Friday, January 17, 2014

Weight Watchers ~ Eating habits...and walking

A friend and I are walking 8-10K twice a week now... I walk 5K when I am walking alone.
Before walking a great distance one needs to eat a decent meal.

Since joining Weight Watchers I have learned that protein is key.
It helps keep me feeling sated far longer than carbohydrates or fruit alone.

Weight Watchers has taught me so much.
(surprising because I had read almost every diet book on the market before joining.)
The healthy way of eating, tricks to staying full, not going hungry and I am still losing weight.
If you need a little help in this area I can attest to their regime.
If you stick to it, it works.

Eggs are my quick and easy way to get protein into my diet.
Fresh free range farm eggs are readily available and they have the darkest yolks and the best flavour.

My breakfast consisted of two soft boiled eggs and two pieces of Silver Hills Little Big Bread.
WW points = 5

This will keep me fueled through my two hour 10K walk and when I get back I will brew a pot of tea.
If I am feeling peckish I'll opt for an apple and two small wedges of Laughing Cow Lite Cheese
a bunch of sliced carrots, celery and peppers with a tablespoon of Lite Dilly dip or yogurt.

Lunches are usually salads with some kind of protein.
A small amount of feta cheese, lean chicken or maybe a bit of fish.

If I don't have eggs for breakfast I'll have fresh fruit and yogurt.
Then for lunch I might make a quick and easy omelet.

I love adding salsa as it gives it a kick and there are no points to count!

Dinners are more challenging because I cook for Mr. HB and he is not on WW.
I will modify regular recipes to make them more WW friendly.
I regularly saute in water or broth to save a few points.
It goes without saying that I use "portion control" when dining on high point foods.

If I make Mr. HB chicken wings, which are his favourite, I will cook up a chicken breast for myself.
We eat lots of vegetables and salads so my plate is chock full of filling and healthy food.
I buy Paul Newman's low fat Thai dressing and use a scant tablespoon.
I rarely eat dessert so this is not an issue for me.
If I am hungry after dinner which is a rare occasion, I will pop some popcorn and have it without butter.
It's super filling and it goes well with our movie viewing.

I'd love to hear your tips for eating healthy.
Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget posted on this today too...
so pop over and see what she has written and say hello!

Be well.


  1. You are a fantastic example, Hostess.

  2. There's lots of good advice here - a real boost for the bit of a stalemate that I'm currently experiencing. You're inspiring!

  3. I eat very much as you do - except more chocolate and a little more bread, I imagine. Here was my tongue-in-cheek but kind of serious anyway post about my diet.

  4. So glad to hear this is still going so well for you! Protein, yes! I make sure to have a little with every meal or snack. While we don't have access to farm fresh eggs here on a regular basis, I do try to buy the open pasture raised variety (more expensive, but worth it). My trick is to always have salad ingredients on hand. If I've gone a bit higher on my points during the day, dinner is a salad with a poached egg on top.

  5. I've gained some weight over the holidays and with some added family stresses - so thanks to your success, I've joined WW's online. I'm enjoying the structure, and tracking the points, something I didn't think I'd like. How much weight did have you lost overall now? You're a true inspiration - you made up your mind, and did it!

  6. You are doing such a great job with your life changes. I am very impressed and so inspired. You must be very proud of yourself!
    Thank you so much for the mention. Seems we are on the same page right now about slimming down and getting healthy! I wish I had a girlfriend to walk with on a regular basis. I do hike with friends now and then, but not anything routine. Though I like my alone time at home, I don't like it when I am out walking. Maybe I need to get an audio book or something.
    I love salsa, too. I usually put it on my egg casserole that I make almost every week mainly because I don't really like eggs all that much.
    Have a wonderful Friday!

    1. When my friend goes to France I am going to be struggling to keep up those longer walks...but I need to keep going. Please let me know if you find a great app.

  7. Thank you for the protein tip, I am in the process of losing weight. Wonderful to fit into clothes that I loved but which didn't fit anymore, (for over 3 years). Refused to get rid of them as I was determined that I would get back into them.
    Any more practical advice would be appreciated. Thank you and congratulations!
    Linda C.

  8. Forgot to ask, what is the first picture? Is it a pedometer...I would like to purchase something like that. Thank you.
    Linda C.

  9. l joined WW online two weeks ago b/c a friend had so much success with it. It really is a great program, and so easy to track on my Iphone. I like that there are no forbidden foods, and you get extra points each week, so if you want a treat every once in a while, you don't feel guilty. This is much more realistic than some diets.

  10. While not a WW member, I too rely on protein to get me through. I eat some carbs during the day but avoid them for the evening meal and later. My favorite salad dressing is a thick, aged balsamic vinegar. It provides a great flavor without the addition of olive oil. Enjoy your inspirational posts!

  11. Eggs are indispensable. I often make an omelette of egg whites. I have found that my fitness pal is working for me to track. Like you, I need longer, brisker walks for exercise.

  12. Good for you! These are all excellent suggestions ~ I walk everyday too, just 2 miles but I also work out with my trainer twice a week, yoga a couple of times a week and my new fun exercise Zumba. I try to eat sensibly, but I am probably not as good at it as you are.

  13. Oh my you are a good girl. I love that you laid out your menu as I could do with a little motivation. I'm a pretty healthy eater, but I do love my snacks and especially chocolate. I'm impressed you walk 10 clicks. I'm lucky to walk a km a day.

  14. I eat much the same way - a bit of protein keeps me going much longer than anything else. Salsa with my eggs almost always. An 8-10 km walk is quite the accomplishment twice a week. Kudos to you!

  15. I find that I'm really hungry unless I have carbs with every meal, protein by itself has me utterly ravenous, I also don't eat eggs or fish or cheese, luckily I love yogurt and buy a ridiculous amount every week.

  16. I, too, have learned so much from WW and have benefited greatly from the support of other members. Recently, made my 5% goal and am working toward my 10% goal. My go-to snack is a banana with a tbls. of almond butter. The almond butter provides a bit of fat and protein and the sweetness of the banana is just a treat for me. I was amazed when I realized that my usual portion sizes were no where near what they should have been. This explained why I was not losing weight despite working out and doing aerobics consistently.

  17. I am enjoying having pineapple, strawberries and cottage cheese for breakfast on many mornings. Last night out to dinner I had a small piece of grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce very lightly dressed with vinegar and oil.

  18. I am enjoying having pineapple, strawberries and cottage cheese for breakfast on many mornings. Last night out to dinner I had a small piece of grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce very lightly dressed with vinegar and oil.

  19. You are a true testament to WW. I have friends who have been successful and friends who have not. I haven't tried it yet, but you give me inspiration. I am a true believer in protein. I eat either an egg on rye or peanut butter with banana on the same. This keeps me satisfied and I am not tempted to eat when it is my children's snack time. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Which app is that on your Iphone - that tracks distance, calories burned, etc?

    1. WalkMeter...Mr. HB has it too and he uses his for his morning runs. It is a fabulous app and it keeps the routes and times in the history section and if you want it to prompt you to go faster it does that too. $5 but worth every penny!

  21. Just wondering, do you worry about cholesterol when eating so many eggs? Thanks for all the great tips!

  22. No I don't worry about that..I worry about earthquakes, oil spills on our coastline and climate change amongst other concerns :-))

  23. Love hearing about your weight watcher meals, such good ideas! I roast lots of vegetables and make a big arugula salad with lemon and olive oil, toss in the roasted vegetables and it is delicious and filling. Congrats on all your progress!