Friday, January 10, 2014

Walking and work out wear....part 1 of the wardrobe series.

It seems odd that I now have a section of my wardrobe devoted to garments that inspire me to get up off the couch and get moving. Yoga and walking wear takes up more space than ever before.

Purple Segments fleece jacket
Blue and lime green hoodies from Lands' End
2 pairs of black legging style pants Athletic Works
Grey Lulu Lemon hoodie
walking shoes Lands' End 

the Mondetta jacket is on the large size now but still one of my favourites.
If I see another one in a smaller size I'll snap it up!

Two Joe Fresh stay dri tees...drying in the laundry room.
I'm wearing a sleeveless Champion white top under the Mondetta jacket.

This is my big workout/walking wardrobe

I'll show you other areas of my whittled down wardrobe in a future post.
This week I took 21 pieces of name brand clothing to the consignment shop in Oak Bay.
If they all sell I should get a few hundred dollars to reinvest in some new pieces.
Fingers crossed that someone will like them enough to purchase them.
Recycling with benefits!

Hope that your weekend is full to the brim with JOY.



  1. Your active wardrobe is lovely with colours to brighten the grey winter skies. I find that if my fitness wear is attractive as well as comfortable, I feel more energetic and enthusiastic. You are really an inspiration with your perseverance!

  2. I agree that it is important to have good looking athletic wear! After all, sometimes there are errands to run right before or after working out, walking, going to exercise class or whatever.

  3. I would keep your money expectations from that store low-I have taken in some very pricey things and am shocked at how little I got for them. Good luck though!

  4. Oh and the GAP has some great lulemon like work out clothes for a fraction of the price. Rumour is they are made at the same factory. Also when in the US check out LUCY-got the best pants there called Walkabout pants-love them!

  5. Recycling with benefits! Love it.

    We have segments here as well. Great brand.

    SSG xxx

  6. You must be feeling lighter in so many ways!
    I must follow your example, and take a pile of too-big clothes to consignment.

  7. While I do think it's important to have exercise clothes that you like to wear (which increases the chance that you'll do exercise, of course), I don't tend to count them as part of my wardrobe. I had a session with my personal trainer yesterday and then went to do some errands. I debated with myself, but found I couldn't cope with wearing the 'trackie' bottoms to the grocery store. I put a sweater cardigan and my long coat over the top half but had to put on jeans and leather shoes. Some of these clothes advice blogs must be soaking in!

    1. We dress very casually out here on the west coast of Canada. We can wear track pants and still look just fine.

  8. My husband and I decided to walk to the movies yesterday. By the time the movie was out it was dark and pouring rain. One mile from home.

    I wear street clothes when I walk with gray running shoes.

  9. Aren't nice workout clothes so motivating? I find if I put them on I will definitely get out there and do it. I have to say the Lulu Lemon pants are so worth it and have lasted me years.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. Lululemon is worth every penny in my book! from the pants to the warm jackets and waterproof outer shells, thumbs up! Elle

  11. ps. Hostess, I hope your weekend is filled with joy, also. Thanks for writing so often.