Monday, June 15, 2015

From the Spa to the Sea...and The Glove is Back!

I am slowly getting back into my routine here in The Humble Bungalow.
I'm resisting rushing into anything with too much gusto.
Perhaps it is "Post holiday transition."

Sporadic thoughts of Paris and France linger...
and bubble up when I least expect them, but I encourage and savour the thoughts.

I've been spending time in the house doing the domestics and in the garden weeding and dead heading the roses.
Last week I rewarded myself with a "day off."

I popped into one of my favourite thrift shops and bought a funky necklace.

It looks hand made and I wore it with my black bamboo dress.
It has a definite BoHo vibe.

I decided to vary my walking route and went along the waterfront where I grew up in South Oak Bay.
This little stretch of water is known as McNeil Bay.
A lighthouse on Trial Island is situated quite close...
the whale watching boats go by several times a day as there are pods of resident Orcas living in our waters and those near the US San Juan Islands.

My reward was a delicious lunch! 
A tasty veggie cabbage roll in the Olive Olio's cafe in the Cadboro Bay Village...
I sat outside in the sunshine before going to the spa around the corner.

I love Bliss Spa...
it's clean and quiet and off the beaten track.
One relaxes in their waiting room sipping peppermint tea while leafing through magazines.

"This colour is making waves"
Perfect for the boating season which has started up...

Oh but it's not all glamour here...
I dug out "THE GLOVE!"

Do you remember that it makes an appearance every so often?
It's been quite a long time since I featured this accessory and would have probably not thought to focus on it but I received a cheery email from a reader saying that she enjoyed seeing "the glove" and it makes her laugh so without further ado...

The glove came out to the boat with me this weekend.
Big dirty jobs require the assistance of a reliable and handy helper.

Mr. HB and I cleaned the boat from top to bottom and it shines.
Why do I have Twinkle on board you may ask?

Well we have WMF silverware on board...
it might sound a wee bit strange but when we were outfitting our SeaRay Sundancer I was looking for dishes, cutlery, pots and pans as well as towels and pillows and bedding...
the costs were getting out of control and so when I spied this set of silver at the thrift shop for less than the stainless steel at Target I pounced on it.

After a day of work we sat down to a lovely lunch at Sea Glass restaurant at the top of the dock at Van Isle Marina.

The Marina has erected a new sign... our boat is tied up on this dock.

After lunch my BFF and I decided to have our photos taken in front of the Van Isle sign...
we are all celebrating 60 years!

The original Glove debut...

Pepper got into the act...

then she decided to puncture the thumb with her very sharp teeth!
The original glove is long gone.

Thankfully there are many more available...
I've got my heart set on some new pairs of "Playtex Living Gloves" in bright colours.
They are only available in the US so I am thinking a trip to Seattle is in our future...

Can you imagine what the border security will say when I mention the purpose of our trip is to buy Playtex rubber gloves?

Hope you've enjoyed this silly post.

There are quite a few joyous June birthday celebrations in our midst
and yet
many people in our lives are struggling with personal issues.

We have friends and family that are seriously ill and there have been a few recent deaths.
Our hearts go out to them in sympathy.

"Laughter is an instant vacation."

~ Milton Berle ~

"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humour and hurt."

~ Erma Bombeck ~


  1. The Glove makes me laugh too! I love it that you have such pretty silverware on your boat.

    You are so right that in the midst of much frivolity and happy things, there are some who are suffering from grave health issues and other things. Blogs such as yours are a welcome diversion for many!

  2. I agree with Susan. I always take a break at work and check your blog. You post such pretty photos and it always makes me smile. I daydream about being outside while stuck here at work. The glove makes me laugh too!

  3. I like to think of you with real silver on the boat. So civilized!

    Keep celebrating the joy and supporting the sick; I cooked for one of our friends this weekend who just found out he has a brain tumor of the worst type. We had such fun despite the knowledge that his life has just become more fragile than he had ever imagined.

  4. I Love The Glove! And I'm sorry for the losses your friends and family are suffering.

  5. Sadness and loss are part of our lives and we need to take time each day to think of them. Even as I spend time with my mother, I know that this time will draw to a close. By the way, if your mum likes movies, we went to see "See you in My Dreams" with Blythe Danner. One of the 60+ genre…not great but no swearing, violence and only a bit of sex. The weather has been so beautiful that you must be anxious to get out on the water. You make cleaning look like fun!

  6. I'm sorry for the difficult times your loved ones are facing, L and I hope that they find resolution and comfort soon.

    But it is lovely to read that you are still able to take a step back and also enjoy special moments like these.

    SSG xxx

  7. Ah, there's the glove. :-)
    Like others have said, your blog is always such a nice diversion. All good thoughts to you and yours.