Thursday, January 16, 2014

OOTD ~ Inside the change room of the thrift shop.

It is a rainy afternoon in Victoria and I need to go out for some fresh air and a change of scenery.
Still slightly achy from my 10K walk so I am taking a day off walking.
Setting aside several hours on a wet afternoon to leisurely browse at the shelves of the local Value Village is a luxury and one that I enjoy.
I trolled the aisles with an open mind. If I shop with intention in a thrift shop I never find anything much.

The shop was quite quiet and so I have easy access to all the racks. It does take time to look through the assortment of clothing and the size ranges. The tip that Sheila gave me to look at ALL the sizes has proved to be a valuable one. I have discovered many gems that I would have overlooked if I stuck to the racks offering those garments in  Medium.

"Tomboy Style"
I read the book and now I am warming up to the idea of wearing menswear.
Thinking that an over sized wool sweater might be a safe place to start I browsed through the men's section.
A cozy sweater on a cold and rainy day does have a certain appeal.

Burberry really use the softest yarn.
This sweater is like a warm hug.
 $24 is a price that I can afford and the colours go with the basic blacks hanging in my closet at home.

I also found a men's wool scarf
and a book.
Looks like there is a black and grey theme here.

Donna Tartt's first novel.
I've started reading this and her writing style is superb.
I feel as is I have fallen under her spell.
I plan to read her second novel The Little Friend before reading her latest title Goldfinch.

I've opted for pearls today.

All's well here in The Humble Bungalow.
I've got a mug of hot tea and a good book to read.

Perhaps you borrow shirts or sweaters from your boyfriend or husband.
Would you ever buy men's wear?

Hope that your week is going well.


  1. You look great. That walking is paying off.

    I was sent to the office for wearing a vintage men's Pendleton red plaid shirt. My mom let me wear it. The office sent me back to class. I also wore my brother's jeans after he grew out of them. I wore a FFA coat for a while that was my brother's but the school stopped me after a while because I wasn't in FFA. You can wear your boyfriend's letter sweater but not a FFA jacket. :)

    I think I will give another go.

  2. Absolutely. I love the tough edge of a little menswear. I like the cuffed jeans, the sweater, the shoes, the whole deal.

  3. I wish I could but boobs and big bum prevents me.

  4. Agree with what LPC said - love the whole deal. And you look so slim, you're a real inspiration Hostess!

  5. You are tiny now, it's very very inspiring.

  6. You are tiny now! I agree with Tabitha and Kathy!
    "The Goldfinch" is an excellent book. Just read it last month. And I read "The Secret History" in my 20's. I want to re-read it because I have largely forgotten it after all these years.
    I haven't thrift shopped in many weeks. I sort of lost interest in it but this post is making me want to go back! Maybe tomorrow I'll take a drive and see what's new. I know people love to get rid of things in their closets this time of year. Maybe I will score like you did!

  7. I can't wear menswear very attractively. My shoulders are too large and it looks bulky on me. You are a tiny thing now and it looks fabulous on you. I haven't read these books but have heard fabulous reports about them. You're looking fabulous. xo

  8. WW and your determination is really paying off! The menswear is a nice change and I love how one can "feminize" it with just the perfect accessory. Your post reminded me of my all-time favorite sweater from many, many ago... a navy Alpaca wool ... from a menswear store! I think to this day it is tucked away in an old truck with other precious memories!

  9. I love men's sweaters and often find a cosy one for gardening or for those early morning walks in the mist. The scarf you found is very good-looking - and the book.....a bonus!

  10. What great finds! I often find men's sweaters are too long, but that one looks Just Right on you. Adore the argyle pattern!!

  11. I usually buy two men's sweaters each winter. One will be thick and heavy, usually with a polo-neck, the other a finer v-neck. I'm not that tall, but my body is long, and I'm quite busty, so I find that a man's jumper gives me the length and hangs nicely. I also like long sleeves as I get arthritis in my wrists when I wear close-fitting jumpers meant for women!

  12. I wore a sweater of my husband's for years until it just got too shabby. Since then I haven't ventured into menswear. Your outfit is great, cute and cozy.

  13. Echo what others have said, tiny.I like the turn ups on your jeans.

  14. Bedbugs - how do you make sure???

    1. I've never considered bed bugs, lice yes, but bed bugs never.
      Perhaps you can shed some more information on the subject....

  15. You look so petite here! And I'd definitely wear the sweater you found, no question!

  16. I love menswear. No one pulls it off like Donna Tartt. I finished the Goldfinch last month, currently reading The Secret History. Once you get in the flow of her writing, it's hard to stop. Too bad she only has 3 novels.. I wish I had better luck at the thrift stores. Good job and have fun!

    1. I don't want to put her book down...makes it challenging getting anything done around here!

  17. I loved loved the Secret History but absolutely could not get through The Little Friend. What a disappointment...
    I envy you having such good thrift shops. In Amsterdam the cheap ones are real rubbish and the expensive ones are, well, expensive... I also love men scarfs, like the one you got very much.
    Always a pleasure reading your posts, thank you.

  18. My walking partner has read The Little Friend and she has offered to loan me her copy...after reading it I will comment. The Secret History is a very compelling read...hard to put down.