Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've got a crush....

It's a season of discovery in so many areas...
thoughts of retirement, changes afloat and listening to my heart.

I have been faithful to the Avene line of creams and potions for quite sometime and have been satisfied by their performance until recently when my skin had some dry scaly patches appear. I am alarmed when my skin reacts to the weather or the indoor heat and when the products that I have come to rely on fail to perform.
I feel self conscious and my self esteem falters.
Most people notice your skin when they are looking at you.

So with this in mind when I shopped L'Occitane en Provence for some Christmas gifts I took advantage of their free samples. Introducing a new cream can be problematic when one has sensitive skin so I do not rush out and buy full size portions until I have tested them first.

Here's the new kid on the block and I have to admit I have a crush!

It's the new star in my arsenal of skin care products.

Divine Cream

interestingly there are 3 patents pending and the buzz about this cream
is positive

women my age cannot get enough of this stuff 
and they are not shy when raving about it
it would appear that L'Occitane en Provence has lassoed some youth inducing plant based serums
added vitamins and blended them together to create this divine cream.

Just reading the box is illuminating!

"Proven anti wrinkle efficiency"

Anti age spots effectiveness evaluated by clinical scoring on 32 women over 8 weeks."
~  reduction of intensity of dark spots 32% ~

Satisfaction tested on 50 women over 4 weeks:
~ the skin is revitalized (90%) ~
~ the skin is smoother  (94%) ~
~ the skin slackening is reduced (84%) ~

My skin feels plumper softer and more radiant.

If you are in the market for a new cream stop by the L'Occitane store or go online and read about the testimonials of women and get your hands on some free sample and see for yourself.

While it won't give you back your youth
it might just give your skin the boost it needs to reflect the beauty that is within.

For me it's an indulgence but one worth scrimping and saving for...

Hope that you are having a great week!


  1. Beauty is my big scrimping area, I don't even have a moisturiser, I just use sunblock, and not a single eye/neck cream etc has ever been purchased.
    I do however love to receive bath oil as a gift, its a lovely indulgence.

    1. I am post menopausal and find my skin is much dryer despite the water I drink every day.
      You may need to buy cream when you are older like me!

  2. I'm a drugstore product girl. Mom is, too. The best beauty product is good health. I just saw an article about genetically engineered salmon that grow really fast. Noooooooo! Can we just keep it simple? Good food is good medicine. Sheesh! lol Personal rant here.


    1. Salmon is really good food but I do not buy any farmed salmon only those caught wild.
      Simple is a great mantra Sheree!

  3. As always, I recommend the Paulas Choice line--reasonably priced, guaranteed,and without extravagant claims.

  4. Oh I really like the sound of this one. Thanks for passing on the tip. I have enjoyed reading about your thoughts on retiring. Please keep us posted!

  5. I'm skeptical about all the claims, but I do like l'Occitane's hand cream so will look forward to hearing your review when you've used this for a while. If it smells as great as the handcream, I'd try it once . . .

    1. I'm a skeptic too...
      the dry patches are gone and my skin is softer already.

  6. I'd try a sample. My skin is so sensitive, that a sample is all I dare try. But it's fun to try something new.

  7. I have rosacea so I must be very careful what I use. I never buy without sampling first or it can be a total waste of money.

  8. I am a label reader and list comparer and don't get caught up in the expense of a brand or label . I have found some very good product in the local drugstore that works really well on my skin.I have a little marketing experience and find that some of these expensive name brands also go under other labels so you get the same stuff at a fraction of the inflated prices. This I have found with designer label cashmere scarves same scarf manufactured by the same company different label and a world of difference in the price. I make it my challenge to not get caught in overpaying and needlessly spending my money just to have name brand labels. I have noticed reading over your blog that you are definitely caught up in names and brands of things . Just my observance not a judgement. Marnie

    1. Marnie,
      if L'Occitane made this product under a different label I'd buy it but I have no idea how I'd find out that information...perhaps you could share your source.

      I don't know that I am "caught up in names" I know very little about marketing only what I have learned as a consumer through the years. If a product performs and satisfies I am loyal.
      It would appear that everything manufactured or produced is marketed for sale and has a name...
      from Kleenex to Quaker my morning oatmeal to the Chiquita banana so I agree with your observation, I am aware of name brands and share them here on my blog and I have no problem with that.

  9. It's good to switch around products, as I believe one's skin get "used" to thing. I've been washing my face in a 50/50 mixture of castor oil and olive oil. No soap, just a rinse and pat dry. I read about it and I love it.
    But this cream sounds great and I don't have one at the moment, so going to give it a try.

    1. I haven't used soap on my face for years but Mother swears by Pears soap.
      Janet at the gardener's cottage was using olive oil as her moisturizer awhile back and it has wonderful healing properties, is gentle and apparently the"secret" of many Italian women's beauty regime.
      I'll be interested if you sample this what you think of it.

  10. I have been a fan of L'Occitane for many years. I use Immortelle Precious Creme Day and Night creams. I will definitely try the new Creme Divine when my stash is gone. I turned over a new leaf on my quest for simplicity-I don't replace a product until the one I am using is done or has proven really unsatisfactory. I've thrown away too many perfectly good products because of the lure of something new and exciting.

  11. Oh Kristien I have adopted that habit too, and I think it's a wise and prudent plan.
    When I seriously de~cluttered I did find there was a waste issue that I had not been aware of and I turned over a new leaf.

  12. I love L'occitane and am using their precious cream in the blue jar. I'm glad you're enjoying. While I was in the store last week I picked up some of their men's aftershave..the one that smells like a 1940s cigar bar...that's right up my hubby's alley and I can't wait to give it to him.