Tuesday, March 15, 2016

White Wednesday...

When I first started blogging Wednesday posts by many of the bloggers that I followed were often
"wordless" or "white" Wednesdays.
Today my focus is on white.

Walking in the garden yesterday I realized that many of our flowers are white...
this is not an accident,
we planned the plantings based on my love for all white bouquets.

We planted this magnolia last year and it is in bloom.

I love how the wee droplets of rain are clinging to the petals.

I am so happy that we chose this delicate and fragrant magnolia.

The giant Snowdrops are flowering.

Their wee flowers remind me of a baby's bonnet...

more water droplets dripping off the leaves

 With any luck these snowdrops will multiply...
my vision is for masses of these white heads bobbing in the beds!

The book I ordered from Ivy's Book shop arrived so I have put the kettle on and am brewing up a pot of tea and will sit and relax in the Humble Bungalow living room and savour the sumptuous pictures inside this lovely book.

Cheerio for now,

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I visited Butchart Gardens earlier this week and many of the flowers in bloom were white - particularly hyacinths. Such wonderful fragrance. Your magnolia is beautiful!

  2. White and green together looks beautiful ... signs of Spring! Thanks for sharing these pictures of your magnolias and snowdrops. I hope you're enjoying relaxing with your new book!

  3. I love those snowdrops! I never can remember to look for them. I hope they grow in Ontario.

  4. Such beautiful snowdrops. I have a oopy of the book also, hope you are enjoying it.

  5. White flowers are so simple, chic and elegant.

  6. Beautiful. I'm planning the gardens for our new house. I love the abundance of white.