Thursday, March 31, 2016

OOTD domestic style and some good news.

Is there Glamour in the way that you dress to attend to the everyday domestics?

I do not run around in high heeled pink Marabou mules and a kimono over top of a silk chemise...
while that does sound quite luxe it is far from my reality!

Domestics Style

The most important piece is my linen apron
Bon Appetit by Now Designs
(it keeps what I am wearing clean)

White Eddie Bauer shirt
Skinny NYDJ
JCREW Venus Flytrap necklace

I have been washing windows, clearing the clutter and sorting out some junky drawers.
The laundry is swishing away in the LG machines.
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE doing laundry?
Ironing used to be a chore until I started ironing by the window
gazing out to the garden beyond 
where I can see the birds and admire the green grass and the flowers.
Some people iron in front of the TV but I never turn the TV on in the daytime.
I do like a great BBC or PBS series 
or something like Last Tango in Halifax or Happy Valley on Netflix 
but that is about all I watch.

The gorgeous Easter bouquet has been front and centre.
I kept it away from the cats when I was not at home as a reader kindly mentioned that the lilies were toxic to cats.

The stamens in the flowers stain anything that they come in contact with so do use caution.
I found this out many years ago and sadly my tablecloth was a goner.

Quite by accident I happened upon these vibrant autumnal leaves 
still clinging to a vine in the blazing afternoon sunshine.
Walking has taken me out of my neighbourhood
finding myself sauntering along the streets of Oak Bay 
gazing at the well tended yards 
looking for some real life garden inspiration.

We have a few beds that need some interesting plants and pots.

The tulips are putting on quite a show this Spring.

Mass planting of bulbs really do have an impact.
The deer have not eaten these...
and this patch is a block from our Humble Bungalow 
where the deer have munched ours down to the soil!

We were informed at the Garden Centre that Deer do not like Hellebores.
We popped this one in a pot out front and we will see if that is true.

There is some encouraging news...
actually it is really really GOOD NEWS!

The predicted 4-5 month long wait for that ultrasound was been reduced to a 3 month wait...
then I thought about it and wondered
why not ask to be put on the list for a priority appointment and take a cancellation.
I am retired and have a flexible schedule 
plus we live close to the office where they do the tests...
and wonders never cease
they called me!

By the end of the week I will have my test and next week I meet with the specialist.
So we are in the queue and will see what is next.

In the book front I finally finished reading The Luminaries.
It took me ages as it was 822 pages and very detailed and had a convoluted storyline.

And now for something completely different!
The Love Market from our wee library box across the street looked interesting...
It is written by an English born author, Carol Mason who now resides in BC.
The book jacket suggests it is chick lit...
will give it a whirl.

Thank you for stopping by, now I must get back to work.
There are some dishes to wash and the laundry needs to go into the dryer.


~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. My book club is reading "The Luminaries" right now (and cursing the person whose pick it was!). It's good, but so large! I never object to a nice long, meaty read, though.

  2. It is a great story and so well written. I am glad I took my time as I was able to savour the characters as they developed over time.
    Did you ever read any of Donna Tart's books? They are dark and quite wordy but well crafted.

  3. My book club read Donna Tart just before I joined. They agreed that it was fine writing but too gritty for many of the members. We just finished Orphan Train and will be discussing
    Everything I Never Told You next. I quite like laundry as well. I am watching Season 3 of Last
    Tango in Halifax right now (iTunes). We finished the latest Happy Valley Did you notice that Tommy Lee was also Prince Andrei on War and Peace and the protagonist on Grantchester?
    I don't watch American network tv.

    1. I have heard Grantchester is fabulous...will see if we can watch it from the start at some point.

  4. Lightly spray the stamens of your lilies with hair has saved many a table cloth and quite a few clothes in my house.

  5. Does it even OCCUR to the people working in the medical office that they could OFFER you a cancellation date from the moment you are scheduled for an ultrasound? This gets you in quicker AND keeps their machines in use. Honestly, where are their brains!

    1. I think it is very much like that saying "buyer beware"...
      we need to stay informed to take advantage of the system.

  6. I'm glad for you that you have this earlier appointment - what a relief! I love your apron - perfect covering and very chic.

    1. Thank you doesn't like to whinge too much but several months of this can make a gal a wee bit testy!

  7. Love your domestic style that you put together. The lilies are so pretty as well as the other flowers you posted.

    1. Thank you!
      Aprons are the perfect cover for every day domestic chores...and linen just gets better with age!

  8. Your linen apron looks both chic and practical - a perfect pairing. Tulips are still tight buds in this part of town and I'm looking forward to their opening. Gorgeous color in the ones you show. I hope you can get an earlier appointment.

    1. There is a lovely little shop in The Cadboro Bay Village that sells luxe linens..they have a few linen aprons that I have had my eye on...there is a blue on which would really suit you Lorrie!

  9. I have found you can snip off the just polleny tips of the stamens without shortening the life of those beautiful lilies. So glad your ultra sound was moved up.

    1. I have done that too...but you need to do that away from the tablecloth :-((

  10. Oh those tulips! Gorgeous!!!

    1. Pretty aren't they? A little bit of colour goes a long way...

  11. Our tulips are just emerging, hope they are even half as lovely as yours. Sending good thoughts for speedy ultrasound and good results. And you know I love a good apron! (jen)

  12. Love the pretty necklace combined with a linen apron, that's tres chic!
    I LOVE hellebores. We have one lovely one in the garden but although we've planted others, none of them has survived! But we keep trying! Perhaps we're just not very good gardeners!
    Margaret P

    1. Yes keep trying...we have heavy clay soil which holds the water and they thrive. Perhaps try one in a pot and see if you get better results?

  13. Hopefully your shoulder will soon be fixed now.
    Are you watching the second Happy Valley? It's v. good, spot on acting. I'd burn my ironing if watching it at the same time! And yes, James Norton is popping up everywhere, he's so versatile. He was also in Life in Squares.

    1. I hope that I will know about my shoulder after my appointment...will keep you posted!
      The second Happy Valley is riveting...

  14. From Margie in Toronto - love your apron - it is both practical and chic. I actually enjoy ironing too and normally do it with classical radio stn on - I find it all meditative and I love the results - everything neatly pressed and lined up in my wardrobe. Gives me a real feeling of accomplishment.
    So glad to hear the good news about your shoulder - I had similar luck when I had my rotator repaired - they called me with a cancellation and since it was during a relatively quiet time at work I was able to jump on it and get everything sorted months earlier - so much better than having to wait around.

    1. I have the CBC radio on all day when I am at is a great mix of news and music and programs.

    2. I have the CBC radio on all day when I am at is a great mix of news and music and programs.

  15. Thank you for the book recommendations...I always appreciate that. You look very glamorous to do should see what I wear. I love the idea of an apron, it's very chic!

    1. I often wear it in the garden has two pockets in the front which are handy for secateurs and such...

  16. Hi there Hostess, I love BBC also. My all time favorite BBC series is Keeping Up Appearances. It's from the 1980's and hilarious. I even bought the complete dvd series - something I don't normally do!


    1. That show is hilarious! Those two women are very talented.

  17. so glad your testing is being bumped up! can you tell me if your white shirt is cotton poplin leslie? i'm in search of a pure soft cotton, not poplin white shirt. thanks! x ps - you look quite posh in your apron!

    1. The tag inside says 100% cotton...not to sure if it is poplin or not. It is crisp though so maybe not as soft as you desire.
      Maybe google Eddie Bauer and see if they have more info?
      Have you looked at Tricia's Rough Linen aprons online? They are lovely and Dani BP has one!

  18. Hope all goes well with your shoulder.
    Casablanca Lily is one of my favourite's, and I snip the stamens off just as they start to open. It doesn't harm them.
    I wear caftans and Capezio Gracie ballet slippers around the house; but I just bought a pair of white fox and white mink lined slippers online, and they are so cosy!

    1. I think your style is very elegant...and Your new slippers sound so very posh!

  19. Love your style and especially that wonderful apron. Interesting to read that you have deer problems too..Luckily my back garden is fenced or I doubt I would be able to grow anything. Your bungalow is so charming!
    - Kate x

  20. You look very elegant to clean your house. I love the company Rough Linen, and have a tablecloth and napkins made by them. Beautiful flowers....are you painting at all?

  21. That's a great apron. So pretty. I always trim the stamens off flowers now as I've had a sweater fatality in my past!