Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mother Daughter clothes for Spring and summer.

Last weekend our darling daughter accompanied me on a trip to Vancouver.
The focus of the trip was to shop.
And shop we did!

The first day we walked and shopped for 5 hours and the second for 6...a marathon of walking and shopping yielded quite a few bags full.

I love these shoes.
Ferragamo Varina flats...
IF I were to plunk down the cash I would insist on a pair in red.
They are quite pricey at $625 but they are beautifully made and so classic, perhaps iconic.
A gal can dream....

Aritzia is a favourite shop of darling daughter...
we have one here in Victoria
the Robson shop has three storefronts and loads of stock.

We perused the shop both days as it was on the same street as our Hotel.

Milestones restaurant was the perfect casual spot to stop for dinner.
Lots of variety and healthy options for dinner.

Calvin Klein ponte knit pants
Style & Co. black top
Clarks boots
Burberry print infinity scarf

(My hair is a mess as we got caught in a torrential downpour!)

H&M navy and white striped top

London Fog navy and white polka dot trench coat.

White NYDJ jeans
Black flats by Pegabo with gold accents on the heels
H&M striped top

We sipped Perrier and munched on popcorn while we watched the award winning movie Brooklyn.
(I highly recommend it)
We also watched the English film Man Up.
(funny and entertaining ~ cute)

There was a gale force windstorm Sunday 
when we left the dock at the ferry terminal the wind was really intense
The crossing across Georgia Strait was lumpy but we made it to the island without incident.
Later that same day there were some ferries that had mishaps...
one bumped into a concrete dock and some sailings were also cancelled.

Are you old enough to remember Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis?
These little lamb chops were for sale in the onboard shop.

Like lamb chop I am embracing a bright paw.
Dior Adventure will do the trick.

Hope that your week is ticking along nicely.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Did you buy the trench coat? It's classic and unique at the same time.

    A good time getaway with DD. Nice.

    Lamb Chops was so cute.

  2. I did buy the trench coat and have worn it on a couple of sunny days...I am now looking for a lighter bright scarf to wear with it.

  3. Great purchases as always. Very wise buys. Despite your return across the water it must have been a fun and enjoyable trip spending time with your daughter.

    1. We do enjoy our getaways and have always had fun shopping together...she is a gifted fashion savvy advisor and shopper!

  4. Love to shop. I have been doing a lot of it lately in readiness for our trip and whilst the summer fashions are still around and at at sale prices. That trench is gorgeous. Shoes that are comfortable and stylish are hard to find for my flat footed self, so a lot of time has been spent getting the basics. Work has just brought in a new shoe policy for women of no toes showing. O.K. for winter but not so good in our hot summers, especially when on yard duty! I tend to wear mainly dresses to work so some flats are not suitable and ballet type shoes do not suit my foot as I tend to spill over. Anyway after about three marathon shopping days like yours I have finally got the shoes sorted and picked up some great bargain dresses as well. My white jeans and stripe tops will definitely be making the trip to Paris. Your hair always looks nice and if mine looked like that after bing caught in rain I would be happy. Straight hair here which would be sticking to my head!! Curls are so much easier I think. Both my girls have them and straighten their hair!! Nice to have daughter time. I’m having lunch with my youngest tomorrow. Tonkath

    1. Sounds like you have been successful shopping and making some great choices for your trip! It feels so good when one has the basics covered...
      I used to straighten my curly hair too but I have stopped colouring and flat ironing it...too much fuss and bother.

  5. Oh and forgot that you inspired me to get some new black pants yesterday. Unfortunately my other good ones are a little tight. Mmmmm. Tonkath

  6. The hubby and I are headed over to Vancouver this weekend - I hope we have better weather! We'll be out shopping too - Fluevog awaits!

    1. The weather looks much better for your shopping trip...cannot wait to see the new shoes!

  7. I really like the coat! So Parisian. I wonder if a red scarf for spring...I really enjoyed the film "Brooklyn" after visiting the borough in the fall with my daughter. The Perrier is a much better idea than wine for a "girls' week-end". Those Ferragamo flats are beautiful. If I were a rich girl, I'd buy the red. Much better weather today, hopefully those storms are ending.

    1. I never thought about the coat as being "Parisian" and a red scarf would be great with it especially if I had some of those red Ferragamo flats!!
      This coat is getting tons of compliments everywhere I wear it must be a good choice.

  8. Mother/Daughter shopping trips are so fun. I read that these pairings get the best service as salespeople intuitively recognize that they tend to spend money. I like the clothes you modeled. You have such a good sense of what flatters you. -Molly

    1. Thank you Molly...we had great service so there must be a lot of substance to your comment!

  9. Oh, I love those lamb chop puppets. I remember them well. What a lovely mother/daughter adventure.