Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel ~ a great read.

I powered through this book about Coco Chanel in one day.
Her life was quite different than I had imagined it would be...

She was a  powerful woman, a force to be reckoned with.
Strong, determined, driven,
She had a dynamic personality.
She was a master of her craft and had perfectionist tendencies and had high expectations from those that she employed.
This book is well written, informative and worth reading.

Did you know that Chanel No. 5 is the largest selling perfume?
 A bottle is sold almost every 55 seconds!
~ ~ ~
The 2.55 Chanel classic quilted handbag was introduced to the world in February of 1955
(named after the launch date!)
a bag that is still in production and coveted by many.

Things Coco loved...

tweedy jackets
minimalist wardrobes
impeccable fit and tailoring
luxe fabrics
the LBD

~ ~ ~

"Elegance is refusal."
Coco Chanel


  1. I'm suspicious about Old Coco, I think I would have loathed her in real life; Nazi lover who kept her in The Ritz, she was so out for herself, I doubt we would have taken yes together without a cat fight.

    1. She slept her way to the top, the Tart. But she had nice shoes.

      Queen of the Clean Up Parade

  2. taken tea that should be be.

  3. " Elegance is refusal ". I can sign that one. It´s like " less is more ".
    You seemed to enjoy the book much, yes - the pearls : )!

  4. I also enjoyed this book. She was a unique powerhouse. The author has a new book out about Georgia O'Keeffe which is fascinating.

  5. Yes, she was quite a character. I don't think I'd have liked her, but she was a survivor and woman who made her mark in a time when women really were second class.

  6. A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. ~ Coco Chanel

  7. Agree with Tabitha, dislike her from all that I've heard and read. She accomplished a lot, but I'm just not a fan of anything Chanel.