Tuesday, January 14, 2014

White Wednesday

White Wednesday is often wordless and filled with dreamy whites...
today I have a few images from the archives to pair with the blooming paper whites.
The paper whites are scenting the Humble Bungalow with their intoxicating fragrance.

I feel that there is a purity in white blooms.

Tiny wee blooms that pack a punch of fragrance.

Glowing white against a grey day outside the window pane.

I love to grow soft dreamy roses with a blush of cream.

The Classic white shirt
(every woman should have one in her wardrobe)

~ Say yes to Pearls ~ 
 (of course!)

Soak away stress in a tub of white.
Bath salts or Epsom salts ease tension.
I highly recommend this practise.
(especially after the 10K walk with a friend...my muscles are really sore)

Hydrangeas in a vintage vase.

Basic white crockery lends itself to mixing and matching patterns.
You can add to any other colour if you so desire.

I like to mix vintage with new.

Almond delight...
the most emollient milk for an all over body experience.

Thick Egyptian 100% cotton towels are standard issue here in The Humble Bungalow.
They add a sense of luxury that I am willing to save to buy.

A simple white cotton sateen chemise is cool and feels like silk.
Great for women of a certain age!

This Hostess is planning to spend some time with her grand children and gorgeous DIL.
What's on your agenda for Wednesday?


  1. Love all the white, so peaceful, so luxurious. Thinking you will be having a wonderful Wednesday!!

  2. Lovely, dreamy whites. I'm drawn more and more to white's simplicity and elegance.

  3. Wednesday has almost been and gone here - I worked, not much fun, but helps to pay the bills!

    Your whites are delightful


  4. Your whites are so pretty, specially the paper whites. Speaking of whites in the garden, have you noticed that the snow drops are up? It sure was a pleasant surprise to see a few here and there over the weekend! Have a great week Hostess!

    1. I love snowdrops and have only seen a handful so far this month...I keep peeking in my garden for some of them to show up. It was nice to see the sun today!

  5. Ah simple white flowers so classic, your home must smell heavenly with the paper whites. I need a new white shirt for under sweaters - all of mine now are tunic length.

    I haven't seen Piet Hein for a long time. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Last summer the shops were showing lots of crisp white tunic length shirts...I didn't buy one but should I see another that I like I think I'd snap it up...great with skinny jeans or leggings.

  6. I want that towel! Can you tell us the brand and the retailer? Lucy

    1. I think those ones are the Abyss brand but I also have some white fluffy ones from Lands End which are far less expensive.

  7. Your whites remind me of my Christmas paperwhites that are, unfortunately, gone (such a powerful fragrance for such a small flower) and the snowdrops that grow in my mother's yard on Whidbey Island. I think white-on-white-on-white is trés chic. I can't wait for my milky white roses to bloom this spring!

  8. So many lovely white items. The Paperwhites are lovely, next year I am going to plant some for the house, all of the ones in the garden have long finished blooming.

    My day started with a yoga class then various errands, some fun and some necessary. Tonight I am attending a Dvorak concert; all in all a very nice day.

    1. Your day sounds chock full of great things...enjoy.

  9. Lovely, serene whites...very pretty! Hope you enjoyed time with the g-babies and your daughter-in-love... Susan