Monday, August 19, 2013

About last weekend...OOTD and a milestone birthday.

Our weekend was jam packed with fun...
on Friday evening we had our BFF's over for a casual dinner.

I love the joy of sharing a simple meal with friends
entertaining that is comfortable and enjoyable for the Host and Hostess.

having the table set ahead of the arrival of the guests makes sense to me
I pour the water over the lemon wedges in the glasses to allow for the flavour of the lemon to infuse with the water
there is a full pitcher with lemons on the sideboard for refills

the roses are putting on a great showing this summer
it must be all the glorious sunshine

I tried a new recipe
which was very tasty
and easy to make.

Mr. HB grilled the steaks while I boiled up some baby new potatoes 
which I then topped with a blob of sweet butter, chopped mint leaves and a grinding of fresh pepper.
I served the steaks with sauteed mushrooms, steamed green beans and red pepper slices
The star of this meal was definitely the sauce...

cilantro was the main attraction

I harvested some rhubarb and actioned a crisp
served warm with some coconut Bliss

 these two flavours together are a match made in heaven

The next morning bright and early we drove up island
to look at a boat.

deck shoes
Distressed boyfriend jeans
(Vera Wang)
Striped jacket
(Joes Fresh)

a smaller boat might be in our future
we thought we could stop boating 
but after a summer with no boat 
we realized that the sea is so much a part of our life and our history together
we have owned boats for the past 25 years and Mr. HB had a speedboat when we first met.

I was a guest on my BFF's family's boat when I first met Mr. HB
most of our friends are boaters...
in fact our BFF's recently downsized to a smaller boat 
and we were feeling rather sad that we would not be joining them as we get along so well.

Mr. HB has been on the ocean since he was a baby
and Mr. HB is celebrating his 60th birthday this week.
That's a lot of time spent messing about in boats!

(Happy Birthday Honey!)

we went out for lunch 

fabulous flower baskets line the railings

grilled pineapple ring
topped with warm butter lettuce
coconut prawns with mango salsa
Weight Watcher's Point friendly too...

later in the afternoon we had a ride on a small ferry

the ocean was rippled and a warm breeze was blowing

my fingers are crossed that we are back on the ocean soon

now it's time to sit and relax
and soak in the sun's rays

some are better than others at the art of relaxation
cats seem to be at home anywhere there is a soft surface
this new door mat has been adopted by Pepper!

Hope your week is off to a great start...


  1. Have a great week and "un très joyeux anniversaire" to Mr HOTHB !

  2. Cute boat shoes! That pineapple shrimp dish looks wonderful. I need to try making that. Good idea.

  3. Happy birthday to your husband! Sounds like a boat may be part of the celebration : > Thanks for sharing the food and fun with Visible Monday.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr. HB! I hope you're able to find a nice boat that's easy to take care of but still provides the ocean time you crave.

  5. It sounds as though you really need to be on the water! Your striped top and shoes are so nautical! Perhaps Mr HB needs a special gift for a special birthday??

  6. Wishing Mr. HB a very happy birthday!! What beautiful images!!
    Have a super week!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr H,and wishing him many more years of happy boating.

  8. Happy birthday to Mr. HB!
    Sounds like a very fun weekend.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday to your husband !
    Maybe a boat is what your husband wishes to have.
    But then, you need to get to Paris for your 60th birthday!

  10. What a lovely time and such yummy looking food. Hope you find the boat of your dreams.

  11. Nice to meet you! Please tell you husband Happy Birthday from all the oldsters ... he's almost a grown-up!
    Lovely photos of your celebration table, and the boat! Very cute boat shoes!

  12. Do you regret selling your boat? I love being on the ocean too, and miss it from years of Martha's Vineyard summers, but I'm enjoying the freedom of our summers now, and the ability to go where we wish. Happy Birthday to Mr. HB.

    1. No regrets Kathy. We loved and adored that vintage classic for about 20 years and now it is time for one that takes less manitenance! Fibreglass and newer, speedier too...fingers crossed it will happen.
      We are very happy when are able to get out on the water.