Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paris ~ The Palais Garnier

Opulent and ornate are the two words that spring to mind when I think of the Palais Garnier,
the Beaux Arts architecturally designed building in Paris. Formerly The Paris Opera House which is now home to the Paris Ballet Company.

When we were there on tour we were treated to a little rehearsal...
I would love to be in the audience for a full performance.

Can you imagine the beautiful and luxurious gowns that women would have worn to the Opera?
I can visualize arriving by carriage with a lady's maid at my side...
a modern day Cinderella!

So many marble stairs to navigate with a commodious gown and delicate footwear...
one would definitely want to be accompanied by a smart well heeled gentleman.

The intricate designs are utterly breath taking.
the radiant lighting 
the colourful fresco's
the scale of the space
the marble carved pillars
the inlaid mosaic flooring...
it's amazing.

We'd convene here for a glass of bubbly during the intermission!

Looking up at the gold and crystal... 
could be a dizzying distraction from the performance.

I'd want opera glasses!

It would be convenient to have one's own box to sit in...

Paris Opera House is a beautiful place to visit...
read more about it here.

I've settled back into my daily round.
The pedestrian life that I lead now has a touch of Parisian glamour.
I've got a bundle of photos and a heart full of delightful memories that are with me as I weave my way through the rooms of our humble home and slowly and mindfully meander along the streets of our charming neighbourhood by the sea.

It's not Paris,
 but there's a wee bit of Paris that has come back with me to my home here in Victoria.
I'll cherish this trip for years to come.
Je t'aime Paris.


  1. Je t’aime Paris :)
    Always happy to read about your trip.

  2. Lovely, I enjoy immensely reading about other travelers Parisian adventures. Thanks, Hostess.

  3. I bought a scarf of the Chagall ceiling.We are Romantics and it is wonderful to imagine the experience. Daughter, who loves Phantom, and I visited Opéra Garnier a few years back It is so beautiful! If we can transport some of this elegance into our daily live, it would be great.

  4. Beautiful! I haven't been inside in decades, but it might be really fun to do, given what you show here, if ever I go back to Paris.

  5. So enjoying your photos and experience. Loved seeing you wearing your Hermes scarf at home. What else have you done to bring Paris and France home with you?

  6. What gorgeous photos!! Yes, indeed, I was privileged to see many opera performances at the Palais Garnier over the years, and, no matter how well dressed I was, I always felt like a scullery maid as I climbed those magnificent stairs. Since 1989, opera is performed at the Opéra Bastille, adjacent to the Place de la Bastille. The acoustics and sight lines are wonderful in this modern, minimalist building, but it AIN'T the Garnier.

    Thanks for a wonderful post.

    Cheers, M-T

  7. That's the great thing about a trip - you can play over the memories and pictures and it stays with you.

  8. The Opera House is amazing! It sounds like you had so many great experiences, and saw so many special things when you were in France. The best ever souvenir from a trip is to take back home "a heart full of delightful memories."

  9. What beautiful photos of a wonderful building. Thank you for sharing them. Your descriptions made this place come to life. Enjoy these photos of your trip. I still think often about trips we have made. They live on in our memories!

  10. I agree with you this is indeed a most extravagant and amazing building and all that without even needing to see a performance. It is so nice that your trip came up to all of your expectations. Like you I would love to visit France again.

  11. I can almost feel your glow from your Paris trip. Your photos and trip reports are amazing. Are we going to see any more Paris purchases?

  12. Jill I purchased a few things which I can show in an upcoming post. I did not over indulge though as my carry on did not offer much room after buying a bunch of lovely French soaps which I have given away to friends and family. A couple of really fun beaded bracelets for my daughter and daughter in law...they are very popular with the young women. They have charms and fringes as well as semi precious beads. A book for the grandchildren and some Hermes scent for my husband and myself.

  13. Such opulence! Wonderful photos, L. I love your conclusion - to live your own life with a little bit of the French flair you observed. All of our experiences contribute to the way we live our lives.

  14. So many of us have been enjoying your "humble" life all along, and now your exquisite trip to Paris. It's on many bucket lists I'm own included. Such a delightful blog! Jen in NY

  15. I love the Paris Opera House and especially the Marc Chagall ceiling in the Auditorium on your photo No 13. Glad you enjoyed your trip, I am off to Paris in a couple of weeks.

  16. Thank you for all the photos, I feel as if I had gone on the tour myself. i passed it several times when I was a student in Paris, but I never inquired about a tour!

  17. Your photos of the breathtakingly beautiful ceilings and stairs, make me wish to be able to go back in time. I would loved to have seen an opera there.