Sunday, March 13, 2016

My search is over...for now.

It has taken me weeks to find a great pair of black knit pants...
who would have thought that this would have been so challenging?

Black pants are such a great basic and one that I wear several times a week...
that's why I was so desperate to replace my favourite pair.

Mine were 2 years old, a wee bit faded and they were looking less than best.

Calvin Klein makes these and they were found at Marshall's at a very good price point.
The fabric has lots of Spandex so I expect that will help retain the shape of the pants.

These knit pants are ankle length so they work great with my short legs!
They are a pull on pant...which sounds frumpy...
they are so comfy and without a zipper and pockets there is a wonderful slimming effect.

Great style to wear with a longer top.

With any luck I'll be wearing these for a few years to come.

Oh and while I was there...
I spent the money that Mother gave me for my birthday.

Linen top white with grey stripes.
Going to love this for summer 
will layer it over a tank top and wear it with my white skinny jeans.
I can see it as a bathing suit "cover up" too.

Bring on the sunshine!

I am already wearing a lighter shade on my paws.

Formula X polish 

I have been away for the weekend with lovely daughter on a shopping spree in Vancouver. 
The gale forced winds are hammering our coast and we just made it home across the strait
before the winds really picked up.

Will post soon.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. More great finds! I bought a similar top at J Jill recently.
    Glad you made it back safely!


  2. Ah yes, the search for the perfect pair of black pants. When you find them, you hang onto them until they almost fall apart, then the hunt begins all over again. Looks like you've snagged a great replacement. Ankle length always works, no matter the heel height you wear with them, and I love the blouse, too.

    My nail polish is still quite neutral, but am thinking about a touch of coral for spring.

    Cheers, M-T

  3. Lovely top. You'll get lots of use out of it.

    Glad you made it home safely. They're predicting wicked winds.

  4. Your pants are perfect, and just what I'm looking for too. Maybe I should pop over to Vancouver? I love your linen shirt, so versatile and great with slim pants. I don't like the sound of those winds, but glad you are safe.

  5. Glad you are safely home and with such great purchases. I managed to find a good fitting pair of black pants made by HABELLA. Pull on as well, funnily enough. Slim line and just the right length. Now the hunt starts for a new pair of white jeans. Just in case we get a Summer, it is still cold over here.

  6. Oh gosh, I was thinking of the ferries driving back from White Rock yesterday. The gusts were pushing my SUV around the highway like crazy. I'm so glad you made it across safely. Great slacks. I just bought myself a pair of Calvin Klein black slacks the other day. I've loved that label for ever. Just great, sexy and simple clothes. Actually, Chloe's graduation formal dress was a deep purple, 1970, long, Calvin Klein slip. Never out of style.

  7. Everything is lovely. I have some black knit pants from back when I sang with a chorus that required black pants or skirts on female choristers. Mine are Eileen Fisher and they are wonderful.

    I'll bet your garden is looking heavenly. We have snowdrops at the moment, and the daffodils are up, but not yet blooming. BRING ON SPRING!

  8. Perfect finds ! Black pants are my uniform and I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for a good looking pair - I will have to take a look at Calvin Klein's ! JJill has some nice options for black pants also... glad you made it home safely !

  9. Great finds - all of them. Thanks for the heads up about Marshalls. We have one in my city, but I so rarely go there.

  10. I wear black practically every day. I'm heading to Italy tomorrow and everything I'm taking is black. I found pants similar to your CK's; but mine are cotton/spandex by Peck & Peck and I do have a peck of them! Matter of fact I'm taking one pair with me.

  11. I am going to have to replace my work-horse black knit pants soon. Thanks for the direction! I love the linen shirt/bathing suit cover-up. It is really 'you' and I can see that it will be a mainstay of your summer wardrobe.

  12. Those pants are a great find. I gravitate towards either a dark manicure polish, or a cool neutral, and not much in between, not being one for pinks, etc. That is a fabulous neutral; I love it and would wear it. Very flattering and classy.

  13. How lovely, having a weekend away with your daughter, Leslie. I always find it difficult to find black trousers that fit and look just right. Glad you found some! Your linen shirt is perfect ...I'm guessing you'll wear it a lot this Spring and Summer.
    Have a good week ...hoping your shoulder continues to improve.

  14. Great outfit! Love the top! Basics are so fundamental to a wardrobe that when I find pants or top that fit/look great, I buy two of them. Sometimes it will be the same color sometimes not.
    Linen is always a great fabric choice.