Wednesday, December 28, 2011

White Wednesday and more...

It's White Wednesday today...
and I have not posted on this theme for ages.
While one might expect snow and all it's pure whiteness
we are experiencing a very torrential Wet Wednesday!

Here in The Humble Bungalow we love to give gifts
and at Christmas, especially to our children.
It's a habit that goes way back and one that gives us great joy.

The gifts needn't be expensive nor do they need to be new.

I love finding second hand Mid Century Modern pieces...
this year I was able to source
a Dansk teak tray,
a Festivo tall art glass candlestick,
a set for four vintage linen place mats and napkins in their original unopened package
a matte white Rosenthal embossed vase
a Catherine Holm black and white covered casserole dish.

Our adult children collect, live with, and use mid century furniture and accent pieces.

Look at these shiny sterling babies!

sterling hoops
white pashmina

they look like they were made for each other!

I love the elongated form
thank you son and DIL!

My sister gave me this soft and lovely Pashmina,
Mother received one as well
and Sis bought herself one too.
It will be funny when we all show up wearing them together on one of our lunches!

I snapped up this interesting vest in charcoal with black accents.
(like my sister and Mother I usually find one thing for myself)

Lovely daughter knows how much I love Vintage White Ironstone....

a trio of small oval platters

a jug

some hand crafted magnets...

a crown

lovely daughter is on an economy kick right now 
she found the most amazing treasures in her rounds
and those lucky enough to be recipients were thrilled!

I look quite tired here
and I am!

I find that after Christmas day and dinner it takes me a few days to rest up.
I am loving the Chanel Triomphal that I bought for evening
here it is making an appearance in the daylight
in an attempt to add some energy 
and colour.

Lip colour is the one of the quickest ways for me to perk up
besides drinking lots of Perrier.

What your Wednesday White or Wet?


  1. A very belated Merry Christmas to you and your family, Hostess!!! I have been enjoying catching up on your recent posts on this gorgeous, sunny, 25 degree C, Thursday in Melbourne - but that's Wednesday your time :-)We have a tiny bit of white cloud coverage so that will be my part in “White Wednesday”. Surprisingly, we had a whole lot of “Wet” on Christmas Day. They are calling for a hot New Year’s Day – 36 degrees C!!! Thankfully, we are heading to the beach tomorrow!!! xxx

  2. Lashing rain, gale force winds, it's horrendous here, I have no idea how to dress for Hogmanay, I don't want to go out!
    Lovely gifts, all very much to my taste too, the plates are just beautiful.

  3. Our Wednesday was gray, damp, and I am wishing for snow. I love your gifts, and the Chanel looks lovely!! I, too, am still recovering. Not sure Chanel would help! ;-)

  4. Love your white ironstone plates and the white pashmina. We had our family Hanukkah party last night, and I look sooooooo tired, no lipstick will perk me up. Cooking, cleaning and decorating for 30 - exhausting. Spending the day lounging in bed!

  5. Beautiful sterling hoops too.

  6. It was a wild, wet and windy Wednesday for me, but we ventured out to the sales nevertheless and were both rewarded with a half price pair of shoes. Everyday shoes, nothing special, except the price - I love a bargain!
    (Also love your white pashmina.)

  7. It has been bone dry here. And I'm a bit tired of it. I grew up in Las Vegas where it seldom rains - so I am always looking forward to wet weather. I can't get enough.

    I like you in that pashmina. I think it, along with the lippy, really brightens up your beautiful face.

    Have a wonderful day! xoxo, A

  8. Your gifts are all so nice. I too usually buy something for me ; ).
    And, it is perfectly ok for feeling tired after the Big thing.
    Since we spent The Second Day of Christmas in the dark, I had enough time to rest. All leftovers had to go, so I don´t feel stuffed with food either.

  9. Wet,wet and high winds here...adore pashminas'have a wide selection myself.You look great in your white one...I cannot wear black or white near my face they make me look grey.

    Your family gave you well thought out they say the thought counts not the money spent. Ida

  10. Sounds like you found some wonderful treasures and received some as well. I always love to hear what people like you collect because it makes it so much more interesting when I am at a flea market scouting for things.

    It has been very warm and sunny here...but would love to be where it's snowy right about now!

    You are so right...a little lip color (especially Chanel) is the best pick me up!


  11. Lovely gifts, all, and even lovelier for the thought that went into each of them.
    We had a very wet Wednesday here, and a stormy Wednesday night. We lost power overnight and awoke to lights flashing on every appliance and apparatus in the house!

  12. I would like to know how you tied your scarf, did you use a video to learn?

  13. Hello Hostess!

    I too collect things vintage and timeless and love to receive them as gifts, or give them as also allow me to avoid the dreaded mall!

    Enjoy some downtime, I am loving your blog,


  14. Winter white, silver and grey--how lovely! Finally getting cold here in the far NE. Happy New Year to you.

  15. Gwenn- I wrapped the scarf once around my neck starting at the front and then I tucked the two ends into the front inside and let them hang loose. No video needed!

    Happy New Year to you all!