Friday, August 9, 2013

Healthy Eating number 877

I have received a few requests asking what I eat on Weight Watchers.
First I need to clarify that WW is NOT a diet but a lifestyle change.
Technically no food is off limits...but every food has a point count and you are alloted a number of points that you stay within every day if you want to lose weight, so it's up to you.

I really like the flexibility of the plan.

The plan has trained me to make healthier food choices and to add exercise into my daily routine.
I did not want to join a gym as I have done that in the past and gave up my membership not once,
but several times which is a total waste of money.
Nor did I consider buying expensive exercise equipment as we have a very small bungalow and the only spot would be in my hobby room and that would be a very tight I chose walking.
It's free, I can vary the route, and then there's the bonus of the fresh air!
I can run errands in the neighbourhood while walking and stop to chat with neighbours and greet passers by,
or opt to walk with a friend and chat along the way.

Having those basics out of the way...
you asked what I eat in a day.

My breakfast varies  ~ often I have an egg scrambled with steamed vegetables.

Fat free yogurt with fruit and a small topping of nuts... is my favourite.

Salad is the easiest lunch for me...
Kale or spinach and assorted veggies and some protein.

I love the Bolthouse yogurt dressings...
they taste great and are low in points!

I eat a modest amount of protein
a larger amout of salad or vegetables
and a smallish portion of starch...

Dining out usually means a few extra points so fish is my "go to" entree ~ fortunately I love salmon.
I'll ask for extra steamed veggies instead of fries or saucy starchy sides and I never order anything fried!
I push the bread basket out of reach,
enjoy a salad and opt for the salad dressing on the side.
I will have one or two bites of a dessert but only if someone else orders it and wants to share.
I'll enjoy one or two glasses of wine.
If I know ahead of time that I am going out I will eat fewer points for breakfast and lunch so that I know I can enjoy dinner and not go over my points.

I try to eat sensible snacks everyday and fruits like apples are best for mid afternoon and I'll add a small cube of cheese or a tablespoon of peanut butter or hummus.

I like to eat foods that are fresh, locally grown
and in season.
Bright colours attract me and I love to mix up different foods to appeal to the eye as well and the appetite.

Fresh herbs add flavour without adding points.

I love harvesting food from the garden...
our home grown tomatoes smell great and taste delicious picked right off the plant!

The peas rarely make it inside The Humble Bungalow as they make a sweet treat when outside gardening...
we have snap and English peas which are also a favourite snack of our grand-daughter Isla!

In our back garden we are currently growing zucchini, spaghetti squash, mustard greens, beets, potatoes and asparagus.
The asparagus season has been over for a few months and our plants are too young to harvest yet...
next year!

I hope this sheds a bit of light on the WW regime and I would encourage anyone wanting to lose weight and get fit to join WW attend the meetings and weigh in weekly. Tracking points keeps you accountable and the gals that you meet at WW are very knowledgeable, understanding and supportive. The leaders have all previously been members who have lost weight using the program so they know only too well the challenges that we newbies face.

Have you got a fabulous weekend planned?

It's more painting here in The Humble Bungalow...

things are looking good Mr. HB!

 really looking forward to sitting outside on our deck...

in the meantime...
 we have been enjoying sitting on the front porch.

Have you got a home project underway?
I don't know about you but I love puttering around the house...
it's so rewarding.

Trying new recipes helps keep my repertoire energized...
a new no knead bread ciabatta recipe was actioned yesterday
 I took pictures and will post soon when I get the chance.

Take care,


  1. All of your meals look so tantalizing! I wish I had more time to cook, but I did just enjoy a baby arugula salad with a poached egg on top for a nice low-point dinner (with a glass of white wine bien sur). I've also been enjoying all of the seasonal fruits. Cantaloupe is beginning to hit peak season and has been delicious this week.

    1. Your dinner sounds delicious!
      I've been tempted to buy the summer salad publication on the newstands as it has main dish salads that look quick and easy. Perfect dinner fare for busy weeknights...perhaps you've seen it?

  2. I too can vouch for WW as a very helpful way to get on track again. Our food choices seem very much alike. I like colour and crunch, so lots of veggies for me too!

  3. This is exactly how I've eaten for the last 19 years, I have to stay focused like this to keep the weight off, it would be nice to be naturally slim wouldn't it?
    Yes, new house projects on the go, my cushions got stolen, they use them as bags to carry the loot in and my silk throw was covered in blood, so this weekend I'm picking new fabric for both and fabrics for curtains which were also blood soaked. Onwards!

    1. Hi Tabitha, I read your blog and am always inspired when you post your "outfit" pictures. You always look fantastic. I find it hard to believe that you were a FFG.
      Sorry to hear about the recent break in, hope they catch the rats.

    2. Thanks Linda, my weight battle is ongoing but stil worth it to me, though I dream of old age, smocks and huge plates of food!

    3. Naturally slim would be wonderful Tabitha. The stuff of many a dream.

      It sounds like your recent home invasion is far worse than I imagined.
      I hope the insurance agents are treating you fairly and offering some kind of reparation and remuneration. Wish you lived closer so I could prop you up with a fortifying beverage and a meal.

  4. You look fantastic and are a great ad for weight loss. Well done.

    I was wondering if you noticed any problem with saggy skin ,especially on upper arms after the loss and even on the facial skin. I have found both and it is not pleasant but I accept it is better to be healthy than vain in this case. This may not be an issue for everyone who drops weight.

    1. Yes, my skin is showing a few wrinkles especially near my mouth. My doctor assures me that shedding weight and getting fit is much healthier for my heart. He assists on the open heart team so I respect his professional advice.

  5. The food on your plates looks like gourmet food. Healthy and delicious.
    However, knowing myself, I would not like to count the points and pay so much attention to what I eat.
    Too lazy for that. And oddly the Weight Watchers ceased to exist in Finland this year.
    Cseer to you progress!

    1. You look trim and fit. I doubt whether you would ever need to start counting points or think about food in this way. It is working for me so I will continue on this path. Once you get into the rhythm it is not an onerous task.
      Perhaps the Finns are trimmer than those of us in North America so WW had only a few customers!

    2. We have the over-weight problem here too. A really bad one. We are right after you here in Finland.
      So, it really is a mystery why the WW fled away.

  6. Hostess,Thankyou for sharing your tips.The fresh food looks delicious! Going to the market today and stocking up ,this way I will be off to a good start. Also I agree with you taking walks is a wonderful way of getting in some exercise and enjoying the fresh air. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on my progress. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Hostess, for what it's worth, you now eat and exercise almost as exactly as I do. The difference being that since I'm not losing weight, I have a little more starch/fat/sugar at lunchtime. I think you will find this wholly sustainable for a lifetime, and will enjoy the lightness it brings. Congratulations on making a change so deeply desired.

  8. Your food choices look very much like my everyday eating pattern. although I don't weigh anything and may therefore be consuming far too much! I tend towards a fat free diet to avoid becoming ill and drink goats' milk and eat spelt bread, both these things being much kinder on the digestive system. It is a lifestyle choice, not a diet, and it seems to keep me at an acceptable weight and away from the surgeon's knife!