Monday, June 22, 2015

OOTD ~ Washday observations...

It's wash day again here in our Humble Bungalow.
Mondays more frequently are washing, ironing and domestics days...

Club Monaco jeans
Monoprix grey linen Tee
silver necklace from Paris

This inexpensive Parisian necklace gets lots of compliments.

I love white and silver together...
so icy and cool.

Our white orchid is in bloom again..this must be the 4th year that it has re-bloomed.
Orchids, the window sill variety are a great bargain...just a wee bit more than a bouquet and they continue to perform for years. 
I water mine every Monday.

Our grey and black back door rug... from Target.

The Christmas cactus is looking healthy.
It usually blooms twice a year and not always at Christmas!

Mr. HB and I both spent a lazy day on the boat this weekend.
We read our books and the cats snoozed...

I bought a new mat for the galley.

and some new melamine plates designed by Nicole Miller.
Home Sense and Winners are the source of the nautical inspired accents pieces for our boat.



The view from here...

There were many opportunities to reflect...
and honour the memory of our Fathers
both gone but not forgotten...

I'll be starting this book soon...

I want to learn how to make a French omellete...
I need to find a non stick pan first.

The time has come to say adieu

There are linens to launder and cottons to iron...


  1. Your grey and silver outfit is very chic and summery! Back in my twenties when I lived on a boat I had my cat with me, and she loved the boat life. She'd sit up on deck and "talk" to the birds and otters that passed by.

    1. Cats and boats seem like an unlikely pairing but we see a few every season...

  2. I love your grey, silver, and white. . . I've also been meaning to master a French omelette, but I'd like to try doing it with a well-seasoned iron skillet rather than buying a non-stick (My dad had this down pat!). I found this youtube video which is pretty convincing about the possibility:

    1. Ah yes the trick is all in the way one rolls out the omelette...I'll try one and see if I can get the hang of it then I wouldn't need to buy a new pan.

  3. Cats are natural seafaring companions. Yours look as if they just love the nautical life.

    Father's Day is always a sad one for my husband and me -- both Dads have passed on. I lost my handsome father, René, when he was only 40 (I was 11). I still miss him very much. He was a fabulous cook -- Sunday lunch (the main meal of the day) and all special occasion and holiday dinners were entirely his creations. Mme Mère was only too happy to relinquish control of the kitchen to him.

    BTW, he made fabulous omelets.

    How do you get an orchid to bloom again? I've never had any luck at that.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. My Father enjoyed puttering in the kitchen when I was growing up...he made a great meat loaf and he loved to BBQ.
      This particular orchid sits in a window facing south under the extended eaves of our arts and crafts bungalow...I water it once a week. Other than that I do not do a thing.
      I've attended many Orchid Society meetings and plan to go back when the club reconvenes in the fall. I only buy the Phalaenopsis or window sill orchids as our home has single paned windows and is quite draughty in the winter. Above my kitchen sink which faces north I have 3 orchids in different colours all have re-bloomed...I think they love the humid conditions above the sink.
      Good luck!

    2. Thank you so much for the advice on orchids. I do not have a green thumb, but I will definitely make note of your wonderful suggestions. I'll let you know if I have any luck. I just adore orchids.

      Thanks again,


  4. I so enjoy the grey and silver look. I have had a lot of wear from my Monoprix linen T-shirts. Monsieur and I are at UBC this week doing Ageless Pursuits lectures. My blue T and grey capris with my silver Hostess-inspired bangle felt very comfortable and French. The professor emerti (who taught Monsieur 48 years ago) recommended a book that you might enjoy The Hare with Amber Eyes. It is a true story about the art collection of a wealthy Jewish family who lived by le Parc Monceau. Did you visit there? Your boat days look so relaxing. Good luck with the omelette!

    1. Oh, may I chime in and second the recommendation for The Hare with the Am er Eyes? I might even have written about it on my book blog. It's wonderful!

  5. I have seen that book in the book shop...and wondered about it. No I did not go to Parc Monceau when I was in Paris...there are so many wonderful parks and verdant squares aren't there?
    Oh and I do hope that you'll share your thoughts on the blog about the workshop at UBC...
    I used to work there!

  6. I love that you take your cats with you on the boat. I'm sure they enjoy being included, especially on lazy days.

  7. Your weekend on the boat looks perfect!! Loving that silver necklace. Sometimes my inexpensive accessories get the most wear and compliments!

  8. I just love that you take your cat on the boat. Does he/she go above and sit o the deck??? We had a barn cat on the farm at home that would follow my step-father down to the river and onto the ferry that took farmers and their machinery over to an island to cut hay. The cat would just sit on the open deck and calmly walk off when the ferry reached the shore, and head for home. Except for the day he fell into the river ...he was unhurt...but not calm anymore.

  9. Love the white, grey and silver combination - perfect for these summer days. We're looking forward to some boating days soon - life has been so busy lately that we've not gotten out for a couple of months.
    Your white orchid is lovely.

  10. For some reason, I have always loved melamine plates in wonderful patterns. Williams Sonoma has some great ones now.

    The cats look happy on the boat!