Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beauty and the Brow

It is International Woman's Day!

Today I am focusing on Beauty...
which truly is in the eye of the beholder.

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
                               ~ Khalil Gibran ~

The focus of today's post is the brow...

Personally I feel that make up should be used with a light touch to look like you, only better!
My routine is simple and quick and I prefer the "no make up look."

You may ask why do I bother?
In a nutshell, it makes me feel better about myself.

Powder foundation, a quick sweep of eye shadow, followed by mascara all by Jane Iredale.
Followed by light dusting with Bobbi Brown Bronzer to highlight my cheekbones.
This can all be done in about 5 minutes or less.

BTW ~ I no longer use a lash curler as I noticed too many of the lashes were falling out.

My eyebrows are thinner due to a thyroid condition and I have quite a few white hairs now
which makes them almost disappear.

Professional tinting at the Spa lasts about 6 weeks which covers the white and grey hairs.
Unfortunately no amount of dye will give the illusion of fullness and for that
I went to Sephora.

Bobbi Brown makes a brow pencil which is easy to use.
The soft formula allows for precise filling in of the areas that need a little fullness and definition.
It comes with a sharpener which is convenient to keep the tip sharp making it much easier to apply.

I also picked up my birthday bonus gift.

Marc Jacobs eye liner and a small lipstick.

I use an old mascara wand to brush my brows before applying Maybelline Brow Drama.
The brow drama is tinted and has a gel which keeps brows in place
then I use the Bobbi Brown brow pencil to fill in any gaps.
I do not tweeze my brows.
I use a small pair of scissors to clip any hairs that grow too long and to maintain their shape.
You can have this done at the Spa if you so desire.

The results of just these 3 products are quite dramatic...
brows "frame" the face.
If you have ever seen anyone who has shaved off their brows you will understand what I mean.

Have you noticed women that are wearing "too much" make up?
I wonder if they are trying to hide their age, ashamed perhaps that they are not youthful.

Too much make up can them look even older...
lighter formulas used sparingly are far more flattering.

Be comfortable in your own skin
you are a woman of a certain age
there is no shame in that

hold your head high
walk with confidence
embrace your years
you have earned respect
and you have wisdom.

Focus on healthy eating, drink lots of water, maintain a good skincare regime.

If your budget allows for it have a professional facial every month or so...
and please remember to SMILE!
A smile perks up the corners of the mouth and lightens up the face.

Celebrate being a woman today!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I'll have to try your brow technique. I've been using the same Clinique brow powder for years...I just need more of it now:(. What do you think of the Marc Jacobs birthday gift? I picked mine up last month. The liner goes on nicely, although if I were to purchase it I would not choose black.


    1. Andrea I like the pencil and the lipstick...my brows definitely need defining.

  2. My brows were waxed too much leaving them too far apart and sparse looking. For the past two years, I have been going to the brow expert at the Benefit Bar in Ulta. She is a genius. I have tried to grow them in as much as possible. She neatens and shapes them and has introduced me to some products to help fill in.

    You are so right about makeup. A little goes a long way. So if you are still layering it on a little thick, you should try to lighten up or get some advice from a good makeup counter. I actually go to the Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier counter for a little advice every so often. A new lipstick or helpful skincare product keeps you modern. And Leslie, you always look fresh and of the moment.

    1. Thank you K...I had no idea that there were brow experts!
      I think when one lives in a small city we may be the last to clue into these services.

  3. Love the quote you have by Gibran. As we get older it is about how light we are in our hearts and how kind we are, not the color of our lipstick.You are a very wise, lovely woman.

    1. Lynda... I have loved the messages and writings of Khalil Gibran for most of my life...since I was a teenager I have admired his books and quotes.

  4. Thanks for the great tips on brow care, Leslie, I'll give them a try.

    1. Oh only if you need them Mary...
      I might be way ahead of you with extreme brow loss!

  5. Thanks for the great tips on brow care, Leslie, I'll give them a try.

  6. I use the same products! Only my Bobbie Brown brow pencil comes always sharpened and with a spoolie at the opposite end. I thought I was crazy to spend so much on an eyebrow pencil but it is worth every cent and will probably last forever. The Maybelline product is excellent and just as good as other more expensive brands.

  7. You're so right about the brows framing the face. I didn't realize how mine were slowly disappearing. This was after years of them being too bushy and having them waxed away in the fashion of the day. I'm cautious about overdoing them. It doesn't flatter us as we age.

    At Sephora, the gal recommended Anastasia taupe powder. Most of my brows are dark and this taupe filled in without being harsh.

    1. Bushy brows bothered me in my teens and now I regret tweezing them...so I use a gentle hand when filling them in a bit to give them definition. Your powder sounds very subtle...which must work for you.

  8. And drink lots of water!!! I agree:).

  9. Just when I'd come to terms with the little sags and the 'smile lines' .....now it's the eyebrows!......yeesh! As someone said, it's all 'repair, repair, repair' these days.

    1. You may well avoid this issue...sags and smile lines sound honest and genuine.

  10. I actually wear more makeup than I did in my 20s and 30s. I always had clear skin, so I didn't wear much foundation/powder/concealer. Now I've got redness at my nostrils, undereye circles, age spots, etc., so a medium-coverage foundation is called for. But I swear by my Beauty Blender; it leaves me looking airbrushed.

    I stopped tweezing my eyebrows years ago after I got a bad wax job that took away more from one brow than the other. Boo! I fill in with brow pencil. I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz; it's a nice fine point and the waxy formula and ashy shade work for me.

    Oh, and I have one brow hair that grows and grows--like a bug's antenna. So weird!

    1. I think I have the cousin to your bug!
      Clip clip...

  11. I'm so happy the full brow is back. I have fair colouring so use the Joe Fresh mascara-like brow colour in the darker shade. So far, it's my favourite. I'll have to look at this pencil too.

    1. Bobbi Brown's pencil is soft...and you can control the coverage.
      Not cheap but great value.

  12. I read a book last summer about make-up for older women when I realized that I really could try harder. I have always had full, dark brows, but with age, they have become skimpier. And what is with the white hairs? Grr. Am still intimidated by brow make-up, so this discussion has been helpful for me.

    On another note, I have searched high and low for the issue of Country Living that features Janet's house. You mentioned that you picked up the issue. Can you tell me where you found your copy? Much appreciated. Violet.

    1. Hi Violet,
      Skimpy brows are no fun...sorry to hear that they are problematic for you too.
      The CL USA issue was purchased from London Drugs on Yates Street.
      Chapters on Douglas Street probably have a copy too as they have so many magazines.
      Good luck

    2. Much appreciated! Will check for it today.

  13. I like the Dior brow pencil, so much that I'm on my fourth. I also use Smashbox brow powder and wax in Taupe. I bought the Maybelline brow wand in Soft Brown and it has a definite place in my makeup drawer, as a cheap and easy quicky when I need to run to the grocery store.