Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lime Time...

Love love love the colour green!
I adore the taste of limes...
have a "green thumb" and am often "green with envy."

I gravitate toward greens of all shades...

I love to use limes in a gin and tonic cocktail...
(My WW friendly G and T's are made using mostly Perrier with just a splash of tonic)
the wedge of lime is squeezed into the cocktail and then popped into the glass.

Avocado's are a WW high point but healthy splurge...avocado on toast or eaten straight from the skin with a splash of worchestershire sauce and a sprinkling of Sea salt...yum.

Green salads, green beans, green apples, green peas, green smoothie drinks...
so many healthy foods are green.

Our Humble Bungalow front porch is where we often sit after a hard day of working.
I found most of our vintage wicker porch furniture free on the boulevards...
after dragging the chairs and tables home I painted them black.

It's a cozy place to sit and chat.
It's located close to the street so it gives us an opportunity to greet the neighbours 
as they stroll by on the sidewalk.

We have a few dull planters that are going to be transformed by a coat of black paint...
I am not sure why I like black pots in the garden, but I do.
I'm not sure why I love green either but I do...
Does anyone know why we have colour favourites?
Ah but I digress...
 I need to get myself off to the paint store...
and I'm sitting here writing a blog post when I could be painting!
(my excuse is that it's really hot outside ~ I am keeping cool inside)
Do you "feel the heat?"
I do.
 I hydrate with sparkling water all day long so it is rather frustrating...
I garden in the mornings or later in the afternoon when the sun is not so intense.

I cannot remember if I mentioned that Mr. HB has been busy redoing our front porch and stairs.
They were in dire need of restoration.
When I went off to France my darling husband ripped them out and began a long and tedious project.
He improved the look as well as the stability and function of the stairs.
He rebuilt the area in front of the door by ripping out and replacing all the wood. 
Then he extended the treads of the stairs so they were deeper and reconfigured the detail of the sides by using the beveled siding as seen on the original house.
The beveled wood wraps around as you can see and it all needed to be level...
it was a big job but he is finished all the hard work and is ready to prime and paint.
I like the improved functionality and think it looks much better.
We need to decide on the style of the wood railings before the job is complete.
Railings would not have been part of the original design.
 With Mother popping by, 
(and we are aging ourselves!) 
we need to have something sturdy to hang onto.

Hermes scarf

Which I wear with this lime cardigan that I bought last summer from Target.
Cheap and cheerful.
  (I am still lamenting the loss of Target stores in Canada.)

I'm excited to report the wee lizard that we saw awhile ago in our Humble Bungalow Garden has been sighted several more times!

The Limelight hydrangeas are getting ready to flower so there will be lime bouquets in abundance.

That's all to report for now...
what's new with you?
Anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. I love the fact that you found your lovely porch chairs on the street and painted them yourselves. Good work Mr HB on the front porch!
    It's going to be wonderful. I look forward to seeing your decision on the railings.

  2. That's some very impressive work on the porch! Well done. I love lime green too; it's a very refreshing color.

  3. I love all shades of green, it's a very peaceful color. Love your porch and the new stairway.

  4. lucky you to have a lizard in your backyard
    wildlife is always interesting!

  5. Green is a lovely colour, bright and dark I love them all. I justify lots of green because it goes with everything. Green is the colour of nature. Green grass, trees, shrubs... Your scarf is bright and cheerful, what's not to like about Hermes! The new stairs and porch look wonderful. Nice design, great quality, and very solid. Mr HB does nice work!
    Also, I like your hosta plants. I used to collect them. Unfortunately the deer like them too. My collection is reduced to one Montana near the entry. If you like hosta and green you must check out Montana. Striking. A very large green leaf with a white perimeter that stands high on a strong stem. This is a hearty plant and requires little care. My kind of plant. Susan.

    1. We have a huge hosta in addition to the usual is called Sum and Substance and is threatening to take over our front yard! I am hoping my friend's husband will come by and chop it in half and take some away...he has created some new beds and is on the lookout for more plants.

  6. Hi there - what kind of paint did you use on the furniture - love it all.

    1. I used black exterior latex paint applied with a took several coats and is very finicky work but the results are worth it!

  7. Green is definitely my favourite colour I use it a lot in decorating as it is welcoming.
    You're right about all the green foods they are so good for you. I don't think there is a green I dislike, love all the shades of green, GO GREEN!
    Your porch looks very inviting, the black for the cane looks great, enjoy summer with the cool drinks.

  8. I just met friends for coffee wearing my celadon green linen dress from Paris. I don't wear that much green but salad is my go-to lunch (just ad grilled chicken or salmon). There is not a green vegetable that I dislike. I have always loved front porches because I like a house that is open and welcoming to passersby.

    1. Oh you and I are two peas in a pod!
      I just bought a lime coloured linen top for summer...the bright colours are sneaking into my wardrobe.
      When I was in Paris I had my "colours done" I am a winter and so I should wear bright colours.

  9. I have no idea why we gravitate towards certain colours. It would be interesting to know the answer to that question. Green definitely makes my "top 3" list. Your porch and start renovation is looking great. I'm sure, as with all renovations, you'll be glad when it's finally finished. As for excitement, for me it was being in your neck of the woods. I just got back last night from visiting my family in Oak Bay.

    1. Next time you plan to visit maybe we can meet for coffee.

    2. I would love to have a visit! Hopefully the next time I'm over we can work something out. :-)

  10. Green is my favorite color, too. I adore your front porch and wish my house had one! What a lovely spot to read.

  11. Green projects a sense of harmony and balance. It is a peaceful, reassuring color. They say that people who wear green don't want to be noticed in a crowd, but I think all bets are off if you're wearing lime green. You will definitely NOT fade into the crowd.

    I, also, love green, but then redheads do tend to gravitate to that color. It's very flattering.

    Aren't you lucky to have such a handy husband!!

    My Great Aunt had a beautiful front porch, and I loved sitting on it. Would love to share a G&T w/you on your front porch some day.

    Cheers, M-T

  12. I rarely wear green but love the many many variations of green found in nature. Without green, our world would be dull indeed.

    I would have to say brown is my favourite colour, not an exciting choice but it is my colour of comfort.

    The black wicker looks so inviting on your porch, especially with the cool summer drink on the table. You have mentioned 'free on the boulevards' before. Sounds a wonderful way to shop!

  13. Your husband did a great job on the new steps and your porch with the black wicker and pretty green cushions looks like a wonderful place to sit in the shade.

    I love your pretty Hermes scarf. It looks very nice with the cardigan.

    Cute lizard! Looks like he is posing.

  14. That lime is so fresh against the black wicket!! A beautiful place to sit and relax. Kudos to the hubs. He did an amazing job.
    Avocados are too delicious for me to give up. Have a great evening.

  15. Oh I love the lime green! What a lovely restful entry to your bungalow. Your green thumb is evident everywhere.

  16. Love what your husband is doing to the porch. Looks great! Since you are a green lover and like black as well, may I suggest the color Charleston Green. It is a green black. I just bought some and my husband is repainting some small metal outside tables that we have. It's great - it's black and yet green. I think you would like it as well.