Monday, June 29, 2015

Busy as Bees and a nasty Stinger!

It was a really hot weekend and Mr. HB and I spent most of it in our Humble Bungalow Garden.
We have some projects on the go and Mr. HB finished installing the railings on the front stairs...a project that he started while I was away in Paris. Besides weeding and deadheading the roses I have been wielding a paintbrush!

He will be painting the porch and treads one day this coming week as it was far too hot to do it today.
He has done a fine job and I am so grateful to be married to such a clever and handy man.
Thank you sweetheart!
I painted the planter on the porch black and bought some flowers to fill it.

They are bright and cheerful.

I made this fresh tomato and mint salad with balsamic cream...
Summertime and salads ~ so tasty and WW Friendly!

I know I have shown you Jude the Obscure  in our Humble Bungalow Garden many many times 
but for me this rose never gets old...

The Calla Lilies are amazing this year.
We have three big Callas in the front garden and one in the back.

Dusty Miller is in flower and I only grow it because I like to put it into flower arrangements.
The grey/silver foliage is a fabulous filler and looks wonderful with roses!

The Romneya Coulteri
aka the fried egg plant is looking so pretty.

The petals are very paper like and dainty.

It's a stunner.

and it thrives in poor soil...even gravel and sand.
Once you get it established it will be a star performer.

It's been a real scorcher of a weekend and we are all tried to stay cool...
some of us have fur coats which makes it much harder 
Mr. HB has been guzzling Gatorade while working outside and I have sipped several bottles of Perrier.

I phoned and checked on Mother 
just to make sure that she was keeping hydrated 
seniors are at high risk for heat issues
and she walks most afternoons

fortunately she was home with the fans on, sipping a cool beverage and reading a book
she postponed her walk due to the high heat.

I did not go for my walk either as I was in the garden all day.
Lots of weeding and dead heading was done...
and I painted the French vintage metal table and chair black!

Here's a sneak peek of our patio extension with the freshly painted table and chair.
I'm going to get some black pots and fill them with pretty annuals and place them at the edge of the space...
I can see myself sitting here with my book and a cup of tea or a glass of Perrier.

I got stung twice by a  hornet...
I don't remember having such a nasty bite and I had an allergic reaction.
My wrist got really red and swollen in no time flat
Mr. HB zipped off to our local pharmacy to buy some antihistamine.
It made me very drowsy...

Our Birthday dinner went ahead as normal...
On the menu:
maple syrup ~ ginger ~ soy glazed salmon
tabbouleh salad
spinach strawberry salad
roasted veggies
garlic bread
chocolate cake

I over cooked the roasted veggies and spilled half the salad dressing...
I blame it on the effects of the drugs!

We had a lovely evening and the grandchildren were a delight.
It's my favourite thing...getting together as a family.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. Your garden looks lovely! Our romneyas didn't come back this year, perhaps because of the reduced watering we've been required to adopt due to the severe drought.

  2. Ouch! Sorry you got stung! I'm surprised at the hornets we've seen lately -- not huge numbers, but still, more than usual and earlier. (mind you, I'm also seeing more Tiger Swallowtail butterflies than ever before, and those I like). Hope the inflammation has gone down today. Your garden looks fabulous!

  3. Your garden is looking wonderful! Hornets are so nasty, sorry that you were stung, I'm allergic too and those drugs knock me right out when I have to take them, I can't stand the feeling.
    That dinner sounds lovely and you must so enjoy your whole family together, what a blessing.

  4. Beautiful garden! Sorry about your bee sting. Hope they leave you alone for the rest of the season.

  5. Oh I'm sorry about the stings! I got a nasty sting on vacation and actually had to cut the stinger out with nail clippers! it felt very Dr. Quinn medicine woman. Anyway, sometimes we all just have off days in the kitchen. I had a dinner for 20 last week and think I screwed up something every step of the way. It all worked out, but I was gasping for air by the time my guests arrived. But, like yours, my dinner was still a success because most everyone had a good time.
    How did I not know dusty miller flowers?? I swear I don't think I've ever seen that happen!

    1. PS-balsamic cream? I need to research this...

    2. It's actually called Balsamic crema...sorry for the typo.
      I will change's sold in a bottle and basically it is balsamic vinegar that has been reduced until it is a syrupy consistency.

  6. From Margie in Toronto - your garden is just gorgeous - all your hard work certainly pays off with those wonderful flowers - thank you for sharing.
    I've never heard of the fried egg plant - nor have I seen a photo before - but the name is certainly apt!
    I heard on the weather channel that BC had been having very, very hot days - we've been the opposite - on Saturday night it was so cold that the furnace came on and the rads were very hot when I woke up yesterday! It is much nicer today and back up to about 22C today - just perfect as far as I'm concerned.
    Sorry about the sting - take care.

  7. Isn't it hot? You are accomplishing a lot in spite of it all. Such a pretty garden you have. Sorry about the stings. My husband had some really nasty swellings last summer from wasps/hornets. We didn't get the antihistamine soon enough and it took a long time to go down.
    Your dinner sounds delicious, and we do all go through clumsy times. Stay cool, L!

    1. I am having a nasty was first on my hand and now my whole arm and hand are puffed up like a balloon and I am grumpy about it!

  8. Ouch! Hornets, wasps, bees - the sting hurts and lingers a long time. I am highly allergic and just hate taking an antihistamine. I do have an EpiPen which I have yet to use - mostly because you need medical help after getting the shot. I never wear flower colours or anything flowered during the summer as I find the bees are attracted to colours. White blouses and t-shirts.

    Your gardens are gorgeous and I'm inspired to paint some outdoor furniture black.

    1. I was wearing all black...but I disturbed where they were nesting...they came after me in drives and I ran! I think I was fortunate to only get stung twice.

  9. My weekend was filled with celebrating my 40th Reunion from Mt. Doug, and a surprise visit from our cute little Grandson!! He decided to come 2 weeks early!! Atticus James Scott Wilson was born on Sunday June 28th (my Father's birthday), at 11:48 pm, weighing in at only 6 lbs 14 oz, but healthy and beautiful...check out our pictures on FB ;) You should see his hair!!

    1. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson and a very sturdy name...
      I think it sounds aristocratic and he is lucky to have been born onto your lovely family.

  10. I hope you have made a full recovery from the hornet sting. I've been stung by a bee and by a wasp and am always amazed at how a sting can actually stun you.

    I love seeing photos from your garden.

    1. Oh I wish I was over it...still popping antihistamines every 4 hours. I am very grumpy and groggy.

  11. I am in quiet awe of how much you both got done! All the painting! And your garden is looking beautiful - so sorry you got stung and I hope you manage to keep the stingers at arm's length for the rest of the summer.

    1. We are speedy when we have a project, or rather when I have a bee in my bonnet!
      I will try my best to avoid any more stings...we have a new super duper wasp zapper and I think it will work on hornets too...their venom is way more toxic than regular wasps...and not the WASP you write about on your blog!

  12. Your garden is simply stunning! I can just picture you enjoying that backyard. Getting stung is horrible and so scary when it swells up. Of course you can blame the antihistamine.They make me fall asleep. Have a great week!