Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Bit of this and a Bit of that....

This is a very abstract tangential post so fasten your seat belts and watch out for whip lash!

There's a lot of moss in our Humble Bungalow Garden this time of year.
It must be all the rain that we have been getting.

I'm so happy that this succulent has over wintered, so far so good.
Fingers crossed it stays alive.

Our wee patch of green.
The "lawn" is looking green and lush.
The compost has been spread and bulbs are popping their little heads up.
Spring might be coming early this year.

That straw mop is actually a grassy plant.
The boxwood in the concrete urn is such a performer.
I love boxwood and topiaries...
the black mondo grass is another favourite of mine.

Our Primula's are blooming already!
The snowdrops are about to put on a show...

A little shot of colour was in order today.
Cut Loose vest in chartreuse green worn over a black long sleeved Segments Merino tee.
I threw on the yellow and black print scarf by Saldarini.
Gap Boyfriend Jeans and Timberland Boots complete the OOTD.

Felt like wearing my Aunt Tirzah's fur coat today for warmth.
I love the softness.
It's really too bad that wearing vintage fur has such a stigma attached to it.
Honestly I would love to own and wear a vintage mink coat but would walk in fear of the bearers of red paint!
Teddy might have something to say on the subject...
if only he could talk.

I'm so glad that Le Creuset makes their pots in bright and cheery shades.
They make cooking much more of an event.
Lifting these pots helps keep my upper arms toned.

Love Hermes boxes...always a treat to receive one.

Fruit makes such a colourful and artistic display in the kitchen.
It's the official snack in The Humble Bungalow.

 I need to wear bright colours when I am feeling tired.
They lift my spirit.
Do you look to colour for a quick pick~me~up?

An instant mood booster are my red shoes!
Add some red lipstick and everything is brighter.

Sloughing off dead skin energizes me no end.

Can you imagine how soft this wee bunny feels?
It's little body is squishy and cuddly just perfect for snuggling.
When I see this little fellow in Isla's toy basket I often pick him up and give him a squeeze for good measure.

Here's Aunt Tirzah's coat 
I found this snapshot in the archives.

My break is over.

I must get back to the jobs at hand...
see you next time when I take a break from the elegance and glamour of domesticity!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~


  1. You brought a smile to my face... my life seems to be all over the place these days also. My Le Creusets are red and orange. And I have a pair of red Cole Haan drivers that I hardly ever wear. Must rectify that very soon. Happy housekeeping!

  2. What a great coat! Do you think, since it clearly looks vintage, that you would be a target? Have paint attacks happened where you are likely to wear it (your neighbourhood)? I have worn vintage furs for many decades, and never had an aggressive incident. Once, a young woman told me it was a beautiful coat but made her sad to see people wearing fur. I agreed with her and pointed out that the coat was (by then) 30+ years old.
    Also, I once had a young man offer his disapproval (on a hotel elevator), but, since I was wearing fake fur (leopard), he had to endure the chuckles that followed, from all on the elevator.

    1. No paint incidents that I know of in my neighbourhood and very few fur sightings.
      I will wear this coat when it snows as it offers supreme can wear fur so much easier in Montreal because the weather naturally calls for it and the city is so much more cosmopolitan.

  3. I love my Le Creuset also. It is blue. I enjoyed seeing your garden.

  4. I enjoy these little snippets of life at the Humble Bungalow. Your garden looks so lush, even for winter! (It[s been so dry here, everything is still brown and dessicated.)

  5. No whip lash, enjoyed the glimpse of your day and great photos. No Le Creuset here, but do believe I get a workout in the kitchen. Mentioned to DH today that since retirement we seem to move from one meal to planning the next...I am quite exhausted! Smiles...Susan

  6. Your garden in that 3rd photo looks positively spring-like! The contrast between that lush green grass and the dark soil is beautiful and it's all so neat and perfect. I'm amazed! Thanks for the glimpses into your life and the random thoughts - it's all good.

  7. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

  8. Just about my favourite sort of post. I love the way you tie your scarves - more than technique, it's about flair.

  9. I have a vintage funky fur coat that dates from 1917 when my great-great aunt came to Canada. When I lose my weight, I would love to wear it. I just used my Le Creuset frying pan for dinner. I also love seeing all the life in the garden.

  10. Okay, so I will be honest, you had me at the Hermes boxes. I want to see what's in them all! Did you get a new scarf? I love the one that you showed here. I also love your lime Le Creuset, you are so Ina with that on your stove (I love Ina and want her to adopt me as her niece). Thanks for your nice comments on my shopping ban post. I'm so glad the ban is over, a year is too tough and my discipline is not as good as I thought it was. Ha. XO, Jill

    1. Hi Jill,
      No there are no new Hermes scarves on the scene. In the boxes are 4 Hermes scarves, a couple of books and cards with inspirational ideas from Hermes on how to wear and tie their scarves and some perfume.
      What will your first purchase be Jill?

  11. Hostess, I relish your blog, which I've been reading for a few months now. I count it among my favorites. Your splashes of color are instant mood lifters! Thanks for sharing.