Saturday, March 5, 2016

OOTD ~ Not a Birthday Suit!

March 3rd came and went in a flash...
the birthday celebrations started a few days before and are continuing well into the weekend.

~ Tea and nail polish two routines that I now view as rituals. ~

At 61 years of age I have lived long enough to know what I "need" to be happy.
often it is "not doing" 
but resting 
 taking "time out" for scenic walks that makes the biggest difference.

Shutting out the "should"  messages and exploring the "could" messages is also incredibly powerful. Freeing up time for personal hobbies and enriching activities makes me feel so much contentment.

Embracing the attitude of gratitude made the most significant change in my life.
It sounds like a little thing because it is relatively easy
 it alters the perception of everything in such a positive way.

I have learned a lot about life during these past decades
my body is not as young or toned as it used to be
there are aches and pains
there is wisdom
outside there are the signs of aging

"laugh lines" sound so much better than "wrinkles"

this arts and crafts oak table shows signs of wear and it is circa 1912
much older than I am 
we are not refinishing it or giving it a "face lift"
this table has a history
it's imperfections are indicative of it's age

I like to think that is true about women as we age...
many stories
our faces reflecting life, love, and laughter over time.

My Mother, sister and I walked along the Esplanade at Willows Beach before dining at the Snug in the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.
The light was quite luminous after the rain.

Friends joined us for a casual delicious sushi dinner at The Oak Bay Marina.
Three tasty truffles were shared 6 ways!

Mr. HB gave me a silver bangle to add to my collection.
This one is carved by a First Nations artisan, Alex Helin.
He was the youngest carver to work on the totem for The Commonwealth Games.
The carving on the bangle is in the hummingbird pattern which represents healing, joy and love.

Flowers arrived from dear friends who live in Vancouver and the south of France.
My favourite bouquets consist of white  and green flowers with a smattering of greenery.

NYDJ skinny jeans
 Chaus printed tunic top

~ The good news is that I can rise my right arm high enough to take this picture ~
(physiotherapy, exercises and massage are paying off)

View from the change room...
I'm looking for new black ponte knit pants.
My current pair are 2 years old and I wear them twice a week at least so they are on their way out.
I tried on 3 pairs but they were not made of thick and sturdy fabric.
I want them to hold their shape and wear well.

The birthday celebrations will continue into the weekend.
What plans have you got for the weekend?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Sounds like a lovely birthday surrounded by family and friends!

    Best Wishes!

  2. Happy birthday! You look beautiful! I agree; we think many older things are beautiful like your table. Why don't we see the beauty in people who have aged?! I think it's a great time of life, and we can benefit from lessons that took a long time to learn -- such as getting rid of those "shoulds."

  3. Happy Birthday, Hostess! Yes, I think we become more comfortable with ourselves as we age, and not so worried about what other people think. It's a great place to be.

  4. Happy Birthday from Australia! You have had nice celebrations, and I do love your silver bangle. I only saw my first hummingbirds last year (in Canada) and they sure are the sweetest little things. Black ponte pants are essential - hope you find a super pair.

  5. Happy Birthday! As we get older, we have more of a perspective on what is important to us
    personally. Certainly, we would not want to efface all those moments of living. Good news about your shoulder!

  6. Happy Birthday Hostess! Your celebrations sound deeply meaningful and your shoulder recovery I'm sure is a relief. Wise words about aging!

  7. Happy Birthday. Great outfit and good to hear that your shoulder is recovering. What a blessing. Wise words on the perspective of aging. So agree.

  8. Happy Birthday, Hostess! I have not commented for a while, though I check in on your blog regularly and enjoy it very much. I relate to so much of what you post. I love your new bangle bracelet. A couple of years ago I was in Artina's and purchased a bracelet by Alex Helin as well, also hummingbird. The Grindstone Cafe is a favourite stop for an afternoon latte while out shopping, and next time I am going to order that salad; it looks amazing. Glad to hear that your shoulder is improving. Happy continued birthday celebrations over the weekend... Violet.

  9. Happy birthday! Thank you for the reminder about "shoulds" - I needed that. Glad to hear your shoulder is improving. That outfit looks great on you.

  10. Happy Birthday dear Hostess, and many, many more..
    Your words are lovely, and I shall read them again and again.
    May I say that I see no wrinkles at all on your lovely face !

  11. Happy Birthday! Your new bracelet is beautiful...very classic.

    Nice to hear that your shoulder is healing, I am sure that you have been an excellent patient and all of your work at physical therapy is paying off.

  12. So glad you had a fun birthday! Nothing better than getting to celebrate it over a number of days! And your husband's gift to you was so thoughtful!!! Enjoy the fun!

  13. You look terrific. Happy birthday!

  14. Belated birthday greetings! Looks as if you celebrated it well. I love that hummingbird bracelet -- gave a similar one to a daughter a few years ago, and it gets lots of wear, as I know yours will.

  15. Happy Birthday, my dear! I hope you had a lovely day!

  16. How fun to enjoy a birthday week! Your husbands gift is beautiful, and I love that it was created by a First Nations artisan.

  17. A belated Happy Birthday! It looks like you were royally feted!

  18. A very happy belated birthday on the blog!

  19. Belated Birthday wishes for another year of wisdom.
    Your blog invites us to such a cozy, welcoming place. I rarely comment, but thankyou for sharing.

  20. Goodness, I've not been spending much time reading my favorite blog and I've missed your birthday! It looks to have been absolutely joyous. Your attitude is marvelous, the polish is so pretty, and the "beat up" table is a treasure. Happy Belated Birthday, Leslie. Jen.