Friday, June 12, 2015

Snapshots and tidbits...from Paris to Victoria.

Snapshots are such a great way to capture everyday life...
with an Iphone in my pocket I am at liberty to snap away to my hearts content, which I do.

The Seine River at dusk...
This image of Paris looks reminds me of an impressionist painting from The Musee D'Orsay.

At Versailles we wandered along the path under a canopy of trees.

In Marie Antoinette's "small home" on the grounds of Versailles.
I loved her quaint "farmhouse" and the working farm.

The Place des Vosges in The Marais area of Paris.
It is the oldest planned square and features a fountain, park and lots of shops.

A wee plant growing in a crack of pavement...

Mr. Peacock in Beacon Hill Park ~ Victoria, B.C.

Chester relaxing in the dappled sunshine of our Humble Bungalow.

My latest book...Kate Atkinson weaves a great tale.

Jacob's Coat Rose floating in our birdbath...
I love how the leaves are reflected in the water, they almost look surreal.

Foxgloves thrive in our clay soil.
Bees love to fly up inside these flowers and buzzing is heard loud and clear.

The wee Vintage French jug I purchased at the Market in Vallence D'Agen.
A reader requested that I share the jug as well as the flowers.

White Iceberg roses and Lady's Mantle.
Which make a striking combination...would you agree?

So delicate...

I wore my Jones of NY wrap summer dress to The Bengal Room at The Empress Hotel 
for Mother's 88th birthday celebration.
I dragged out the sapphire and diamond ring because of the blue in the dress...
I'm hoping that I will not get a citation from the Fashion Police for being too "matchy matchy!"

A decorative door knocker ~ Moissac France.

Our red geraniums are putting on a spectacular show.
I love geraniums for planters and pots as they are relatively inexpensive and bloom all summer long.
Cheap and cheerful.

The weather is perfect for gardening and walking.
This weekend I plan to do both...
and I'll be taking more photos.

Hope that you all have a great weekend!


  1. The foxgloves are beautiful! I think your ring accessorises well with your dress .... Not at all matchy matchy :)

  2. I love the shot of Chester - very film noir!

  3. You have such a good eye. I love seeing your photographs.

  4. You and materfamilias have an artist's eye! Love your photographs. What type of camera are you using or is it a smartphone?

    1. I used an IPhone 5S to capture these images. I use it more than my Canon Elph which is quite an old model and not as crisp as the IPhone cameras.

  5. I really enjoy your blog, thank you for all the lovely photos and sharing your daily activities and style ideas with us.

  6. Out and about I agree, an iPhone is the way to go. Beautiful shots, L.

  7. I loved the low key beauty of this post.

  8. Beautiful photos. The white rose in the vintage French jug looks beautiful. What a perfect souvenir of your Paris trip. Love Chester in the dappled light!

    Missing beautiful Victoria.