Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hi Ho Silver! Or goodness me I'm GREY!

Do you remember the theme song from the TV show The Lone Ranger?
I might be dating myself (but never mind) I watched it when I was a LOT younger!
Those were the good old days, the carefree days,  (the summer of my youth)
The memory of these ordinary details become more and more of a blur!
Which is surprising considering how instrumental they were in forming me into the person that I am today.

When I peered in the mirror I realized that there was a old lady's face staring back at me!
This woman has wrinkles (laugh lines) and grey hair...

Inside I don't feel like I am an older woman but I must be because I am a few years short of 60.
I am filled with questions...
Am I deluding myself and is my perception skewed?
Is it important that I come to terms with my mortality?
Do I need a reality check?
Does it keep me feeling younger by not accepting the label old woman?
When is a woman considered old?
Is it a number or is it attitude?
What do you think?

I think I'll stay "young at heart" and become an old woman when I am 80!
(maybe when I am 80 I'll move that number up to 90!)

Look at those's more than tinsel now...
50 shades of grey!
(in case you were curious I have not nor do I plan on reading the book)

"There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the guillotine."

~ P. G. Wodehouse ~

Guess what?
I really love the greys.
Who knew that it would grow on me?
There is so much more freedom not having to cover it up.
(time and money saved)
I feel like I have reinvented myself.

I got to thinking about silver and foil and the tarnished patina of age.
It took me only a few seconds to find some shiny things around The Humble Bungalow.

The recipe appears at the end of her post but don't rush to get there as she has some great weight loss tips.

There is some tarnish on the teapot and the tray.
Time for Twinkle!

I put fruit up on a pedestal.
Do you?

Wee vintage silver drinks tray.
It would be lovely on a bureau with scent bottles and pearls...

Tools of the trade for this domestic cook.

Cheap and cheerful glass beads.
I do not usually buy faux jewels but this strand glittered in the sunshine and I was sold.

Since my hair has gone silver I have been wearing more blacks and greys.
The addition of an icy crystal or silvery rhinestone necklace makes the hair pop a bit more.
Lipstick is essential when you have grey hair as it helps to light up the face.
I wear red more now than I did before I let my hair go grey.

Rather than hiding my age I am drawing attention to it.
I figure that I have earned the right to project that "older woman persona."
Perhaps I am projecting a new and honest self.

How do you feel about aging?
Are you joyfully embracing your golden years?
 Or are you hanging on tooth and nail to your youth?

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

~ Audrey Hepburn ~


  1. I think that the grey looks stunning on you. My mortality has hit me hard this year, I think about in the middle of the night, life is more concertinad ( probably not a word) now.

  2. This, to me, is your core post. The theme that's gone through all your blog. Beautifully written, and elevated fruit:). <3

  3. There is not an alternative. I am 64 and doing my utmost to look soignee (I think that is the French word.) And I am enjoying it immensely. My mother is 85 and until a recent devastating illness, I never thought of her as an old lady. She was spritely, sassy and stylish. The illness has taken its toll, but I have faith that she may have one more act and hope that she regains the verve that carried her this far.

  4. I call myself an old teenager in spirit only, of course.

  5. I am almost 62 and in the process of letting my gray hair grow in. It is painful at times, but I'm standing firm. It is a time to step up your style and focus on other qualities in yourself and others. Your gray is stunning. And yes, we should wear lip color, just make sure it's the most flattering shade. Lovely written blog.

  6. You look beautiful with your grey hair. Your complexion is lovely and you have lost a significant amount of weight without a hint of wrinkling. At 62, I am inspired to follow in your footsteps. I'm a little afraid that I'll look like Maman's sister!

  7. We are about the same age and I am getting steadily grayer. For some odd reason it has never bothered me as much as I thought it would when I was much younger. I pay close attention to maintaining my hair, and simply do not worry about the rest. I will however, not open the front door, if I have not styled my hair on the odd Saturday. :))
    Lovely blog post.

  8. We are about the same age and I am getting steadily grayer. For some odd reason it has never bothered me as much as I thought it would when I was much younger. I pay close attention to maintaining my hair, and simply do not worry about the rest. I will however, not open the front door, if I have not styled my hair on the odd Saturday. :))
    Lovely blog post.

  9. "Out of the blue of the western sky...."

    Hostess, there is a special on Audrey Hepburn this Sunday on PBS followed by a movie of hers.

    Did you know world hunger is decreasing since her death? I would like to think her work had a lot to do with it. She used her great fame to help these less fortunate people. I love her.

  10. Embrace your silver! I have had mine coming in since eighteen and coloured it from 30 - 40 when I decided to stop cold turkey. I never looked back! I have had compliments very often over the years from men and women, all ages. I urge you to wear more colour. As we age our natural colouring fades and we tend to look washed out, at least I know I do, so wear colour near your face. Remember, age IS just a number. I look in the mirror and am pleased most days. Yes, I have wrinkles. Keep active. I run, do yoga, eat healthily, keep all my preventative doctor appointments! I am sixty-seven and I practice yoga with an 80 yr. old woman who has the best form that I can only hope to achieve one day!

  11. You are lucky that it suits your tone. I know one is supposed to automatically say one should go au naturel but some women just don't suit it. Do you use silver enhancing shampoo? It really brings out the tones in greying hair. In fact silver shampoo also helps blondes and all sorts of hair because of the way it refracts light. I am not at that stage yet but I have gotten a few strays and I try and let it go but funny enough they are always noticed by my friends and perhaps I remind them we are all getting older? Anyway point is they tell me to color my hair before it gets out of hand so I think it might be harder to go grey!

  12. I just turned 60 last week. i embrace my aging process however, just cannot let my hair go grey. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll give it some thought.

  13. Hostess -- Your hair is lovely. And the sparkling glass beads are gorgeous. Having gone from salt and pepper to gray myself over the last decade plus, I'm feeling inspired to try to find something similar, maybe something like the vintage aurora borealis beads my mother's mother used to wear on special occasions. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. I stopped covering the grays about 4 years ago when I turned 50. It was fruitless as my hair grows very quickly and the chemicals just seemed so harsh. I have not had a single regret. It bothers other people, but not me. I can't wear the color gray, I feel it makes me look washed out, but black, bright red, cobalt blue and white are my best friends, along with my red lipstick.

  15. Your silver hair is lovely. I love those glass beads and don't consider them "lesser" than other jewelry. They're "real" glass, yes? ;-)

    Ah the questions of age, youth, mortality. I've decided (for now) to just let things unfold, to do what feels right for me, and not try to "peg" my stage in life. So much can change so quickly. I do recognize that this older body requires more maintenance to keep it running well, and am upping my efforts to keep all of the parts in running order.

  16. I like your silvery tresses. I think your views on aging are healthy and it would be so wonderful if we all embraced them. I don't really think much about my age but I think that will change as I approach 50.
    I really hope you like the chicken dish. I always get a little nervous when people make recipes I post. Please let me know how it turns out and be prepared for your house to smell like onions through tomorrow and maybe even beyond!
    Oh, and your skin looks amazing in that photo! So creamy and taut.

  17. You're looking good. I myself tried the grey look two years ago. I had my hair short and wore glasses. I believe I looked awful. Since then I grew my hair, dyed it again, and had lasic surgery, so there's no need for glasses. I'll be 54 in March. I don't much think of aging as yet. But I like to fill my time with the things and activities I enjoy. I won't drop dead like a coworker recently who was so shallow all she could talk about was hair coloring and manicures.

  18. Got a lot to say, what a wonderful thoughtful post. First you look lovely with that silver hair, don't you feel it lights up your face. I just turned 67 this past Monday & been going gray for 2 years & I will not color my hair, even let it grow past my shoulders. Decided I want long hair & I'm at an age where I don't give a hoot what people think.

    I think aging gives you the freedom to finally do what you want, not what society expects.. Done worrying about how I should look. But that said, I still take care of myself, dress well & want look attractive, just not follow anyones elses rules.

    I love reading your posts. Don't comment enough though, I want to "THANK YOU" for being out there.

    Linda, a fan from Denver, & Naples Florida

    1. Linda I want to thank you for the comment and knowing that you enjoy my humble little blog is always good to hear!

  19. We care so much about our hair. Over the years I must have spent a small fortune on it. I let my greys come through 2 years ago and then one day I looked in the mirror and didn't like it.
    I went back to having it coloured. It is now a dark auburn colour . Changing your hair colour does more for you than anything. Yours silvers look lovely.

  20. A friend with breast cancer once told me, "it's all about the hair." How important hair is to our sense of identity. Yours is lovely as is your complexion. I'm so glad we live in an age where we can do pretty much what we want with our looks without the censure of societal norms. I'm not going silver quite yet, but am thinking about the process for the future.
    Looking forward to tea on the 1st.

  21. That picture of you is beautiful, and the silver suits you very well. Lovely skin too. I sometimes get very startled when I catch a glance of myself in the mirror. Who is that?! But life at this age offers so many opportunities for growth that there definitely are compensations.

  22. Your color is lovely. I set out on this course several months ago, but discovered I am not "gray enough" to enjoy the results. Still too much brunette weighing down the sparkling gray...just looked dowdy rather than chic! So back to the stylist for the color I embraced in my mid-fifties. A color that is different from my youth, but suits my 62 + change self. However, I do enjoy my age and find that attitude makes all the difference. Agree that 80 sounds about the correct age for the term "older" woman! Smiles...Susan

  23. You look beautiful in that picture - your hair and skin. The glasses suit you as well. I colored my hair for several years, but then decided I didn't want to go on with this for the rest of my life - the trouble and the cost. I also don't like the unnatural look that people have when they color their hair into old age (at least that's how I see it). I prefer to do what I can to look the best I can and be as healthy as I can without chasing "youth".

  24. You look gorgeous - you have the most beautiful skin! Not a line on you. Like most of my friends I've spent my youth in the sun and its taken a massive toll on the epidermis (sp?). O agree the glasses really suit you. To be honest I dont' feel much more mature from when i was 16 but I love being nearly 52!!! I don't try and please everyone and suddenly I got it...there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

  25. You are one of those rare people that look wonderful with silver hair, it really flatters your skin tones. I am a bit envious.

    I hate to admit it but I am probably one of those people that is hanging on by tooth and nails. (-:

  26. Your hair looks great Leslie; it has so much dimension.
    I'm 56 and have over 30% grey; but it's ashy so I can still blend it in with highlighting.
    I don't feel I've completely grown up yet. I still feel like a twerp. I always wonder if I'll ever feel more like a woman, than a girl?

  27. can you do a post on your skin care and makeup?

    1. I will write something in the next few weeks. In the meantime you can click on the tag skin care on my sidebar and read the previous posts on the subject if you like.

  28. Old woman?nay not a sign of a line,and the silver suits your colouring.

  29. I'm a hairstylist and I love when my clients embrace their grey. I think shiny grey hair with a strong haircut is so much better looking than colored hair and constant roots. Maybe I should write a post on tips for maximizing the look of grey hair. You look great!

    1. Oh that would be a fabulous idea! I am following your blog now. Love your silverware collection and I have that same All Clad roasting pan. Use it for vast roasts and the annual Xmas turkey feast.

  30. Wonderful post - so much wisdom, and you look absolutely lovely.

  31. I quite like your grey, and it goes beautifully with your new look. I enjoy my grey hair - I find I can wear black now, which I never did when my hair was completely dark.

  32. Your grey looks fabulous on you! I'm not ready to go there yet, partly because mine is at a different stage than yours. But I have no problem accepting the wrinkles which are creasing their way onto my face (and neck!) more emphatically than ever. I do sometimes mind some of the physical limitations -- stiff hips, for example -- but our lives are so rich, it seems small-minded to focus on the inevitable marks of age. Better to celebrate them as you do so beautifully here. Brava!

  33. Congratulations on your lovely silver. For anyone who is contemplating going grey or currently on the journey, there is massive support at the Silver Sisters Cafe Gray blog and chat room. It is administered by Diana Jewell, who wrote the book Going Gray, Looking Great. Come join us.
    Hostess, your post is inspiring and thoughtfully written!

  34. Thank you I will pop over and check out that blog!

  35. Your grey hair is lovely and it suits you. I've been playing with shades of blonde and streaks and grey roots, but I'm enjoying being blonde too much to let it go yet (I tried dark red for a few years and enjoyed that, but it was tough to maintain and I decided it didn't really suit me). I call myself old because it seems so strange to be 57 (and a half), but I try not to think or act too old. I'm fighting not for my youth but for a healthy old age by exercising regularly (running, weights, pilates). Love all that silver you pictured, but don't love polishing the stuff!

  36. Hostess, you are very pretty--older woman or not. You just are. I am 61, so I have a few years on you and yes, I am noticing that I look older--and my body tells me this loud and clear. Personally, I am fascinated about growing older, but also want to know what it all means for the future. Right now, my husband and I are very busy tending to both of our elderly mothers. His mother is 87 and mine is 90. While we have siblings, we find that the responsibility for our mothers has fallen to us. But, in the process of caring for them, I have learned something about aging.

    I am still struggling with my hair. Unlike your hair, my hair is turing white, but but in a not very uniform way. I am still coloring parts of it to blend with the white parts which are very very white.

    As usual, this post was delightful. A big thank you from me for your blog.

  37. What a wonderful conversation to join in on. I was just lamenting that at 57 I'm too old to be young and too young to be old. Where does that leave me? Kind of figuring out as I go along but really enjoyed your thoughts and all the reflections on gray, in hair and in objects. You are very inspiring--love your blog! And I won't/don't plan on reading "50 shades" either! Too many great books on my list to even care.

  38. It is all about your spirit! We have all known grey, wrinkled women but never really cared about that because their spirit is so joyful, buoyant , vibrant, perky, curious, etc.! I think it is all how you live your life.

    I am not above inspecting my grey ing hair or new wrinkles, but I try to remember that I also earned them. They are a sign of a life well lived in my book

  39. I'm 65 and feel fine about that, which is not to say I don't wish certain parts of me were not hitting the floor, or creaking! I'm as old as I am- and hope to be even older. I have my hair coloured as my grey is neither a luminous shade, nor "me". (When I was younger it was a totally different colour than it is now.) Retirement seems to be a time to come to terms with it all. While caught up in work one can pretend everything is the same, but once you leave that busy-ness, everything is up for assessment.

  40. You are lovely.If I didn't color my hair, it would be completely white. Elizabeth Elliot had a radio program well into her seventies. I remember her commenting that she was surprised when she looked into her mirror to see an old woman looking back at her. We think of ourselves as adult women, but never as old women!

  41. Wow, you've sparked a response with this subject. I've sent you a link via email that shows that grey hair is not the preserve of the elderly and that some young and beautiful are wearing their grey with pride - and style!
    I think that you are looking great and the glass necklace is a winner.

  42. You look beautiful as ever. I think the grey looks fabulous on you!

  43. I know this is a very late post, but I've been away from blogs for a while...BUT I love, love, love your grey hair!!! It's fabulous. Don't ever change it. It suits you to a tee. You're beautiful. My hair is almost white, has been for about 20 years, I'm 64, and I love it. You really look fabulous!

  44. your grey hair looks fabulous. I stopped dying mine just over 2 years ago now. I am never going back to colouring and I know this to be true because when I dream about colouring it I wake up as if I have had a nightmare, I actually have an anxiety attack! I am 46 and I have it a bit long as I like to put it up in a clip in a messy bun arrangement. My hair is quite thin on top and the colouring just made it look so much thinner. I am very white at the front and actually look a bit cruella deville! I am loving the freedom too, and yes black grey and white are my favourite wardrobe colours!