Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A practical ~ casual OOTD...August attire.

My OOTD ~ walking attire...
rather unremarkable.

I have recently been on a de-cluttering binge and have donated several bags of too large and baggy clothes to the Hospice Thrift Shop.

My loss is someone else's gain...
please pardon the pun!

Walking gear:
grey Cool Max capri's
white tank 
 (H and M)
Mondetta light weight jacket
sunscreen ~ Alba 45 SPF
Perrier bottle

 Roots leather cross body bag for walking

I am amazed what I can fit into this wee bag
prescription glasses
debit and credit cards
cash and coin
a tissue
prepared for a garage sale or a stop at the shops

I walk past this stone garage regularly
this must have taken someone hours of meticulous work ~ just imagine the dedication to this vision
the street numbers are visible just under the peak of the roof
I love the red door and the geraniums spilling forth from the planter
not to forget the grassy rooftop

the fence is built out of the same rock

the vegetable patch is large and impressive

there is even a lighthouse!

the "green roof" looks a wee bit dry
I suppose our watering restrictions prohibit roof top watering...

many people let their lawns go brown
our back lawn is dry in patches
but our wee tuft of grass out front of The Humble Bungalow is healthy and lush

Regular sprinklering helps keep this grass green.

Many homeowners opt for xeriscaped gardens
lawns are a thing of the past and they are replaced by rocks or gravel with drought tolerant plants.

This home has always captured my fancy
it feels a little out of place in our neighbourhood
and it might be more "at home" in the southern states.

This arts and crafts bungalow has just had a makeover...
new paint in a flattering shade of taupe.
It was dark brown and rather dull until the past few weeks when it has been reborn anew
like a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis. 

Daisies are so cheerful.

This home has great bones...and a beautiful garden.

Speaking of beautiful...
I ate every tasty morsel of this WW Points friendly dinner.
We shared a lovely evening with our besties as we sat on the deck at the marina in Sidney.
We were celebrating their recent purchase of a new boat...
which has us thinking that our boating days may not be over.

Meet Sam
he's 5 years old and rather handsome,
my sister will be training and riding him in the local equestrian events.
Mother and I went out to feed him some fresh carrots and apples
before taking tea on the deck in the Highlands this week.

The wind is brisk this evening and the wind chimes sound like a riotous drumming band.
I'm sipping a glass of chardonnay after clearing up the dishes
after a walk with Mr. HB to drop off a Santa Montefiore book to Mother.

I am looking forward to spending a quiet day in the garden tomorrow...
I bought some late summer veggie starter packs and will be getting dirty in my garden.

Hope that your week is chock full of good things.


  1. The hospice shop is one of my favourites, and I love seeing some of the pretty houses along Cook St. Hasn't this been the best summer?

    1. I am loving this weather!
      It can stay like this until fall as far as I am concerned.

  2. I'd love to live on Faithful Street - just for the name!
    Your walking outfit is very smart - good for you for keeping it up! I hoped you waved as you drove by in the Highlands!

    1. I'll let you know if I see any homes for sale on would be most appropriate!

  3. Look at you! You look wonderful. Well done for sticking with Weight Watchers.


  4. Beautiful post today! I love the stone wall. And, your walking outfit is a lot like mine.

  5. Hi Hostess
    Your looking really fabulous The gardens in your neighbourhood are lovely.

  6. You look so fashionable in your walking clothes, I am afraid that I have been put to shame, I usually just throw on an old tee shirt and pants, you have inspired me to move it up a notch.

  7. A horse! I had to look twice ; ). Looking very calm and adult, though only 5! Wishing luck to your sister!
    Great to see more arts and crafts bungalows and their gardens. Thank you for the tour!

  8. Enjoyed sharing your walk,so many interesting houses.Understand why you always dress well for your walks,you would laugh if you saw me,old chinos/tee hair tie back, still only the birds/bees notice me!!!!

    1. Leslie would have a double laugh if I joined you Judith, same-ish style over here ; )!

  9. Your outfits look so natural and effortless. That's a compliment. I like the little Roots bag. I love to look at neighbourhood gardens.

  10. Your week looks awesome. So many interesting things to look at on your walk. Always good to have a clean out. We will be ready for a spring clean out soon and be ready to pull out the capri pants and sandals. Yippeee!!

  11. I love your outfit and even more because its principle pieces came from Costco! That's my kind of shopping. Just goes to show, its not where you shop its how you put things together. I like the subtle tones so much. Your photography is wonderful. Are all these from your iphone? My phone isn't half as reliable. Or maybe it's the photographer ....

    1. These are from my IPhone...I hardly use my digital camera except at home or in the garden.
      You might consider opting for an IPhone next time you need to upgrade...they are quite indispensible.

  12. You live on a lovely street. That bungalow reminds me of my former turn of the (previous) century home. Now I reside in a ranch style. :(