Monday, January 27, 2014

Two gals on the loose in South Granville, shopping and ethnic cuisine.

Cheryl met me at Cafe Artigiano on Robson Street for coffee bright and early Saturday morning.
The skies were blue and the sun was shining. We sipped a couple of espresso for her, a decaf Americano pour moi. Their coffee is delicious and we snagged a table in the window a great place to people watch and a fun start our adventure.
Banana Republic across the street was having a big sale and Cheryl scored a few great pants embossed with an aubergine floral pattern in what I think was cut velvet and a cozy black V neck angora and wool sweater.
Nothing for me although I did try a few things on...I really don't NEED anything.

We boarded a bus at Granville and crossed the bridge to the fabulous area of serious hostess style shopping...
Have you ever been to South Granville? It's a mecca of small boutiques punctuated with a few chain stores...Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, L'Occitane, Chapters, Pottery Barn...well you get the idea.
Lots of variety and shops that we do not have here in sleepy old Victoria.

It is a shop that has a huge array of fancy and different shoes.
If you ever are looking for shoes encrusted with crystals this is THE place!
Shoes for the girly girl in you.

Clothes, handbags, shoes, boots and accessories.
I looked but I did not find.

Hi there I'm having a bad hair day
(The blow dryer in the hotel was not up to snuff)
but who really cares?
Gosh I hope that I am not THAT self absorbed.

Snapping a "selfie" in the dressing room at Anthropologie.
Love their distressed walls.
Love the store and this could be trouble.
Where is my resolve?

I think the merchandising, displays and floor plan design are so very sexy and sumptuous.
How can they fail to sell us their wares?
I am smitten and wooed by it all ~"pure putty."
The bad news is there are two floors to browse!
Wish I was a better navigator!
I went willy nilly through the store...

So very tactile and with those scented candles and books juxtaposed with the clothes...well Hello Hostess!
 I am definitely in trouble!

Oh I almost forgot...
before we walked into Anthropologie we went into Eileen Fisher.
We do not have one in Victoria.
 I found a crisp white organic linen tank top.
I love it!
It fits so well and looks good.
The price point was a bit of a shock but I knew if I did not buy it I would regret it.
It's a desert island top.
One that I will wear until it is in tatters!

I am able to balance a splurge with those recent thrifty finds.
Mixing luxe with thrift makes total sense to me.
Am I justifying this purchase?
You bet!
Besides une femme recommends Eileen Fisher's clothing regularly and she always looks chic.

Cheryl and I perused the sales racks and tried on many garments.
we kept coming out to show each other how they looked and would give each other feedback and honest opinions.

This Tencel shirt came home with me.
I used to have a denim version of this shirt that I layered over white tank tops.
Wore it out and if memory serves me I had it for about 7 years.
This shirt can be dressed up or down.
I can wear it with pearls or my JCrew Venus Fly Trap necklace.

Shopping like we did until mid afternoon meant that we worked up an appetite.

Vij's restaurant is on my list of favourite spots to dine.
We go there as often as we can but they are not open for lunch so Cheryl and I did the next best thing...

Rangoli is their other restaurant conveniently located right next door.
It has a much more casual vibe and the food is exceptional!

Mosaic wall in Rangoli

Hostess's lunch

Cheryl's lunch

The pond outside with floating candles and apricot roses.

Lovely and unexpected...
thank you Vij!

In the afternoon we went for a refreshing walk along Spanish Banks.
The fog rolled in and blanketed the city in a cool mist that chilled us to the core.
Mr. HB and I went back to our hotel to get changed for dinner.

Wonderful authentic French fare.
John and Cheryl go to France for several months each year so they are in the know!

Cheryl and I opted for French 75's as our aperitif, the men had martini's.
I chose beet salad with shaved Parmesan to start followed by grilled salmon on a bed of white beans.
I shared dessert with Mr. HB...rice pudding with caramel sauce.
(I usually do not like sweets but I loved this and the sauce elevated the simple pudding to gourmet status)
Sancerre wine from Chateau Sancerre rounded out the meal quite nicely.

That about wraps up our excitement and now I need to get serious about cleaning The Humble Bungalow.
There is also some laundry in the hamper and I doubt it will get washed by itself.

Take care and thanks for popping by...


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day!! A girls shopping day is always so much fun. I agree with Déjà and have quite a bit of Eileen Fisher in my wardrobe. I do know that the prices are better for us in the US than in Canada. But they're worth it. I love Anthropologie too. I see ladies from 18-80 shopping in my local one. They're catalogue is even more jam packed. Have a great week. xo

  2. You hit all the high points of shopping, dining and browsing. What a grand weekend it must have been! I like to find the odd piece of EF on visits south of the border.

  3. That sounds like a delightful time! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  4. I definitely look forward to trying La Cigale French Bistro. It sounds as though you had a fabulous weekend!

  5. Your perfect day is my worst night mare! I'm delighted that you had such fun but I can only manage three shops tops, in and out in 15 minutes and can't bear having anyone with me.
    I'd have wandered off on my own and met up with you for dinner!

    1. I'm a bit like this as well. I can do a couple of hours with a sister, girlfriend, or one of my daughters, but my best shopping is done on my own, generally, and I'd have been exhausted to obliteration by the pace of your day. Definitely would have excused myself for a wee nap back at the hotel before dinner.

  6. I am with Tabitha on the issue of shopping - it is a solitary pursuit that can be rewarding but never to be inflicted on friends or lovers - too cruel!

  7. Like Tabs - I am very choosy who I can go shopping with! By the way I think that the shirt come cardigan is great but as you are getting trimmer and fitter you should consider wearing a belt and making most of your new silhouette! I think that upper half look with a long black skirt and belt cinched in at the waist would look great.

  8. It sounds like a wonderful day! Thanks so much for the nice mention. I have that same chambray shirt, though I haven't yet styled it for the blog. Can't wait to see the white linen one! I'm always especially tempted by the housewares section at Anthropologie.

  9. What a fun shopping trip. I have a similar EF blouse. Mine has tabs on the sleeves so they can be worn long or rolled up.

  10. So much fun! I had a great day in the same 'hood back in late November. Exhausted my credit card at Diane's, Lord's (that is a dazzling shoe store with great sales staff), and Anthropologie -- where I had delightful young SAs help me replace my outgrown jeans -- so cute in encouraging this woman of a certain age. You're making my mouth water for a trip to Vij's soon -- or maybe just stock up on frozen entrees from Rangoli. . . And sounds as if La Cigale is a must try. Looking forward to seeing you model the white linen top -- the Tencel one looks smart and practical.

  11. I love South Granville! Good times… Your lunches look yummy, and what a creative way to display those beloved apricot roses.

    You may think you had a bad hair day, but it doesn't look it to me. In the PNW, it's impossible to have a perfectly styled coif, so I think a little wind-blown, casual air in your hair is culturally on point. It's more fun to window shop than stay indoors where one's hair can maintain perfection.

  12. What a wonderful day, full of so many treats. This area sounds like a super place to shop...and eat, the food looks delicious and perfectly served. Your purchases will be fun to wear, please model the top for us sometime.

  13. Looks to have been a wonderful weekend. Like a second youth, really.

  14. Am with Tabitha and co; on the shopping, know what suits me,what I need in and out in a flash.
    Would like to have seen the white top on.

  15. Two floors of Anthropolgie … be still my heart! Thank you for sharing your lovely adventure …. i am still thinking of those beautiful apricot roses and floating candles …. ahhhh

  16. I bought a great pair of flats at Lord's and an outfit at Eileen Fisher last year. The outfit was expensive but I will wear it a lot this year in Europe. When I was young, I lived off South Granville and would move back there in a flash.

  17. South Granville sounds delightful. I would love to have something like this near me.

    Whenever I get to Boston, I stop by Anthropologie for a little something. My favorite tea cup is an Anthropologie find and I have gotten a few charming tops there. So unique.

  18. I love the picture you took of the shabby wall with your things hanging. It looks like a picture from a magazine.

    I'm glad you had such a nice time.