Thursday, March 10, 2016

Flower Power

There is an amazing tonic to brighten up our gloomy rain days...
Today I am harnessing Flower Power!

a wee daisy does the trick

cheery daffodils

sweet scented clematis

a pure white camellia

I have been immersed in reading an inspiring book 
on the remaking of one of Britain's largest privately owned gardens.
It was a huge undertaking, which sounds quite daunting, the results are stunning.

Roy Strong was the garden writer for Country Life magazine for many years.
He has several other books most notably "A Country Life"

I love this chartreuse shade of the flowers

another beautiful euphorbia

a broody kind of day for walking
heavy cloud cover
no wind
more rain in the forecast

 the yellow lichen looks pretty today

I don't know if these flowers brightened your day but they are certainly helping me stay positive 
under this torrential down pour.

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them. "
~ Henri Matisse ~

"Be Well and Be Kind"
 ~ Hostess ~


  1. Very brightening, thank you! I especially like the euphorbias.

  2. I always enjoy your lovely floral photos. Thank you.

  3. You live in such a beautiful region. Your flower pictures are a delight to see. Here in the Northeast, it has been raining, but relatively warm and for that, I am thankful.

  4. What weather we've had! You did well to get out for a walk between gusts!

  5. The Canadian winter has been crazy this year! I just called home today, to hear that it was raining and foggy up at my cottage on Lake Simcoe.

  6. There's nothing quite like a flower:). And we've got the downpour now and we are so happy!

  7. Flower Power! Love it! You take wonderful photographs and see beauty in all kinds of places. Carol S

  8. Linking your last post to this present one, do you wear makeup when you take walks? That is one of the small dilemnas that I face when I take walks/do exercise. It feels so unhealthy to wear makeup when exercising but . . . .

  9. Great flower photos - they brightened my day.

    Don't you love a guy who can wear a mint jacket and lavender pants?!!

  10. Beautiful photos and I can imagine you might get tired of the rain, but in LA a big torrential downpour is what would brighten my day! El Nino, El No Show.

  11. We're getting your weather plus high winds in Vancouver. Every time there is a sunny break, I rush out to my garden to inspect its progress - it's what's keeping me going! Love your photos of your flowers and the water...

  12. Yes, it's cloudy and cold here, so a bright flower is always welcome!!

  13. Very pretty. We are still grey in Toronto, so I'm envious.