Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Domestic Bliss!

Hope that you have been enjoying an idyllic festive season.
It's been very busy busy busy here in The Humble Bungalow and I needed a "slow-mo day" today.

That meant staying in my robe until just before noon...
the second load of Christmas china in the dishwasher, washing and ironing the table cloth and napkins.
I know it's all the glamour around here 24/7...
seriously, our lives are so very ordinary it's absurd.

I am having such fun with the new Steam Turbo series LG workhorses...
they work very well unsupervised.

Look away if you are expecting a fashion post,
I am wearing my cooking uniform, a black apron
with my holiday bling Club Monaco earrings!

I am on the IPAD learning curve
an IPAD mini was in the bottom of my stocking
and my IMAC needs to get with the program
Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard...

I am able to play games, search the internet but not able to sync my new device...
(don't fret)

Did I ever mention that I am tech challenged?
I want it and I want it now!

Clever son,
darling daughter, 
Mr. HB 
are my tech supports.

Thanks guys, 
I love you lots :-)

~ ~ ~

Mr. HB and I went for an invigorating and refreshing post turkey trot
on the waterfront for an hour today,
it was loverly.

More of those brisk promenades in my future as I am going to be getting fitter
retirement plans are scheduled for this June...
I desperately need to get back into shape as I have let my team down.
I know
 I had the best intentions but I have been remiss.

~ ~ ~

Chester had an appetite for the tulips.
He was banished to my hobby room for the better part of Christmas Day.
Tulips might be poisonous for kittens.

Will be back when my technical challenges can be rectified.

Happy Days my lovelies.

Be Kind

See you as soon as we can get the technical stuff sorted,


  1. Best wishes on your retirement plans. It is an exciting and challenging time. Wishing you a blessed and peaceful 2013.

  2. Congratulations for deciding to retire!
    You won´t be idle, perhaps you could even arrange & decorate parties as a freelancer, as you are so skilled in preparing food..
    I have eaten nearly 2 kilos worth chocolate in December, so I´ll have to get those kilos off me asap.
    Feeling not at all well.
    My cellphone does not work, and if it can´t be fixed, I might like to have " the simplest iPhone " in black next.
    Talking about technical skills, I´m way behind you ; ), nor do I get any technical help, all I´m told, is: Figure it out yourself. Perhaps that is the best way to learn..

    1. Agree, have found I pick things up easier when I struggle to teach myself,have heard that you can buy some technical wizard gadget that you speak to and it sends text messages for you...I shall be first in line when I find it!!! Ida

    2. Mette I think those kilos will melt away, as you keep busy in the stable.
      I have become reliant on my family whose tech knowledge is way beyond mine :-)

  3. You look very glam to me, I love my IPad; best gift ever. I also wish to get fit, but unfortunately retirement is a little way off. Enjoy your planning. Seasons Greetings.

  4. You will be amazed at how swiftly you wil learn navigating through the iPad. Soon you too will adapt to the language of app, sync, iCloud and more. A brand new world for your upcoming retirement . . .

  5. You are looking very relaxed and calm....we had 2 cook free days over Christmas,HB had Stilton salad,and I had Salmon with plum sauce,my years of Goose struggles are in the past!

    Glad you had a fun time with the family,children that is truly Christmas.Ida

  6. Love this picture of you! Retirement...go for it!!

  7. You look great -- relaxed and domestically chic (or is that "chicly domestic"? or is that just an oxymoron? ;-)
    I popped a Mini under the tree for my husband as a last-minute addition, with the idea that he can work through the techie challenges before I get one for myself. . . the kids will help him with the learning curve and then I get all the benefits.
    Congrats on making that decision to retire -- I won't need to wish you a Happy New Year as the Happy's already built in now!

    1. it just might be an oxymoron...
      Happy New Year to you!

  8. So nice that you have a chance to relax today. Congratulations on your retirement in June!

  9. Oh, that Chester is a precious mischievous one isn't he?

  10. Good luck with that new toy - I'm sure your tech support team will have you up to speed in no time! I will retire in 15 months (but who's counting?). Maybe we'll get a few good, brisk walks in as preparation!

    1. Maybe we can have a retirement walkers group? I'd LOVE that Pondside!

  11. I love my iPad but I don't do any syncing as my other device is a PC.
    You look lovely in your earrings and apron!

    1. Than you Debbie...
      I want to sync so all my photos and contacts are on all my devices. I may not use my laptop very much anymore after playing with the mini.

  12. Love your apron, I'm a sucker for stripes. Have you thought about devoting more time to painting when you retire? We all need those slow days now and again....and again.

    1. That is one of the things on my list...I'd like to take some courses at the Victoria College of Art.

  13. You'll love your iPad once you get the hang of it. It must feel gratifying to have made the decision to retire. Congratulations. Chester looks so cute gnawing on your tulips! It's a good thing you caught him.

    1. Chester is not sneaky...he does whatever he feels at any moment...
      Pepper is the quiet one!

  14. Great apron! I forgot to ask Santa for a new apron this year. Mine are so ratty!
    I got an iPad mini for Christmas too. But it just arrived in the post yesterday. I played with it all evening...and love it more than my phone or laptop. It's just so cute and handy to carry around. Do you have a cover for yours? I am shopping around for one now. I have butter-fingers and am certain to drop it - must get a cover fast!

    Chester is a cutie-pie, even if he is a plant destroyer like my cat. Why must they chew on houseplants?

  15. Oh that's really great Adrienne we are very lucky gals and it's fun having something new to stretch our brains...
    I got the earthquake app after the 10:30 shaker the other evening. There seems to be an app for everything!

    I bought a black leather sleeve for my mini this afternoon to protect it from cat scratches and when I take it in my bag.
    I love how light it feels in my hand and it has slept on my bedside table since Santa gave it to me!
    Hope you are enjoying yours too.

  16. This is a lovely picture of you. Happy New Year. (I might make your devilled aggs recipe soon...)


  17. Wonderful pic, you should make it your 'blog pic"

  18. A month ago I upgraded my MacBook Pro from Snow Leopard (SL) to Mountain Lion (ML) to enable me with interface with my iPad (larger one) with the retina display and my iPhone 5. SL just didn't have the upgrades to working properly with my newer gadgets. Go to the following Apple webpage and read all about the upgrade:

    It gives you clear instructions that are easy to follow for anyone. This 66 year old lady upgraded online in no time at all. Hope this helps.

    Really love your Blog. Shelia from Virginia

  19. Sheila from Virginia..
    Welcome to the Humble Bungalow I am happy to hear that you enjoy your time here..
    I also applaud your tech savvy.

    It's interesting that the company has designed it so we need to keep our operating systems really current to support the new Apple products...
    but we have no choice unless we want to stay low tech!

  20. Forgot to mention that you need to add Snow Leopard before you can upgrade to Mountain Lion. The Apple webpage will tell you that and walk you through the process. Just have a glass of wine nearby and go for it.

    As you can tell from my first comment, I didn't proof read my comments before I hit the Publish button. I'll blame it on my trifocals, which I will never buy again. Thank you for responding and I will surely keep reading you comforting blog. Shelia