Sunday, August 18, 2013

Demitasse...a local gem.

Demitasse is a local gem.
They serve delicious, salads, sweets and fabulous coffee and tea. You can pop in for a quart of milk, a loaf of bread, stock up on some deli items or buy imported foods and condiments...and if that is not enough there is a gardener's dream just outside where one can peruse the plants from a bench or a table as one sips a coffee.
The plants are displayed with an artistic eye...mixing textures and colours to show off their beauty.

I rarely leave empty handed!

So come along with me as I snapped some pictures this week and see if you agree...

the pot is made by a local craftsman
I love the effect of the ribbing and the colour together with these plants

wall plantings are popping up all over town and I love how these add interest

siiting here in the sunshine is so relaxing
I enjoyed a cup of tea and a spinach salad with beets and orange segments

Hardy hibiscus...
I chatted with a woman who related the story of how her friend had planted one in the garden that took two seasons before it came into flower
 only one bloom
and she gave it to this woman who was her friend and had recently lost her husband
I felt an immediate kinship with this gardener
who BTW bought this plant for her own garden.

my love of limelight hydrangeas never wanes

lovely colours and textures in this pot!

looking north at all the plants as we weave our way to the back of the nursery

they carry a stock of unusual specimens

I covet this concrete pot

frilly and frothy 

Demitasse offers a huge collection of great plants to tempt the gardener
the thing is that I could use a little help with restraint!

again that great appealing combination of white and green

more limelights

be still my beating heart!

who doesn't love a topiary?

I hope my Flax grows this tall

Hmm I do like this...

I bought a spikey grass that has mauve flowers 
which is currently on the front porch
as I have yet to find a place in The Humble Bungalow Garden
to plant it!

Please go and visit Demitasse if you find yourself in Oak Bay
you'll be rewarded with stunning visuals and a healthy and tasty experience.

Be Well


  1. What a fabulous store, so many great and rare plants ~ wish I lived near.

    1. It's quite close to where I live and my car seems to know the way...often I find that I am there without planning to be!

  2. I've been to Demitasse many times! I used to work in Oak Bay and stopped there often. Just sitting on the patio is wonderful, and the food!! Delicious. Great memories there.

    1. Hi Jo-Anne...
      do you still live in Victoria?
      Would you like to meet at The Demitasse for a coffee?
      If so please send me an email.

  3. What a wonderful place! To be able to have a nice meal and shop for wonderful plants would be fun. Yesterday, we went to a rural nursery called Blue Moon Gardens and followed that up with lunch at a restaurant called The Shed. Both establishments in rural East Texas, close to our farm. I love it when a nursery is interesting enough to be a destination in itself. It appears like Demitasse is that kind of place, as is Blue Moon. Thank you to these merchants for making shopping an enjoyable experience.

    1. I love the names of those merchants...they evoke a beautiful image in my mind.
      Would love to see some pictures...

  4. The amount of flowers makes me feel dizzy ; ). Sigh. You are an expert with not only roses, but other flowers too.
    Not forgetting your skills in the kitchen!