Friday, December 28, 2012

OOTD...dressing up for domestics!

This Christmas I received a fabulous JCrew necklace from my son and his lovely wife...
thank you my sweets.

You might remember that when I went shopping to the mall before Christmas I found a GAP tee top that was sprinkled with sequins. My DIL encouraged me to splurge and buy it, she also suggested that I could wear it watching TV. I wore it Christmas Eve to an open house where I was with close friends and family.

It's a whimsical foray into FUN.
One that pushes that proverbial fashion envelope a bit when one takes into account my age.
I never want to look dowdy or frumpy, it's a bit of a concern and one that I hope I'll always have the good sense to "know" what is too "Mummsie."

On the opposite side of the scale...
I hope that I do not look like I am dressing "too young."
I wonder what The Fashion Police would have to say on this number.
They may chime in and report if they are not on holidays...

 JCrew and GAP paired together to make my domestic duties more of an event.

worn with basic LuLuLemon black yoga pants

they go with the graphite grey LG machines

my feet are cold though 
as the in floor heat needs to have the electrician install the thermostat
soon I'll have warm toes!

I'll check in with you later as I am working on a renovation post.
All is not yet complete but we are nearly finished.
It's been a long haul and we have worked very hard.
It's such a wonderful space now.

I am like a dizzy little school girl
wanting to do laundry at every opportunity
I washed and ironed my husbands work shirts!
( we've been sending them out for ages )

Are you keeping well?
There are some nasty bugs out there and many family and friends are bed ridden.
Take care.

What fashion styles give you energy?
The kind of energy that one needs to perk you up when "down in the dumps"
 sick or tired.

I'd love to know.
~ ~ ~


  1. I don't think this is a "too young" top at all. The beautiful subdued color tones the sequins down just enough. They're festive, but can be work casually too. Very pretty.

  2. I love it, and think it must suit you - and the day - very well!
    I like to wear something dark green or periwinkle blue when I need a pick-me-up.

  3. I have not been out of my Lululemons, I'm beginning to loathe real clothes now, I love the comfort of gym clothes. I've survived all the winter bugs once more, phew it will be a shock when I next catch something, it's been years. I think grey and sequins are quite lovely together.

  4. I love that necklace, I've seen it on Jenna Lyons - great alone or layered. But, I'd like it with a non-sequined, as I think the two together are a bit too much. It's scary how much I've worn flannel PJs over the holidays.

  5. Never worry about dressing "too young." You have so much fashion sense and style that you would find yourself immediately uncomfortable. I love your choices- they are fresh and fun. When I need a little pick-me-up to feel a little better, I add a scarf with a little "bling." A few of my scarves have silver strands and are a little more dressy. Add mascara and lip gloss and I feel so much better.

  6. I think the top is a perfect choice, and love that necklace (have actually been eyeing that one too). It reads "casual glamour," neither mumsy nor too "young." Can't wait to see the renovations! Happy New Year!

  7. The picture showing your necklace and sequins looks great on y o u, therefore I give it my thumbs up!
    You have shown great patience with the renovation, I would have cracked somewhere - way ago.

    Luckily, we have been quite well - much due to Our Guardian Angels!
    As I have written before elsewhere, I feel fine in comfortable, real fabric clothes with a bit of edge, topped with accessories to my liking.

  8. Hi, I don't think that sequins are an 'age' thing, just maybe the color and style--keep clear of purple or pink with tulle, my nieces own that look (LOL)!

  9. I didn't get the comfy clothes memo. I've been wearing charcoal skinny jeans and cashmere.

    Both my girls have sore throats now. I hope they don't share. My best tip for avoiding colds is wash your hands after grocery shopping. I swear it is worse than the bus.


  10. trust yourself...i love this look. it has life and energy and perfectly fun. i am a 'artsy' and at 67 like to dress in interesting clothes with a bit of funk thrown in. i strive to NOT look silly but thats it. i blame my Mom who at 91 is the picture of style and she blames our gypsy history. life is short and can be hard so whats alittle fun in our dress? They are only clothes. You look wonderful! Happy New Year to your home and all that are under the roof. You always add charm and grace to my day.

  11. I like this combo; as others have said, the heathered gray and silver shades keep it looking grown-up and versatile. But even if you had decided that only a purple feather boa could lift your spirits, I can't imagine who would presume to stand in judgment of one as thoughtful and gentle as you, dear Hostess.

    Happy New Year to you! I look forward to seeing your photographs of the new space.


  12. I think we have the same sequinned top -- I wore mine for festive family gatherings as well, and you can imagine how the four-year-old loved it! And anything that gives added sparkle to the laundry chores must be a good thing, right?

  13. Well, I guess it's a trip to J.Crew and the gap. Just go for it and enjoy!

  14. Well, I guess it's a trip to J.Crew and the gap. Just go for it and enjoy!

  15. BTW, Happy New Year!

    PS. I think the Queen Mother used to wear that "collet" style necklace all the time. I think her's were real diamonds. Just thinking.