Saturday, March 19, 2016

Colour me Coral for Spring...

Coral seems to be "the shade" for Spring.
It keeps popping up on my radar...

Coral, coral and more coral!
Shops showcasing the new season Spring fashion collections and at the cosmetics counters.

Fortunately I can wear coral...
if you cannot there are lots of other ways to add a smidgeon of coral.
Think of all the coral accessories you could wear.

Belts, necklaces, bangles, shoes, hand bags, scarves, and nail polish.

My "colours" are those of Cool Winter. 

"Bittersweet" is the shade of coral suggested for my colouring.

My new London Fog Trench coat in navy with white polka dots.
New Lipstick by L'Oreal in the shade called "Everbloom."

The Dior coral polish is lovely.
The shade is Adventure #551.
The formula is easy to apply and my nails shine with a bright pop of colour.

The young receptionist at my RMT's office complimented on how pretty my nails looked,
 as did the middle aged sales clerk at the pharmacy, 
the lovely woman who owns the consignment shop
the cute teenage clerk at the grocery store Peppers in the Cadboro Bay Village!

It seems to appeal to women of all ages.

Our lovely DIL chose this shade for me 
she packaged up a thoughtful gift pack of nail products for my birthday
which I am enjoying immensely!

There is something so uplifting about buying a new shade of lipstick.
My grandmother said she would do without hose, or new clothes in favour of a new red lipstick.
I now understand what she meant when she told me that many years ago.
~ Cheap and cheerful ~

I wore this to the bridge luncheon and fundraiser at my club.
It was an interesting group of players.
80 keen players mostly women gathered together for a tasty lunch and an afternoon of cards.
I looked around the room and noticed that there were many well turned out ladies.
Most had grey hair, were dressed very smartly and wore statement jewelry.
Bold ethnic and artisan earrings and necklaces that were on the larger scale.
Many women opted for silk scarves tied casually around their necks.

Calvin Klein ponte knit pants and a black and white tunic top 
new Pegabo flats
white scarf 
arm full of my silver bangles
dangly quartz earrings that my daughter made for my birthday
London Fog trench coat


Hope that your weekend is full of fun and laughter.
Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Did you get your colours done or did you use a book? A few years, and with red hair, I had my colours done and the stylist said that I was an "autumn". Back in the 80's, with very dark hair, I was definitely a "winter". Now, there are more categories so I'm not sure which "winter" I am. Your colours are perfect for you. Isn't it lovely how attention to small details
    ie. nail polish makes such a difference? Little girls in the library used to love my nail polish.
    I'm on a "frugal" kick right now but a trip across the street to Shoppers' on Seniors' Day
    might provide me with new spring lipstick! My grandma used to use "Charles of the Ritz"
    lipstick and my mother-in-law (even when she had dementia) asked me to buy her a "red Revlon lipstick". Small treats make everyone happy!

  2. The first thing I noticed wasn't the lipstick, it was how beautiful you skin looks - it radiates! Whatever you're doing (and yes, I do read your blog faithfully) - keep it up. Also the "Bittersweet" coral is perfect as is the nail polish.

    Post made me smile! Thanks - MMR

  3. That lipstick is completely perfect for you.

  4. From Margie in Toronto - How lovely - both the nail polish and the lipstick! Just bought myself a new red - Chanel's Gabrielle #444 .
    I like coral but even though I'm a winter I find it a bit orangey on me if its a top - but I think I will look for a nice necklace or bracelet - I'm going to be wearing a lot of navy this Spring/Summer so it will be a nice change from red.

  5. The bright colours really suit you!

  6. You look fabulous! I love you in that lipstick!

  7. A great colour for you, and for spring!

  8. The lippy really suits you. Great choice. Don't get me started on the Seasons or Dominant Palettes etc.... Always love your flower pics. Carol S

  9. You look lovely and the colors are perfect. Hugs

  10. Oh that Hellebore is magical. A friend of mine is a textile artist and she makes fabric with a Hellebore print. I always think it's such a lovely flower. Happy spring!

  11. The lipstick color is perfect. You should look for a scarf in that color - really looks great on you.

  12. Love the coral on you! And agree with Kathy above - a scarf would be perfect. Hellebore is gorgeous!