Friday, August 16, 2013

My recipe for relaxation...

I don't know how you handle stress and fatigue.
Some people swear by aerobic exercise and others like myself want to cuddle up, keep warm and cocoon.

Having gone through many stressful patches in my life I feel that I can offer some advice...
well maybe not advice, just what has worked for me personally.

A wise woman told me that she turns off the TV, lights a scented candle and goes to bed early after a warm soak in the tub, with a mug of tea, a chocolate bar and a stack of magazines!

Doesn't this sound delicious?

I find a soak in the tub so restorative.
There is something so soothing about lying in the hot water eyes closed with negative thoughts floating away
as the scent and softness of bath salts work their magic.

I have a recipe that I love to make that I want to share with you...
because I believe that women need to stick together in times of trouble.
(and in times of peace, let's be honest we need to embrace our friendships and support each other in this world)

Behold the salts!
White fluffy towels are a luxe staple here in The Humble Bungalow.

My "soaker tub" a deep claw foot that I can recline in...

I love geranium, clary sage, neroli and rose blended together.
It is Bliss in a jar!

I do not own a bed jacket like my Mother had when I was growing up...
(her's was quilted pink satin and I thought it was so elegant)
so this striped terry top works well
(Joe Fresh)
it keeps me warm while I sit up in bed perusing the magazines and sipping my tea...
which at night is decaf and you'll have to trust me there are no chocolates in sight!

While I do love a good quality chocolate I much prefer potatoes!
It must be my Irish background...
seriously if I need comfort food I make potatoes.

In a heavy pan like my Le Crueuset
saute in a wee bit of butter
sliced onions, a few pieces of leftover carrots and potatoes quartered.

Cook over medium heat until hot.

Season with a fresh grating of pepper and a tiny bit of salt.

I am not under any particular stress at the moment
I am aware that there are quite a few bloggers out there 
who are currently "under the weather" for various reasons.

If you have a few moments please share with us how you handle times of stress...
what do you do?

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. There is stress.....and then there is stress! Sometimes positive stress is hard to handle too. Thanks for the recipe - you know, I've never tried to make my own salts. My recipe for stress relief, though, is a lot like yours. There are times when a good brisk walk is a stress-buster too.

  2. I agree with you that water is a great relaxant...either a shower or a nice soak. For me exercise is also good and I try to incorporate it on a daily basis. My new thing: meditation, so far it is going well and is really enriching my life. The bathing salts sound lovely...I will have to make some.

  3. A cozy bed with a book, lavender, a warm bath, something cozy to put on, a walk or a chat with friends are all good for relaxing..

  4. For stress and anxiety, nothing beats exercise for me, it just soaks up all of that damaging cortisol and resets my breathing, depression is another matter, when it comes calling, I cannot peel myself off the sofa for love nor money.

  5. I have suffered from depression in the form of " dolores universalis " all my life, later on it turned to extreme anxiety.
    It is under control now, thanks for the long therapy I went through, so I lead a pretty stressless life - at last.
    If I feel signs of any anxiety, the best cure is to start doing physical work of some kind. I do lean towards my furry friends too. In their presence, my anxiety fades away..
    Stress is different, I don´t think I´ve actually experienced that often, so I don´t have any personal tips to give ( :

  6. For me, the best defense against stress (of the baaaad sort) is a meditative walk in the countryside or woods. Or gardening. Or reading a passage from a book that has personal meaning. I don't find food or strenuous exercise or a soothing bath are the best antidotes to stress. But it's good to find what works best for one's very own self. We're all composed of so much history, experience, and circumstance, plus biology, that our defenses are going to be idiosyncratic as well. Thanks for writing about this.

  7. This seems to be a common topic these days! What soothes me most is picking up a decorating book (looking at Suzanne Kasler's book now) and floating away into another house for a while. A cappucino works well or a square of chocolate.

    On another topic--you look wonderful!! You look so well in your profile picture, younger, fresher and healthier! You have that glow that comes with the satisfaction of conquering something bit--losing weight successfully! Bravo!!! So happy for you!

  8. When I feel a lot of stress, I turn to my IPod which has my favorite songs on it. All are fast and make me want to move. I get by myself, lock my bedroom door, put my earbuds in and turn that IPod up on high volume. Then I just dance my heart out for however long it takes for me to feel better and upbeat. While I am dancing, I daydream. I'm sure this might sound silly to most people, but it works for me.

  9. You're wonderful for thinking of other stressed bloggers. I love the bath salts recipe (It's very unpopular but I confess I don't fancy potatoes)and will definitely put that to good use.

  10. I find the ocean to be my help in stress. Walking along the beach in the sunshine. Walking or sitting on the beach in a storm. Both work for me. A storm that is full and lashing is my favorite - it seems to whip all that stress right out of me. The majesty of a storm puts things in perspective for me too. I'm lucky to live near the ocean in NW Washington.