Saturday, January 4, 2014

OOTD ~ Booties!

My OOTD is one you've seen many times but this time there is something new.

Banana Republic Breton striped top
Hermes scarf
both of these you have seen many times.

The smaller Hermes silk square is a very versatile choice especially in a basic palette of black and white.
These scarves are slightly less expensive than the larger silk squares.

The sterling bangles are getting some wear today.

I've lusted after short booties for many months and being on my frugal kick I have avoided temptation...
that is, until Mother gave me some Christmas money and then I knew what I was going to look for at the shops.

Timberland boots
black leather with suede insets.
Super comfy and these can be worn on my long walks to town.

I rolled up the cuffs on my skinny jeans.

I've worn these several times and the heel height is perfect for comfort on long treks.

I gained some weight over the holidays and fell off track for a few days when tempted to dine on delicious food and sip more cocktails and wine. 

Curried chicken and vegetables  in (lite) coconut milk sauce with rice and cilantro.
We had some fig and date chutney which paired so well with this dish.
Cheryl and I made this dish by using Vij's curry spice blend which was a gift and we used a large assortment of vegetables that we had on hand and added some skinless chicken thighs.

This was a little bit of heaven...
and when our guests were here we walked everyday.
Most days it was a 5K walk but once we did the 9K route.

I am stepping up my walks and whittling down my points to get back on track for my weigh in next week.
Fingers crossed I won't be too embarrassed stepping on the scale.

How is your weekend shaping up?


  1. That curry looks mouth-watering and healthy. I use skinless chicken thighs a lot because they are flavourful and economical Those booties look stylish and comfortable for a longer walk. I would love to own a Hermès scarf but it always seems like a lot to pay for one. Perhaps I will find one in a market or a consignment store.

  2. I love those booties. I can't wear high heals anymore so I'm always on the hunt for comfortable footwear. I won't even get on a scale right now. I know damage has been done, but I want to wait a few weeks until I check the numbers:). Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. We need to pick up some more of Vij's curry mix -- a daughter gave us a small assortment of his spice mixes a few years ago, and they were wonderful . . . but need replenishing. Enjoy your weekend putting some kilometres on those splendid new boots!

  4. Very nice boots hostess! And I love your scarf.

    We are enjoying the last full day of our extended several week holiday at our farm--back to Dallas tomorrow afternoon. We have a guest here with us and she has a fit bit. We've taken our dog Frankie on a hike and are feeling fairly good about ourselves. I have some great chili simmering on the stove. We'll be having that tonight with cornbread and salad. Life is good!

  5. Christmas money is great, isn't it? Always good for a splurge. Your curried chicken looks wonderful!

  6. Haha! I just bought a similar shirt from BR this week! I bought 3 pair of booties, one gray suede, one riding style in black, and a higher heel (but so comfortable) Anne Klein black suede booties. I am so happy with my State-side purchases! Managed to NOT put on anything this holiday--hooray! Looking forward to getting back on routine though plus more exercise!

  7. So snazzy! And I'm trying to whittle away the holiday joy too:)

  8. The booties are perfect! I haven't gained weight over the holidays, but have indulged enough to worry about backsliding, so I'm back on the wagon now.

  9. Love the booties, I find booties to be wonderfully versatile. They look very cute with your skinny jeans.

  10. LUUUVE the boots what more can a gel want style/comfort.

  11. Great booties and that is my favourite H scarf, I really love the art deco edge it has.
    Life starts up again tomorrow, phew grim January.

  12. Great booties, I wear some form of booties daily it seems. Also whittling away here, or trying anyway.

  13. I love the outfit - everything!!! A few months ago you inspired me to wear a short patterned scarf with a striped shirt and now that is my favourite go to outfit so naturally I love what you are wearing in this post.

  14. I keep some of the curry mix in my drawer of spices all the time. After a Christmas of cooking I'm sure it needs replenishing, as the kids are big fans of curry.
    I've kept up on your posts but have been unable to comment - so good to be back to normal now. I love the boots - perfect!