Friday, December 14, 2012


It's the festive season
a time to get dressed up and I'm opting for some major bling.
Pushing the fashion envelope just a wee bit in the spirit of FUN!
Glittering, sparkling and twinkling all the way...

silver shimmer


the marriage of heather grey and silver
a pleasant palette
with a  twist

a top 
from the 

if this doesn't say BLING I don't know what does...

and that's not all...
lovely DIL and I both bought some chandelier earrings from Club Monaco
(we were shopping together at the Mall for gifts last weekend)

Hostess style faux fun
they will reflect the light when the candles are glowing

icy crystals

~ ~ ~

I'm thinking of wearing these at Christmas and on New Years Eve.

In case you were thinking that's a major overdose of bling and have your hand poised to call The Fashion Police 
rest assured I would not do double duty
by wearing the top and the earrings at the same time.

What are you planning to wear for the holidays?
Have you got something in your closet or do you need to pick up a little something?

Will you be choosing classic or conservative
Bohemian or Chic?

I'm all ears
(and they are dressed up for the holidays!)



  1. I'd wear the earrings with the blingy top. Hey, if you want to do it, to heck with the fashion police. Both pieces are lovely.

  2. I'd wear them together too. I mean, if not at Christmas or New Year's, when?:)

  3. I agree with Debbi and Lisa - wear them together! They are both lovely pieces. I wish I had that exact outfit for a party I am going to this evening. I love how the top is one part casual and one part bling!

    I have a black sequined jacket that I think I will wear tonight with jeans, a cami and pointy-toed pumps. I also have a big rhinestone belt buckle that looks like a snowflake. I'm hoping they look okay together - after reading your post I am thinking I should do double duty bling and just go for it! Like Lisa says, if not at Christmas or New Years, when?

    xo, A

    1. Since I know your wardrobe, I vote yes - it will look great together.

  4. We are definitely on the same page! My dress for New Year's eve is gun-metal grey with a top and jacket sparkling with the same sequins as are on your top. Still looking for the perfect shoes.....if you've seen pewter pumps with a not-too-high heel, please mail me!!!

  5. I will be wearing my classic apron and oven mitts - what I wear to all the holidays it seems. Agree with everyone else - wear them both!

    1. I'd suggest you wear blingy earrings or similar with the apron get up, but from unfortunate experience I'd recommend not. They heat up and cause less than fun issues. So an even better suggestion would be to assign someone else mitt duty!

  6. I'm just classic all the way.


  7. I love both the top and the earrings! The sequins with the heather grey is a nice juxtaposition of casual and festive. I've been wearing a bit of blingy jewelry just for every day lately; I find the sparkle so cheerful.

  8. Since you like the bling, the sequins, please wear them.
    If invited to the neighbor´s this New Year, I´ll really dress down, having learned my lesson.
    A dress for Christmas Eve perhaps, nothing blingy.

  9. Have fun and wear them together. I hope you have a great time!

  10. Another vote for wearing them together. If not the festive season - then when?

  11. Go for the gusto--if for no other reason than it'll give people something to mutter about, and you can laugh right up your sparkly sleeve as you toss your earrings around to catch even more light! We get so serious about everything, so correct, and so boring. I like your earrings very much and think you should have fun with them!

  12. Sure, go crazy, wear them all together. You'll look dazzling!

  13. Wonderful!
    I'll try them together then as you all seem so keen.

  14. Yes, my vote is with the others, at Christmas time more is more. I like the idea of you all sparkly!

  15. The sequined top is so festive and would look nice with my black velvet jeans. I'll be wearing the jeans with a cream knit ruffled tee, some ballerinas and some blingy jewelry. No big parties this year, just family at home.

  16. Fun! I got a similar top from Gap -- the v-neck one. It's fun to sparkle a bit more this time of year!

  17. Bing and blingy makes a sparkling Christmas,enjoy.Ida

  18. If you can't sparkle on Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve, when can you? I would absolutely pair your earrings and sequin top, along with some black satin cigarette pants, and stiletto heeled pumps.

    I read your observations on the people in the bakery line, and sometimes I question, if the people we perceive as trying too hard, is a misperception? I think most people don't try enough, if at all these days, myself included.
    I remember a time, when I wouldn't leave the house without full makeup and every hair in place. I wonder sometimes where that person went?