Friday, June 19, 2015

OOTD ~ Sailor Style

I cobbled together a crazy sailor style outfit this morning...
it's a busy day of domestics here in The Humble Bungalow.

I've been doing laundry since about 8:30 am.
Eradicating dirt should appear on the top of my CV!

It's a Blue OOTD all the way down to the toes.
The Tommy Hilfiger watch is waterproof so good for actioning domestics or wearing on the boat.

This might be what Lisa calls "Tomboy Style."
Do you read Lisa's blog?
I do and did you know that I started blogging because of her?
She was super helpful and supportive and she really knows her way around the technical area of computing.
She knows a lot about the WASP way of life which I personally find fascinating...

These comfy GAP capri length sailor pants are so soft.
They must be as old as the hills...
or they've been laundered dozens if not hundreds of times...
well I am given to exaggerate a bit!

The striped top is the one I purchased at COS in The Marais district in Paris this May...
Paris, France I was there just over a month ago.

Here are some images captured from my trip...all themed Blues.

It's Father's Day on Sunday and I'll be remembering my Dad,
honouring my husband, the Father of my children 
and son who is the father of two and soon to be 3.

Hope that you have a lovely weekend.


  1. It's a day of domestics around here, too. Mostly done now and I'm taking a few moments to read blogs before my parents arrive from the mainland.
    Love the blues - both the outfit and the French memories. Bon weekend.

  2. You and I had the same kind of day! I spent the day doing laundry, paying bills, baking, etc. I like your outfit better than mine! I was wearing a knit dress from J. Jill.

    Love your photos from France. Keep them coming. They are like a mini vacation.

  3. Started out with laundry at 8:00 and then attended a local fashion show with Maman. I wore my navy Paris jeggings (C&A two years ago) and my linen navy and taupe tunic. I bought a similar top to yours in Brittany and will wear it tomorrow to a family gathering. Don't you love having a bit of France with you on a daily basis? I love blue doors and shutters. Bon week-end!

  4. Beautiful photos Leslie. And thanks for the mention, yes, so happy to have you on the Tomboy Team today;).

  5. That's a fabulous top! I love it when one of those blue doors swings open just as we're walking by, and we get a peek inside.

  6. From Margie in Toronto - must be something in the air - I was all in blue at work yesterday and it will be the same colour scheme today! I started moving furniture around last night - cleaning as I went so I will be spending this morning putting things back to order! But, I have TEA at the Royal York with friends to look forward to this afternoon. OH and I just ordered a similar top from LL Bean yesterday! You are having a good influence on my style! :-) Wonderful Photos!

  7. Beautiful blue photos and I love your TH white watch.

  8. Beautiful blues... I love the soothing hues of blue! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I had not visited your blog in a while, but your blog post today inspired me to dress in stripes and navy to run my errands. I love how serendipity works. Cheers from Edmonton, Luciana.

  10. Love your top! There's something so refreshing and happy about those blues. Just beautiful.

  11. The quintessential marinière looks so lovely on you! It's such a fresh, youthful look, which we "femmes d'un certain âge" can pull off beautifully. Anchors aweigh (or is it "away?"). I should know that, as the child of a naval officer.....of course, it was the French Navy, so I doubt I would have heard that expression very often in English.

    Cheers, M-T