Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Signs of the Season

Decorating The Humble Bungalow...
is rather simple.

We never have gone overboard and I often wonder why.
I suppose keeping things simple and stress free is what's behind our minimalist philosophy.
I love seeing beautifully decorated homes at Christmas and often go on the annual Art Gallery fundraiser which showcases homes dressed to the nines.

We will have a live tree in the "Charlie Brown Style" and decorate it with vintage ornaments that we have collected over the past 40 years but that happens very close to Christmas Eve.

We tend to opt for natural flourishes rather than the artificial.

I will be purchasing some red twigs with red berries or rose hips to add to the greenery...
maybe some variegated holly but I haven't found an abundance of it in my travels yet.
My BFF told me of a new shop that has opened up and I am planning to pay them a visit this weekend.

Cones collected from the heritage trees in the cemetery after a gale force storm.


Arts and Crafts Weller jardinere

The traditional wreath
hanging on the newly crafted door which is in the same style as the 100 year old one which delaminated.
As we are a designated heritage home we need to maintain in the original style all the exterior details.
I have used a plastic suction cup on the glass to hang it from as Mr. HB did not want to put any holes in the wood.

Chester broke off a stem from the poinsettia (!)
so I added it with some dusty miller and made a bathroom posy.

They don't look too naughty right now...
when we have the tree decorating I am sure that they will be up to their usual tricks!

Hope that your week is off to a great start.

Be Well, Be Kind and Be Lovely!



  1. We take a minimalist approach here as well, although a bit too much so this year. We won't be home, so I'm not even going to put up a tree -- I'm hoping to put together some greenery arrangements and there will be bowls of ornaments, strings of mini-lights. Your decorations suit your home perfectly to lend a festive note.

  2. We don't usually do any decorating for Chanukah, but I still miss the smell of a Christmas tree and will probably put up some evergreen boughs on the mantle next week, and a single string of lights just for a festive look.

  3. I love your take on Christmas decoration, Hostess!

    I have the same approach except that I have a love of glittering lights!

    SSG xxx

  4. Hit send to soon. I also wanted to say that your decorations are so beautiful and serene.

  5. Love the pine cone arrangement. I prefer natural too - but wish I had done more of it. It's so easy to keep putting the sentimental yet non-natural things out year after year.

  6. Your natural decorations are lovely - I was given a poinsettia as a gift on the weekend and I would like to add a Christmas Orchid.

  7. I am scheduled for chemo on the 18th, so our Christmas decorations will be minimal this year, and I like that idea. I have never been a Martha type of decorator. Simple decor, but time spent with family - that suits me and I wish a Happy Holiday to the HB and her DH. Peg from UI

  8. What a good idea the wreath hanging from a glass sucker.....would not have thought it strong enough to hold the wreath.
    I do not start decorations until next week,my red Amaryllis is just ready to burst its bud,will take a wander round the lanes for foliage this w/e.

    The bungalow is looking festive,the colour red glows beautifully against the dark panelling.Ida

  9. I am under-decorating this year. Slowly but surely I am decreasing the number of decorations, size of the tree, etc. It isn't a bah-humbug thing. It just goes along with my current mindset that less is more.

    Your bungalow looks so inviting. Now that my boys all have homes and partners of their own, I am starting to decorate as I have always wanted and not to please them. Eventually, I may just put up the tree with lights and snowflakes ONLY.

  10. I love your simple style. Every year I long for a Charlie Brown style tree and my kids always veto it. This year I'm setting up the tree all by myself, I think I'll go for it!

  11. I love the idea of holiday decorating using natural materials, it is by far the most elegant and lovely way. Both Chester and Pepper look very tranquil, lets hope for your sake they stay that I found Miss Twiggley on the mantle next to a collection of crystal candlesticks looking very proud of herself ~ I carefully lifted her down!

  12. Really lovely Leslie. Just lovely.

  13. Those kitties have that"just waiting for the moment" look, and yipppeeee the tree!!!

  14. I'm a less is more decorator for Christmas, also. We were in a nice restaurant lounge a couple days ago which was nicely decorated for Christmas. There is a big ornate mirror over the bar and there was a natural wreath with little white lights hanging in the middle of it. It is the focal point of the room so the whole room looked decorated by this one wreath. How easy.


  15. Serene and beautiful. We have a similar door and I've never thought of a suction cup for a wreath. Have hung it above the porch bench on the house, but next year will try your brilliant idea.

  16. I think you decorated beautifully. I adore that jardinere.
    What a pretty mailbox you have too. Beautiful with your house style.

  17. Your cats look so innocent ; ).
    The wreath indeed looks lovely on the door, the colors..
    As your house in itself is so warm and inviting, there absolutely is very little need for decorating. The less you have, the less you have to worry about ( the cats ).

  18. Still no more than a door wreath at Pondside, but I am full of the spirit of Christmas - enjoying it a great deal! Your bungalow must be beautiful because each and every decoration or bit of greenery will stand out and make the best sort of statement - Enjoy!

  19. Just so warm, inviting and tasteful. Throw one of your earrings on a pinecone and see if anyone notices, Just a little giggle.