. I am honored to have encouraged you and Sandra - such stellar examplars.

    Your hydrangeas, BTW, are wonderful.