Monday, June 1, 2015

Paris purchases...

Paris was full of wonderful galleries, churches, museums, cafes, bistros, gardens and parks.
It goes without saying that Paris has wonderful shops and boutiques and I ventured into many of them...
One of the gals on the tour and I took a leisurely stroll through the Chanel boutique and had a browse at the clothing...which was lovely but exceeded my budget and the garments do not suit my retired lifestyle.

We popped into the fabulous boutique ~ Didier Ludot.

They sell vintage and gently used designer goods.
If you want to purchase a Hermes Kelly bag this is a great place to look!

Didier Ludot stock luxury goods and there are lots of tempting treasures inside the store!

The white cocktail dress would be fun for a summer party.
 And how about lunch with the ladies in the red Chanel suit?

There were so many shops with gorgeous clothes...
I just did not devote time for much shopping.

I wasn't on a mission for clothes...
I wanted to experience the art, history and culture of Paris.

I bought this vintage Jeanne Lanvin silk scarf at a pop up vintage shop in BHV.

I bought this striped top in COS in the Marais.

The Hermes scarf which I showed in a previous post was my big purchase.
(a wearable souvenir!)

I bought this fun grey mesh sweater and silver necklace
in the Marais at a shop whose name I have forgotten.

Since I have been home I have been lusting after a black leather jacket like those I saw women wearing in Paris...

and my lovely daughter saw this one on sale and the rest is history.

I bought this rustic vintage jug in the south of France.
I wanted to have something to remind me of the countryside and this will be perfect for my roses.

Shepherd hut
seen on the drive from the Pech Merle Caves to the enchanting Village of Saint Cirq-Lapopie.

Signage adjacent to the hut.

Very basic shelter...and at this altitude it would make for a very cold night.

The stone buildings are so quaint and picturesque.

For gifts 
I bought French soaps, chocolates, magnets with the Eiffel Tower depicted on them...
 hand made semi precious beaded bracelets, a pottery necklace, a book for the grandchildren, scents from Hermes for my sister and husband.

(This post was in response to Jill's question ~ and thank for posing the question Jill!)


  1. Love this post, thank you especially for posting the pic's of Didier's shop. One of my favorite episodes of 'The Rachel Zoe Project' was when she and Brad hit up his place and she buys a black vintage Chanel suit to wear to the runway show! That ivory Balenciaga is stunning. I can just imagine what that costs because it looks like it's from the mid to late 1960s. Love all your purchases, especially the striped top and of course the H scarf. I don't think I'm the Jill who posed the question (or am I?), but this Jill thanks you for this post! xx

  2. Love that photo of the cazelle (they're apparently specifically for lambing, or so we were told) -- we painted one of those in a field in Espedaillac (in the Midi-Pyrenees) when I took my girlfriend's plein air course there a couple of years ago.

    You're braver than I am, browsing the Chanel store and others of those ilk. I don't venture further than the luscious but intimidating windows! A few years ago, though, we were sitting at a cafe sidewalk table and I spotted the actress Kim Raver checking out the vintage Hermes bags or the Cartier vintage watches in a shop just next to us (don't worry, I didn't pester her for her signature, nor stare too obviously;-)

    You look wonderful in your leather jacket -- in fact, in all your photos lately you have obviously found your own chic style and you look absolutely "bien dans votre peau)!

  3. I think your purchases are perfect. I love the jacket on you, too. May I ask, what brand is it?

    1. Danier leather and they sell online as well as their stores. It is called Suri Bomber jacket.

  4. Great purchases from Paris. Like you, I don't really travel to shop - there's so much to absorb and learn and see. A few special things are nice to bring home for others and for oneself. You look great in the leather jacket!

  5. You look wonderful in that leather jacket (and the rest of the outfit) - very chic / hip.

  6. I agree with Mater. You have a "look" about you that is "so French". It is the Paris attitude not the shopping that is important.

  7. I knew there must be a few purchases and I think the choices you made are perfect. The mesh sweater and necklace will look nice on you and I love the vintage jug .

    The black leather jacket is very nice, suits your acquired French flair. Seeing this purchase is a nice bonus - I'm glad I asked the question!

    Nice to meet another Jill, Jill.

  8. Is the stuff you bought made in France or elsewhere?

    1. The Hermes and Lanvin scarf are made in Paris. The jug was made in France as were the soaps chocolates and fragrances. The other items were not made in France

  9. bought some nice things, but my favorite is the leather jacket you bought when you came home. I have been tempted several time to buy one but with our weather it would never get worn!

    I enjoyed your comment about visiting Chanel. When in Paris with my granddaughter visiting Rue Cambon was a must. The only thing I could afford to buy was a bottle of nail polish for her. But even with that simple purchase we were treated royally. It was lovely...and oh! the clothes...sigh.

  10. I have a collection of Hermès scarves, jewelry a Kelly bag, a Birkin and my perfume tray contains only Hermès scents, all courtesy of my American husband who has a "thing" for Hermès, ever since I introduced him to Paris, my family, my friends and Hermès on our honeymoon almost 40 years ago.

    Take your husband to Paris next time and show him what you love. You won't regret it.

    Beautiful purchases, particularly the leather bomber jacket. It adds just the right edge to a classic outfit. Your daughter has excellent taste.

    Cheers, M-T

  11. What smart purchases! You'll be able to wear and enjoy those regularly. I especially love the leather jacket, still "Paris-inspired."

  12. Love you leather jacket ! You will wear it LOADS I know ✔️

  13. Great purchases, and I love you in your leather jacket.

  14. The leather jacket suits you perfectly. Am a big fan:). Also love the stone hut. There's something about laid stone...

  15. Hi, did the black leather jacket replace the cream/neutral one that you got earlier? Do you find that black is more useful than cream/neutral/ tan? I have budget-money for only one and vaue your opinion. elsa

    1. I have taken the cream jacket to the consignment store....I love the black and think it the better choice. Will be able to wear it all year too. The Parisian women that I saw wearing these jackets were in blacks and Browns so I chose the black as it is my basic core wardrobe shade. Good luck Elsa.

  16. All wonderful purchases! I especially like the mesh sweater as I have been looking high and low for something similar, with no luck. You are a wise shopper!

  17. I'm sighing blissfully as I look at your photos and travel -- and shop -- vicariously here. You look very happy and tres chic!

  18. I wear the same thing as you! Black leather jacket, charcoal tight jeans and ballet flats. (I'm tired of the term skinny jeans. :) ) Lots of times I wear a similar quilted jacket and tennis shoes. I love it on you and love all the pictures, too.
    I used to buy a hardbound calendar with pictures from France. It was so pretty, I quit writing in it which made it rather useless, of course. I bet you have seen it.
    The Tour de France is a wonderful chance to see a little of the French countryside and Paris, too, the last day. The last day will be in Paris, July 4th. Women give out the awards each racing day and wear matching dresses. It is a really big deal there.

  19. As usual, my eye gravitates to the pottery ..... great selection! I brought home from the Vanves flea market in Paris a rustic-looking, but sweet, pottery bluebird ..... the vendor said it was made by a famous potter in the south if France. Well, you certainly could fool me, but I gladly paid his price and now it sits in my bedroom window where it can look out at the bluebirds and many other birds that I feed in the woods across the way.

  20. That leather jacket looks great on you!
    Red is my favourite colour and I've been looking for a red Chanel jacket for years. Someday.