Tuesday, August 6, 2013

OOTD ~ Casual BOHO ~ Hostess Style

Do you ever feel like you want to dress in a carefree hippy dippy way?
Feeling somewhat artsy or a bit Bohemian?

I've observed many women at our local Farmer's Market
dressed in tie dyed maxi dresses,
hair flowing and casual Birkenstock sandals...
Interesting woven baskets spilling over with a colourful array of healthy vegetables.

I think I am too conservative and too advanced in age to get away with this look,
I'd feel a bit of a fraud....like I was trying to reconnect with my youth.

I feel that dressing is a reflection of my personality so I must be genuine about my image.
(Even my dirty gardening clothes show the real me!)

I often get the urge to throw caution to the wind and be a bit more daring...
a bit more of a carefree spirit.

Here is my take on that vibe...

Chalet linen top
Jackpot pants
 H and M tank top

I love the design of this asymmetrical top with the loose front detail
It's from Sunday's Snowflakes in Cordova Bay at Mattick's Farm.
The Jackpot pants are also from their store.

Mattick's Farm a great spot to shop if you haven't already been there...
a green grocer
garden centre
wine shop
card and gift shops
mini golf
and a gallery.

 "Something More" 
a ladies clothing store has recently opened
it's a great addition to the mall
focusing on natural fabrics.

 Adrienne's Tea Garden 
is a perfect place to recoupe after an afternoon of retail therapy!

Abalone shell buttons add a bit of interest
and the bangles are getting another day out!

These earrings were made by my friend Peggy Turmer
at least 15 years ago 
 I still love the design.
Interesting jewelry is a great way to add flair to any outfit.

 I apologize for this shot as it is a wee bit blurry but you get to see the whole outfit.
My hair is overdue for a cut and my hairdresser is on her summer holidays
so it will be a few more days...

When it comes to jumping out of your safety net...how do you dress?
Do you feel a bit like you are pushing the fashion envelope?

Have a great week!


  1. Very nice...I love the earrings. I agree with you jewelry adds so much to an outfit.

  2. You would be right at home here in Northern California - not even an iota too hippy for us! And I think it looks good on you, the more artsy style.

  3. It's really a lovely summer style. I veer toward what I call "minimalist boho" style these days, and think as long as you keep it simple it can be an ageless style.

  4. I like to jump our of my comfort zone every once in a while. We're off to an anniversary dinner at the Royal Colwood this coming Friday and I've bought the sort of dress that doesn't always attract me - fitted, very colourful with a low back and a strand of beads that dips across the back. Will I have the courage to wear it? We'll see.

  5. It's probably a bit boring, but I stay pretty much within my style. I don't like to many things going on in my outfits. No bling, no dangling, no ruffle. But do give me a pretty scarf and I am all over it. I guess, that shows my wild side. :)

  6. I prefer staying in my comfort zone; not wishing to shock people with what I wear. I have very few clothes and wish to keep it as such, as it feels so good.
    I might buy something " different ", but then it has to mix with what I already have. Boring? Perhaps.

  7. I love to wear maxi dresses, but solid colors, no tie-die or ruffles. I'll pair it with a colorful summer weight jacket from Chicos.
    love your outfit!

  8. I am 61, and while I have no desire to look younger, I would not hesitate to wear a tied dyed maxie dress, etc. I love the BOHO look and think it can be adapted for any age.

  9. I'd love to dress a bit more daring, but I don't. I'm getting tired of my "uniform" though and am ready to branch out a bit. Your linen top looks wonderfully chic and utterly suitable for this time of year.

  10. Love this outfit on you. The earrings are a great touch. A bit boho is fun, but I would be minus anything tye-dyed and Birkenstocks. A maxi is great but with a more feminine pair of sandals and of course lovely painted toes.

    1. Stay with your pretty sandals and flip flops which look so dainty and feminine, Birkenstocks stay in the house for me or they can go camping. Boho seems to look good on really tall willowy types, I did try this look as I admire it on others but when I looked at photos of myself I just looked a bit like orphan Annie! I like your linen looks teamed with pants. Can't go wrong with linen. Tonkath

  11. Our Queensland summers are ridiculously hot and humid so that is when I throw caution to the wind and wear light maxi dresses and a pair of colorful Birkenstocks. Tourists probably find us extremely casual in summer but honestly it gets so hot one just wants to be comfortable.
    Wintertime finds me venturing out in a more 'put together' outfit.

  12. The nearest to boho for me is my new Sofie d' Hoore dress,with its asymmetrical hem & side pocket,we are having such a warm Summer I had to buy a dress,usual gear is pants/top.

  13. I play mildly with boho, but usually paired with classics. It's just my comfort zone. Love your top. Really great looking on you.

  14. Part of me would love to be gypsyish but I am too short to carry it off. Your style suits you. Is there still a Sunday's Snowflakes downtown? I bought some clothes that I really liked there a couple of years ago.

    1. They used to have a shop in town but they closed it and now have the one at Mattick's Farm. It is well worth the drive as they have fabulous stock.

  15. I love the earrings.
    Look like a Celtic design.
    A really personal and unique gift.

  16. Looks as if you've made the Artsy look your own -- a polished version of boho, in your signature neutrals -- nicely done!

  17. Vix of Vintage Vix is one of my most favorite characters :) I really DO wish I could push the fashion envelop a bit, but no matter how I try, I'm never satisfied. And so I return to my basic, simple style.